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    A7s moire?

    Thanks for your answers! I'll remember that before filming a subject wearing a tie, next time. I have to say that this problem seems worse in the video when you see the subject moving. The picture doesn't look as bad as it is. I don't know whether or not changing the Picture Profile this problem can be solved.
  2. Marco

    A7s moire?

    This is a frame taken by my Sony A7s with PP4 25p Full frame Take a look at the tie. The picture speaks for itself. I thought that the A7s didn't have aliasing and moire, at least not in FF 25p mode!
  3. Andrew, don't you know if the picture from the A7s matches the one from the D750, someway? I was thinking that using for istance the Sony Cine2 PP6, it is less versatile then the S-log2 PP7 but it doesn't need to be graded so much. Maybe it behaves closer to the D750 flat profile then the S-Log. In this way A7s and D750 can work in the same set as camera A and camera B without many postproduction problems.
  4. According to the Al Jazeera reporter Miguel Toran the Viltrox Mark II is better than the Metabones Mark IV. And it's much cheaper. Has anyone tried it? Can anyone confirm that?
  5. Good news! Now I'm curious to know which is better between the Metabones Mark IV and the Viltrox Mark II
  6. Marco

    A7S Adaptors

    But with the Metabones adaptor (EF to E-mount) mark III or IV, how does a OIS lens, such as the Tamron 24-70mm F2.8, performs in terms of stabilization with the A7s? As far as I know the AF is slow. I hope the rest is ok.
  7. Thanks Noone! So I'll buy the cheapest M42/Nex adapter on internet. It should be fine, I think.
  8. Guys I have many M42 lenses and the A7s is the camera I'd like to buy. One question: Is there a compatible M42 - E-mount adaptor to cover the A7s full frame sensor? There are many M42/Nex cheap adaptor on internet but I don't know whether or not they work with Nex (Apsc) cameras only. If not with one adaptor, is there a way to fit a M42 lens in an A7s body (maybe with 2 adaptors)? can someone recommend to me the best way? Thanks!
  9. Who knows how much time Sony needs before we see a faster rolling shutter in a Sony camera. Maybe one more year. I don't think at Photokina we'll see a new camera with this patent. Anyway it is a good news!
  10. Hi David, thank for your experiments! The rolling shutter issue seems drastically reduced. The image looks smoother in APS-C but I think that a little of sharpening in post could solve this problem. I see a little bit (very little) of aliasing sometime (in the handrail 1'24") but I'd say that in APS-c mode the A7s can be handheld with no worryes. Did you use OIS lenses?
  11. I don't know which camera has the worst rolling shutter. Sony promised an improvement of that with the definitive firmware but at the moment the A7s rolling shutter takes 30.5ms. I hope in a quick firmware update!
  12. All companies should study the owl's head behaviour to build an efficient stabilization system
  13. Hi Andrew, is the HDMI out of the A6000 422 or 420? 10bit or 8bit? would it be great with a Ninja Blade, in your opinion? A6000 + speedbooster + Ninja Blade would cost approximately like the GH4 and less than a 5dMarkIII. I hope the rolling shutter is not really annoying.
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