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  1. I have the AX100 and RX10 II, the AF on the RX10 IMO is not up to the standard of the AX100, I have had problems with hunting etc, with the AX100 it's pretty much bang on all the time, I rely on AF as I am crap with manual focus and the eyesight aint so good nowadays, just my opinion
  2. You can but not in 4K, or at least not been able to so far, I have mine set up to capture stills in normal HD you just hold the shutter button and it says capture on the screen, you have to enable it in the menu
  3. Thanks, I guess adding motion is my priority at present, being able to move around objects and people, I tried just handholding my Camera but the results were not great.
  4. I am pretty new to video and on a rather large learning curve at present. I will be shooting mainly family events personal projects and a few weddings etc. I own an LX100, G6 and GX7 at present, I am slowly building my experience and kit and would like to add some stabilisation to my shoots outdoors What type of Rig as in flycam/steadycam would you guys recommend for my outfit that is not to bulky or complex to set up. Or should I just get an EM5 mk 11 Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I am really looking for decent stabilisation for static hand held shooting, it would seem my choices are G6 with 12/35 which has superior Video or OMD which stabilises all lenses but at a reduced Video quality.
  6. Thanks for the feedback useful info.
  7. Thanks for the replies, the 12/35 costs around £800, if I went for a G6 that's £1200 EM10 under £600, EM1 body £1250 then the lenses on top of that. Neither sways me either way at present
  8. I am mainly a stills shooter but want to add some Video to my skill set which will mainly be used for family events, Grandchildren growing up, small documentary's of days out etc. I am not looking to use tripods, rigs etc so want a system that has some stabilisation in either lenses or body. I have been around the houses on this considering Olympus (EM1-EM10) for it's excellent stabilisation, to Panasonic (G6-GH3-GH4) with stabilised lenses such as 12/35. I am familiar with M4/3 What else if any should I be considering for good quality footage preferably the ability to do some slow motion with the ability to stabilise footage in Camera or lens. Any help appreciated. Phil
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I was planning on only using the recorder with a view to add the sound into a stills slide show.
  10. Thanks for the reply, it will not be a one off, it will be something I intend to use now and again, budget not in stone either.
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