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  1. Well I best be getting myself one of those SpeedBoosters then! Thanks Jacek
  2. Cool. Will shooting in APSC mode affect the cameras low light capabilities?
  3. JG, old bean! I'm pleased to hear you are swinging the same way. Cold, frosty, delicious beers will all the more enjoyable when nattering about this little beauty, i'm sure. The order has been places for the A7s – I'm still stuck on which lens to get. I'm getting some great advice from people on the forum, but I have so little experience with non MFT glass that, it's hard to make a call. The 24-70 L f4 was on my list, but the lower f stop is swaying me to Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC... The juries still out on that one. Do you plan to go for a speed booster and use it in APS-C mode or
  4. So in terms of a workhorse zoom, would you recommend the zeiss 24-70 kit lens, or something from Canon or Sigma? Here's some of the lenses I'm spying; EF 24-105mm f/4 EF-S 15-85 f/3.5-5.6 EF 24-70mm f2/8 Sigma 24-70 f2.8
  5. Also, that opens up the possibility of using a speed booster in APS-C mode, right? Winner.
  6. Thanks Andrew. Exploring this new world of non-MFT stuff is made a little easier now. Will definitely check out your guide. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, Just when I was about the buy a GH4, along came a load of A7s footage that I have absolutely fallen for. I've come from shooting with MFT cameras and glass – Gh2 and BMCC with various SLR Magic and Voigtlander lenses. I'm now thinking of getting rid of the lot to make way for a decent A7s setup. Problem is, I'm not at all familiar with whats hot and whats not with the raft a lenses that can be used with this camera. Like with my old Gh2, I'd like a versatile zoom lens, with a bunch of decent primes – You guys have any recommendations? It's worth noting that I'm buying from a s
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