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    Sony a6300 4k

    looks great on paper. As ever with Sony the colour's are horrible and this coming from someone who owns an A7S. I can't get excited about a camera that produces such sub standard skin tones in comparison to what Canon can do. You can spot a Sony camera a mile off graded or not.
  2. ddire14

    A7S Questions

    Couple of quick questions regarding my A7s if anyone can shed some light. 1. When I'm filming in Movie mode my shutter speed automatically goes to into auto mode? I have no control over setting the shutter manually?? I presume this can be fixed easily. 2. I just bought a Rode Video Mic, when I plug it in and have it in Manual mode the audio control button in the menu is grayed out, is there a way of controlling/ viewing the mic levels when not in Movie Mode? 3. Was testing in 50fps last night, in the viewfinder the framing was on a wide shot, but when I press record the frame auto goes into a medium shot? Two completely different shots? Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks
  3. Looks great, fair play - can you explain the -3,0,-3 part?
  4. ddire14


    Hi, I'm just finished editing a music video and have been roped into grading it which isn't my thing at all (very basic understanding). The footage is a mix of slog-2 and other pic profiles off the A7s. The band want a B&W version so basically I'm looking for some advice on my workflow. I'm using PPCC and have Speedgrade which I never use. What I'm going to do is do basic adjustments, de-noise etc first. Once I have that done I'm looking for some pointers. I have the ImpulZ Ultimate collection, has anyone used these to get a nice B&W conversion, or know of any good B&W LUTS that I could try? Would it be better to do the conversion within PP using contrast & saturation adjustments? Thanks
  5. ddire14

    SLOG-2 A7S

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a few 4X4 ND filters for shooting in SLOG-2 with the A7S. Just wondering what peoples experiences were shooting in slog in bright sunny conditions, and what filters would you recommend buying for these conditions. Looking at these Skier ones I will probably buy 2; http://www.hdvideoshop.com/en/307-mattebox-filters Thanks
  6. ddire14

    A7S Adaptors

    No passive cheaper options then the Metabones anyone can recommend?
  7. ddire14

    A7S Adaptors

    Hi there, My A7S arrived yesterday cant wait to get going with it. I haven't bought any adapter yet just wondering if anyone has any update or the recommendations. As I said I only need a passive/ dumb adapter to work with my Samyang cine primes. Metabones seem very pricey especially considering I don't need any electronics in mine. Anyone tried this one?http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1041731-REG/fotodiox_vzlx_thrtl_eos_nex_pro_vizelx_nd_throttle_adpter.html/prm/alsVwDtl or some cheaper alternatives. Thanks
  8. ddire14

    A7S Adaptors

    Hi, Thanks for the reply's. Do any of you know if any dumb EF to E-mount give the extra stop and curb the problem with the rolling shutter in ASP-C mode like the Metabones one does? I would be nice to know the cheaper options before I fork out the $400 on the Metabones adaptor. Cheers
  9. ddire14

    A7S Adaptors

    Hi, I have just purchased an A7S and i'm looking to buy an adaptor for my set of EF Samyang cine primes. I have read that people are having problems with the Metabones adaptor detaching etc. Does anyone have any experience using a passive/ dumb adaptor for EF lenses as I don't need an active mount with my Samyang lenses. While I am at it, can anyone recommend a good set of ND filters for my 4x4 matte box as I intend to shoot using s-log. (ISO 3200) Cheers.
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