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  1. OK, thank you very much again. I must try the 1080p 25fps. I hope it will help.
  2. When I look at this: http://vimeo.com/67466444 I still think the amount of details is way better than what I post there in my first post. And I know that this was shot on canon 550D (720p, 50fps) with canon 18-200 and with samyang 8mm. Is it better just because he have better lenses?
  3. Oh, is there any other solution? I will try set the right shutter speed and I will try it on 1080p 25fps, and I will see if there is better result. I hope it will help. Also the kit lenses aren't so good as some more expensive lenses for sure. If noone have any other solution, then thank you all for your tips, I really appreciate it... :)
  4. http://we.tl/O6B0fHas3X Here it is. I hope you can download it, that was for the first time I used WeTransfer.
  5. Yes, it looks the same before uploading to YouTube. And I haven't got installed magic lantern yet. I want to be sure that the 600D is OK before installing it.
  6. My intention with those clips is to make an edit at the end of the year, most of the clips will not be in slo-mo, but I don't know which clip will be in slo-mo and which not. I will decide it at the end of the year when i will be doing the edit. OK then, I will try some tests with lower shutter speed and I will see if it is better... but I still think that the quality, the amount of details is not very good. And I think it is not as sharp as it might be, do you think it will not be sharper than it is now?
  7. OK, so, on picture style i had sharpness on 0, contrast on -4, saturation on -2 and color tone on 0 ISO on 100 it was 720p 50fps I had shutter speed on about 1/640 I think, the F-stop somewhere about f5,6 or maybe f6,3 I dont set WB, I let it on auto, because WB can be repaired in post production. I don't know exactly the settings, because that was not test videos  :D , but after I saw it in PC I realize that the video quality is not as good as it might be. I saw a lot of videos from 600D that was shot on 720p and I think they had better video quality...
  8. Hi, I have kind of problem with my video, I think. It's hard to describe it, so watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhLb2VCYUak and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCwKMco1VMo I think the video quality is terrible. I used auto focus but then I tune the focus by my hand because I know the auto focus is not very good. So I think the problem must be somewhere else. I have only kit lenses, that means the 18-55mm and 50mm f1.8. The first video was shot with the 18-55mm and the second with 50mm. I really don't know what to do with this. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance and sorry for my English.
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