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  1.     i was confued because i know that rolling shutter is problem when you pan around like crazy. this is first time that i see that it can be a problem when taking static handheld shots.. crazy..  this is bigger problem than i tought...really limits your options and picture quality. i will try with is on and see if it helps. also this after effects stabilization looks way better than vegas one. some professional cameramen told me to lurn IS off because it can create some distortions and that it was designed for photography and not video.   tnx
  2. well, it the meantime i learned this. this distortion is called rolling shutter ripple effect. the reason why it happens is because stabilization plugins have problems with cameras like dslrs which produce general rolling shutter effects. for explanation check this video at 3:30 mark. http://nofilmschool.com/2011/04/warp-stabilizer-rolling-shutter-camera-shake-after-effects-adobe/ i guess i need better plugin or software.   tnx
  3. Hello everyone   Watch short 600d test video. Hand held and than stabilized in sony vegas. I stabilized it in mercalli v2, and it is even worse. Problem is not in shaky video, but in, I dont know how to call it – high frequency trembling that you notice, particularly in stabilized video. This shivering, or sometimes slower “breathing or hearbeats" of video looks to me more like some weird distortions of whole image than regular shaky video. As I noticed this in my videos, I sometimes notice it in some others on the web also. Does anyone knows what is this and how to avoid it next time?   My video: http://youtu.be/B2FOLHmn5Qw   Also I noticed something similar in this video vimeo.com   >  /groups/600d/videos/55359162 Its a short cut, but notice what the cup is doing on 21 seconds mark.     My setup is: 600d magic lantern flaat 10 1080p 25fps 18-55 IS II IS off   edited in sony vegas pro 10 rendered as: Sony AVC High definition (1920x1080)
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