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  1. After spending quite some time googling I found this and thought it might be of interest. Looks like Metabones is the clear winner out of these ones. Some look pretty much unusable. http://4.static.img-dpreview.com/files/p/E~forums/53156458/3bdcf1923b6b4f708e8d83dba55b7724
  2. I was thinking more of the a tweaked version of a m43/nikon speed booster for the GH4 that was rumoured? Think it was meant to get the 4K closer to s35. Not sure if that is likely to happen in the near future? I have read your report on using BMCC/Nikon speed booster but I still a little worried I would damage my camera body by accidentally using the mechanical shutter or scratching the plates in front of the shutter. Yea likewise. I did think about a knock-off one but couldn't find much info on how they perform. Still would be interested to see what they are like in comparison. I will hopefully be able to do some of my own test once I work out what adaptor I'm gonna go with.
  3. I have just purchased the sigma Nikon mount 18-35mm for my GH4. I was going to wait for the possible GH4 speedbooster as I have a m43/Nikon g cheap adapter. After trying the lens with my current adapter it seems to rattle around a bit on the adaptor so I'm now not sure if its worth waiting for the possible GH4 speedbooster or going for a different one (m4/3 one I guess)? Does anyone have any info on when / if the metabones GH4 mount is still happening or just a rumor?
  4. I have been thinking SD cards for my future GH4. I had a look at the Transcend 128GB but know very little about Transcend cards (Reliability wise) Also someone on personal view was mentioned doubts about 128GB cards working on the GH4. I don't know why they wouldn't but would like someone to confirm if they are ok before I make the purchase.
  5. I have gone for it! I had a play with one at the photographic show in Birmingham and the LCD & viewfinder where lovely. Also looked at some sample footage on the 4K LCD, which was incredible. It was next to a GH3 so could give it a good comparison (well as much as you can at a show). Along with the other obvious changes I think its also slightly heavier. When I saw the price was just £1299 I couldn't resist. Pretty much the same price as a EM-1 + a free battery grip into the bargain.
  6. am I missing something or are these new panasonic SD's not as fast as the current Sandisk extreme pro 95MB/s cards? As far as I can see the Panasonic cards are 90MB/s write and 45MB/s read (or are these the wrong ones)
  7. Thanks. After using the G6 for the past few months I'v got used to very compressed footage. So was keen to know how much data my exciting SD cards & external storage would hold with the GH4. Think I may need to invest in more external storage if I get one of these monsters. Thunderbolt and solid state I think £££.
  8. Can anyone give me a ruff idea of how much footage you are likely able to get onto 32gb / 64gb SD card, in body at 4k and 1080p @ the optimum bit rates / codecs?
  9. Nice video, thanks for posting. I have had a look on youtube but most of the videos i'v found haven't really shown me what I wanted to see. Have you had any problems with video jitter/shake with the ois on? Noticed a few people mentioned that problem on personal view.
  10. Pretty much what I thought. Just trying weigh up if it's the right lens for my needs. I see from reviews that its a great lens and I can't help but occasionally think it would be good to have at least one lens that links to the camera electronically for the use of AF etc. On the other hand would I be better off spending the money on something else?   I have been looking at speed booster + unknown lens but a bit lost with regards to what to go for?
  11. Have been looking at reviews and information about this lens online but was wondering if anyone has tried it? I'm thinking about expanding my selection of lenses. Currently I only have manual primes: 12mm SLR magic, 25mm Nokton & a 50mm old olympus lens (This lens moves slightly in the adaptor when focusing so is sort of useless) I do like to us my G6 for the odd still but manly shooting video.   My concerns of this lens are that it may have a too clinical look, I love the look my nokton and slr magic give and the other concern is 2.8f fast enough on a m43? Will I loose that great shallow DOF i can get with my other lenses wide open.   Would be great to hear peoples thoughts on this lens for filmmaking and to hear other suggestions in a similar price bracket. I was thinking zoom as i don't have one and thought it may offer me more versatility over more primes but if primes fit the bill better I would be happy to consider them. 
  12. I was debating gh3 or g6 after owning a gh2. I went with the g6 in the end as I think at some point next year i will upgrade to one of the future cameras (maybe gh4) so the g6 will see me through the next 6 months or so. I think the footage looks very similar off the 2 cameras so chose the g6 as over here in the UK its almost half the price. I like the camera and prefer the footage that comes off it to the gh2 (even when hacked)    Over all i'm very happy with my choice and don't find the build quality too bad really. One of the reasons I went for the g6 was the focus peaking. I have never used it before getting the g6 and thought anything that aids focus would be a bonus. I have to say personally i'm not overly impressed with it. It doesn't alway show up and only seems to show on sharp edges which the subject you are filming might not have. Personal think having the higher resolution screen on the g6 is more of a focus aid than the peaking (over the gh2 that is) I think the 'Small HD' focus peaking looks much more usable than the style on the g6. Maybe i'm doing something wrong or there is a setting I have missed.
  13. Hi,   This is my 1st post, I have been reading this forum for the last 6 months or so. I have owned a 2nd hand GH2 and found this site shortly after my purchase (I brought Andrew's GH2 shooters guide, very good!) but decided to upgrade manly because my GH2 is faulty and out of warranty. For the last few months I have been reading a deliberating on what camera to buy. I want to use it manly to make short films & shoot arty stuff but also like to use it as a camera. I have a 3 lenses: SLR Magic 12mm, Voigtlander Nokton 25mm & an old Olympus auto-s 50mm After considering the G6 or GH3 I decided to go G6. With a lot of new tech emerging I think 2014 may produce some very interesting cameras, GH4 etc.. But need something to tided me over as my GH2 is playing up.   After playing around with my G6 for a few hours I thought I would see what fellow G6 users suggest as good settings? Mainly for 24p but 50p would also be useful i'm sure.   Sorry if this has been posted before, I did have a quick look.
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