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  1. Just got a G6 and heading to Tokyo next week with the 12-35 and 20mm.  Anyone have suggestions for shooting flat/neutral on the G6?   I've been testing with -5, -5, -2, 0 on Natural.  But would love to hear what everyone else is doing and what's been working.  Just had the camera for a week now.    I am new to dslr shooting (I have shot 16mm film before), but I am targeting a cinema look in post.  I plan to shoot in 24p/AVCHD.  
  2. Hey Guys, I know a lot of talk has gone to the bigger cameras like the Canon C series, but for those working with the DSLRs still, here's a new tool we've been helping Technicolor polish that was originally previewed at NAB. [url="https://www.technicolorcinestyle.com/"]https://www.technicolorcinestyle.com/[/url] We did extensive testing with the software on a couple of our videos, and those videos are the first ones to be posted as examples on their gallery (both the Dance Party and wedding demo)! [img]http://www.onyxcinema.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/technicolor-screen-shot-small.jpg[/img] [url="https://www.technicolorcinestyle.com/gallery/cinestyler-community/"]https://www.technico...yler-community/[/url] Check out our blog post at: [url="http://www.onyxcinema.com/2012/11/21/onyx-cinema-featured-on-technicolor/"]http://www.onyxcinem...on-technicolor/[/url] The use of the software follows a different paradigm from other coloring plugins that has its roots in the higher end productions. I believe that any camera that can shoot with a similar logarithmic curve can apply this tool. Such as the GoPro with protune and the Canon C series. A blog video detailing the use of the picture style and software together in practical usage is coming soon!
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