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  1. Has anyone had first hand experience with video on an X70 yet?
  2. Someone else mentioned this, but the only response was about the difference in sensor. I'm wondering more about the processing / codec side. I'm assuming the older fujifilm sensor is the same as the x100 which I LOVE. So, How does the X70 compare? My dream video camera would be my x100 doing 1080p well. Is the x70 the answer? I'd think if the way the camera handles / processes / encodes video is the same as the X pro 2 it would be pretty good. Any thoughts?
  3. After reading Andrew's review of the x-pro 2, I'm wondering about the x70. I've always wished I could use my x100 for video. I wonder if the x70 will sort of make that a reality?? Does anyone know if the x70 has similar video performance to the x-pro 2?
  4. This is exactly the conclusion I came to. Kept the bmpcc. Thanks for the affirmation! i have been wondering about the Sony rx100iv since it has slog2. Seems like grading could he w better situation there.
  5. Thanks for the reply man. That makes sense. I like the bmpcc, but the simplicity of an all in one like the rx100iv is attractive. I'm always second guessing whether we have the right lens, speedbooster, etc. I've seen some vibey stuff from the a7s which is what made me think maybe the rx100iv was worth looking at. But maybe I'm just feeling tempted to buy a new toy.
  6. Andrew - any thoughts on getting the rx100iv (which I assume has a similar picture as this one) vs a bmpcc. I'm ok with the 5m limit - we'll use it for music videos, none of which should have a scene that lasts more than a few minutes. I tried the lx100 but felt like it was too contrasty no matter what I did - the bmpcc was way more fun to grade and skin looked much better to me. Wondering how the rx100iv would compare...
  7. For audio, I'm recording everything separately and syncing in post.
  8. I'm in a band and we record our own music videos - sometimes a live performance and sometimes more of a story based thing (going for a movie type of vibe). After reading Andrew's lx100 review I've been wondering if I'd do better to have a more simple setup and possibly a better picture? I'm confused by so many conflicting reviews about the lx100. Thought I'd check with you guys. Right now I've got the tokina 11-16 plus a generic speedbooster. I did some tests yesterday and while the pictures are much different, I don't feel confident enough to say which is "better". I'm reasonably comfortable
  9. This is probably a stupid question but after an hour googling and looking through the manual I've come up short... I've got a G6 and am using exclusively for video. I've read it's good to keep the camera at "natural" -5, 0, -5, 0, and shutter speed at 1/50. I have NO IDEA how to set the shutter speed at 1/50. I see an option for everything from "2" to "4000". Is 1/50 the same as "50" on the G6? I'm sure this is a simple one. Sorry for my ignorance.
  10. Thanks Andy. I returned the metabones bmcc and nikon 35mm dx 1.8 and bought the Mitakon Lens Turbo speed booster and a used nikon 28mm ais 2.8. Looking forward to using this on our next video project in a couple weeks!
  11. Cool. Still confused about the width question above. Any light you can shed on that would be really helpful. Thanks again Andy!
  12. One more question, sorry... I'm seeing a lot of AI (not AIS) 28mm Nikons. Are those the same thing?
  13. That sounds great. One question though - a speed booster widens a lens, but if I'm putting it on a MFT G6, it's still less wide than the original, correct? For example, my current 35mm is 70mm with a normal adapter and about 50mm with my BMCC speed booster. So wouldn't the 28mm end up effectively being a 40mm and 52mm?
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