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OSMO Pocket 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal

Andrew Reid

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Image quality is definitely above average for the size.

I can see quite a few uses for one.

Ages ago, back in 2015 when I still lived in Berlin, I took the original OSMO out for a ride and had a hoot with it. Seems to have come a long way since then.


No idea what the bigger, newer OSMOs are like but the small Pocket seems to be a lot more popular.

Original thread here:


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I've got one and I have to say its pretty nice.

I don't have a fancy phone so it acts in lieu of that for holiday stuff and although the video is the main story, the quality of the stills are actually quite good.

One complaint I have with it is that it seems to have a habit of reverting its settings out of the Pro mode which is a pain in the arse.

I never use it with a phone so maybe that has something to do with it in terms of sync or something but its intermittent.

I've just got some magnetic ND filters for it as it definitely becomes a bit too camcordery in bright light.

The hyperlapse stuff is fun and the stabilisation is good in terms of being a tripod substitute and some slider type moves but walking with it is definitely going to give you some bumping unless you are disciplined in doing the silly walk. As I use it on holiday, the fact I'm wearing shorts is enough to make me look ridiculous without doing that as well.

It struggles a lot in quite low light of course but these grabs are from footage I did in less than broad light and its does an alright enough job for what I'm using it for, especially considering the convenience factor and the tricks it can do.


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8 hours ago, androidlad said:

If only DJI could add an option to turn off the ugly over-sharpening.

There are tricks for that, c'mon... I follow and concur the meaning of your comment, though : ) As much as with Mavic Pro II

BTW Andrew...

Stick it, truly worthy... these devices are yet more revolutionary than RED claimed to be : -)

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I was given one of these recently, its ok but not great, it is super stealthy though as most people don't know what it is. Mine has an occasional tilt to the left that sometimes can't be cured with re-calibration. Though my Osmo Mobile 2 does the same thing. Image is no different than any current action cam and worse than my iPhone IMO, plus I can route external audio into my phone. Audio in the Osmo Pocket is trash and I haven't been able to get one of the proprietary audio connectors as B&H just shows "coming soon" and has for awhile now. It would be much better with a 3.5mm plug built in. The Hero7 with hypersmooth is pretty close in terms of stabilization. Its a little bigger with a handgrip, but far more versatile. IMO.


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Okay, it's early in the morning/late at night here.  I found this thread and thought I was dreaming about being back in the past viewing an Osmo Pocket topic for the first time. I have one of these currently.  It's okay for what it does.  I took it with me on a hiking adventure.  It worked fine enough, but the internal microphone placement and lack of a decent built in microphone jack led me to purchasing the 3.5mm adapter and a couple microphones.  Now, I am contemplating letting it go until there is a version 2.0. 


Dark Island Trail Osmo Pocket Hiking | Rural Exploration


DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Tests - Saramonic SR-XM1 - DJI FM-15 Fleximic


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26 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

They need to add an double exposure HDR mode in their next Osmo, like they have in the action cam. 10 bit H265 should also be in the next one. Might buy it if that happens. 

I agree. This thing with a good implementation of double exposure HDR video would be hard to beat as a pocket adventure cam for 99.9% of people.

I have yet to see low light electronic stabilization from a phone that doesn’t shit the bed.

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Not trolling, but the HDR10+ 10-bit video with three lenses (two optically stabilized) on my S10+ looks so much better than the pocket when I tested them both. I'm sure more basic phones will catch up soon. It just doesn't make sense to carry the osmo pocket when your phone can do much better? Where is @webrunner5 to argue for the pocket? Lol

Only somewhat valid point I have seen, is the built in gimbal, but the device is so small, it's hard to get that smooth of footage moving anyway. I cant believe how stabilized phone footage is now, even walking slowly. 

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Apples to oranges, my friend, and not in behalf of your gross statement : ) Bits are far to be panacea for everything...

Don is on vacations, no one is able to act on his behalf, that's for sure! LOL


Well back to topic, I've actually never seen any outcome from any smartphone camera yet to beat this marvelous piece of motion pictures capture Osmo Pocket is, where is it? And that last video up there in my post stands to confirm it : -)

Take a look on the next one. A wider angle lens will fulfill any caveat here:

Add now anyone to compare the phone you mentioned to the Apple's and you'll have the syllogism ; -)

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Used one for a few months. Overall it's very good for the price and some of the weakness are to be expected at this price point (eg. small sensor, bad low ISO and weak DR).


  • Very small and portable
  • Excellent gimbal stabilization
  • 4k60
  • 100mbps bitrate in 4K60 (h.264)
  • Screen on the handle (but very small, just use for framing)
  • Good battery life (about 1h30), can be recharged with USB-C
  • Price
  • Nice tap to focus feature, relatively responsive even though it's hard to see on the tiny screen


  • Poor dynamic range, same tiny sensor as the Mavic Air
  • Noisy footage, especially in the shadows (like the Mavic Air and Mavic 2 zoom)
  • The attachment with smartphone is very bad and unstable, unfortunately some settings can only be changed via the DJI App
  • The smartphone connector is only provided for iphone, needs a micro USB adapter for other phones, which only adds to the instability of the system
  • Manual exposure only available with the phone + App
  • The 28mm focal is a bit narrow to my taste, this is especially noticeable when you start walking (up and down motion). I would have preferred something like 24mm.
  • AF is on the bad side (a later firmware update improved the AF, but I haven't tried it)
  • Poor low ISO performance, normal for this sensor size though
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Dji Osmo Pocket is great little tool for events and video-notes around. A week ago I took it to the retrospective exhibition of Marina Abramovich, a leading conceptual performing artist, here in Belgrade's Museum of Contemporary Art (the exhibition was going around in many countries in  Europe in the past 2 years). I made the video only in one shot (long 25 minutes); the lights, mixture of daily light through big museum windows and different lights inside, exhibition screens, reflectors, leds, etc., the light was impossible for shooting. Also big crowd going in all directions, on the opening day, my camera was actually in the pocket of my jacket.. This is a shot not graded, just out of the Osmo Pocket as it was taken (only speeded from time to time when the scene was unimportant), with sound also from the Osmo Pocket:


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