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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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Editing H264/5 Vs BRAW is like night and day.  Sure I can edit them on a 4K timeline and yes I can use auto cache, but with BRAW, I can apply a lot of grading and still get smooth playback.  I don't have to transcode the footage or do anything extra, just edit it as is.  H264/5 are deliverable codecs and regardless of system, I find nothing beneficial except a low file size, and frankly even that's not a great advantage given the various compression levels offered in BRAW.

As for latitude, much greater.  A much better and intuitive white balance control that is more consistent within the RAW controls if Resolve.  H264/5 footage clipped remains clipped, not so with BRAW, where you have greater latitude to bring in new detail in the highlights and shadows otherwise clipped.  Its not proper RAW, but that 12 bit is useful to me.  Do I need that extra latitude, absolutely. 

I still work with a lot of H264/5 footage.  I'm not saying it's not possible to get a decent grade, or that it's a major pain to work with; just that BRAW for me is a lot better.  I find more pleasure editing and colour grading now I'm working with it than I did before.  Its nice to have a system where the camera, codec and editing software are so intune with each other.  

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