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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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2 minutes ago, seanzzxx said:

Do you think the top four videos in this gallery could be? Aside from maybe the 'Color of Light' one. Genuinely asking.



I didn't like the narration to 'The Color of Light' but I thought it looked great. You didn't like it? There's some nice stuff out already from the camera. Can't wait until everyone has theirs.

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4 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

I think a Red camera is about the last camera in the world I would use for taking video of people being interviewed. That is Canon Cine territory, especially skin tones and DPAF. I don't think I would be looking for a Cine look for that.


This is a two-camera shoot, but anyhow... skin tones look great to me. And Parker’s focusing manually. 

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19 minutes ago, jonpais said:

The color in the Fabrizio & Omayra video is simply gorgeous and the dynamic range is very impressive. 

Yeah they really showcased some amazing footages. I also admire the filmmakers for being brave enough to shoot with the Sigma 18-35 under snowy conditions and on the other one at the beach where salt water and sand can possibly get into it

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I think most of these newer cameras have got auto WB, auto Exposure down to a tee anymore. So most stuff is coming out popularly exposed. And heck they have more DR now than ever. So in essence it is getting harder to screw stuff up unless you goof up, are in a pretty terrible situation. Even these new Logs, C Log, N Log, F Log are not a crazy Log like say Sony S Log 3 is. So they are more forgiving, for most stuff,  most people shoot. And NLE's have gotten better also. More auto correction stuff available. So it is just easier to get it right, right in camera. Is it as good as it can be, well no. But good enough for most viewers.

People with great editing, grading, coloring skills are Always going to shine on their output. But the gap is getting narrower every year, and the camera gap narrows also.. You could really take some of these new mirrorless cameras and put the guts in a normal Cine body and no one would be the wiser. They are getting that good.

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40 minutes ago, MurtlandPhoto said:

The best IQ comparison I've seen yet.

Great comparison and really shows the lovely images the Pocket4k produces and what I'm seeing with mine. Much richer images compared to the GH5.

Secondly,  and what I've been saying all along is that a camera only produces a certain percentage of the 'cinematic look' everyone is so hung up on. Most people who want 'cinematic' here, also want autofocus and IBIS but neither of these features lend themselves to 'cinematic' qualities.  IBIS only does so much and you still get a small amount of jitter here and there. Same as AF, it's never perfect with electronic SLR lenses and nothing screams SLR more than small amounts of jitter in the lens or movement of the camera. If you want 'cinematic' with the Pocket4K or any mirrorless camera really, you need to rig them. Being on a Gimbal, a Tripod, a Slider, a good shoulder rig etc. 

You can always rig the Pocket to get great steady shots, can you improve the GH5 to get the same DR, colour response and flexibility in post?

14 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

The problem with tests like these is they may as well be a review of the tester's grading skills.

Ever since RAW and LOG first came out we have had the same issue - are we watching badly graded footage or is the camera to blame?

So why don't you do a comparison and show them all how it's done?

The same person would have graded the shots in that video. If they are amateurs , this shows that the Pocket 4K was easier to grade for an amateur. Not a bad thing?

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20 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

No, I have the camera sitting right in front of me right now. Let me just show you how to grade it. In fact I'll have a book on it ready by 9am tomorrow!

I look forward to it. The problem for me though is, since 'Manchestergate', with all the negativity you have pent up toward the pocket4k, can you still be objective about it?

And I'm being serious, while I have the camera and am loving the images from it, it's a shame that many of your forum users who don't have it or are relying on good thorough reviews on it before they buy it won't get an objective view from someone they look up to in the technical regard.

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