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  1. It's true that for stills, a full frame camera is the way to go for me, every time. I have a cheap old Sony A7 that serves me well. I despise the menus and the form factor is not comfortable, logical or sensible but it does take lovely professional raw stills. For video, however, I am so happy with m43 and APS-C sized cameras. Better rolling shutter is a BIG factor in why. Cost is another! The horrendous UI of Sony A7 series cameras is another. I still don't have my Pocket 4K but I anticipate it will be one of my best ever camera investments.
  2. To all of those people saying they'd prefer a full frame sensor on the BM pocket 4K, surely that's overlooking one of the great advantages of m43/ XL Speedbooster combinations for film making, which is that the smaller sensor leads to improved rolling shutter artefact performance over ALL full frame cameras, which is a hugely important aspect of what I call "good video performance" or creating "a nice image."
  3. I feel like on the Mk2 of this camera, they should have a slot to insert a T5 into the camera behind the (flip-out?) screen, like an SD card. How cool would that be?!
  4. I can seriously recommend adapters by a Polish CNC machine owner that makes exclusively adapters, from Poland. He has the eBay name Ciecio7
  5. I see lots of Teal and brown in these shots. Similar to the original PCC. Nice look, but it's a "look." The camera has great colours though, from what I can see, and the South Korean bubblegum pop vids show that it can do a bigger range of looks, all the while looking sharp, crisp, evenly colour saturated, with high dynamic range, and good motion cadence. I'm really impressed in this camera already.
  6. The original pocket looks great, as you say, but it's a very particular look. To me it seems to come pre-graded for a very particular (and quite pleasing) look, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective.
  7. Australia huh? Favouritism! With Blackmagic and Rode, you fellows have two companies really challenging the Japanese and Americans for that quality/ cost co-efficient and in my view winning hands down. Both Rode and BlackMagic are offering quality products that rival the very best in the world, whilst costing 1/10 the price. Disruptive!
  8. Do we have any knowledge yet on whether the DJI Ronin S will allow us to manually focus Panasonic lenses on the BMPCC4K, as it does with the GH5? Kind of a big deal for me with this camera as I'm intending to do a lot of gimbal work with it.
  9. So Grant from Blackmagic Design have released a new codec, if indeed it's right to even call it a codec, called Blackmagic raw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc8q_3ot3lQ&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=8TA3CbjnUvPf64u3%3A6 To me this looks like a revolutionary format, and way more sophisticated than Apples Prores raw offering. I'm excited to use this!
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