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  1. I am hopping so too or the GH6 is really gonna be a very niche product. I am thinking it will have at least one new feature to add to the list announced that we haven't seen in any other camera yet to demand that price. Something has to give, or maybe not lol.
  2. This is what I have started to tell myself too. It may come down to me owning two cameras, One for still and the other for video or just as back up. That is my hope too. This camera to me will give me a clear path in terms of gear purchase for a while. I am hoping that Sony give it 24mp, 10 bit color, and 4k 60p full frame or slide crop. I will be happy with that.
  3. I don't think my expectations and those of people wanting a good full frame hybrid camera are that high. I will be and I am willing to bet many people will be happy with the S5 if it had good video AF.
  4. Very true, I was soo looking forward to dump my Nikon Z6 for the Canon R6 to get good video autofocus until the Canon over heating debacle side track my switch. As much as I like what Panasonic has to offer for full frame hybrid, their video AF is a no go for my needs. I am starting to tell myself, I may have to wait and see what the Sony A7IV will brings to make a move. Who knew it was gonna be this hard in 2020 for manufactures to deliver a "halfway" decent hybrid camera.
  5. If many different reviews start uncovering over heating issues with the A7S III, then there needs to be an equal amount of outrage in this community as was sent to Canon R5 $ 6. I don't know about you guys but this truly makes me appreciate my current camera. I was telling myself, I may have to replace my Z6 with the R6 but looking at the reliability of these newly released cameras, my Z6 will definitely stay around for a long time! If over heating have never affected your shooting, then you don't know how it really sucks. Summer 2016, I save and planned a Europe Trip. I had the A6300 as
  6. Again, I never said M43 was worse. I just prefer full frame photos more. When it comes to prices and weight of cameras, people have their own preference of what they can or cannot afford and what they consider too heavy. I can afford a full frame camera with 2 or 3 good lenses and carrying them when I travel is not an issue for me. You might say why not just get a DSLR? There are things about mirroless that I like, EVF is one of them.
  7. I didn't even said I cropped the photo from the GH2, I said "The heavily crop D750 picture still look good compared to the GH2 ..." I never said M43 isn't capable. People have taken and continue to take great pictures with M43, I have taken lots of pictures with them. I just like a lot more my pictures taken with a full frame camera. Your point of printing 20MP 1DX and A9 (both full frames) that looks good and "having more MP is a “nice to have” but it is far from a requirement!" supports my point of me getting excited for the R6 (which is also 20MP)
  8. Hope I don't derail this thread but no, it's not all in the head. I have had the Panasonic GH1, 2, and 3. I have briefly had the Sony A6300, and the Fuji XT-1. Have used a lot my friend's Nikon D7100, D750, and Sony A7 III. I have use those for personal and paid work. In a practical example, I have photos of my dad who recently passed that I took in 2011 with the GH2. In trying to put together a tribute to him, I found pictures of him that was taken in 2018 with a D750. I had to crop a picture a lot to get a nice portrait of him. The heavily crop D750 picture still look good compared to
  9. Oh no! Not going anywhere near a micro four thirds camera. Not even APSC. Full frame or bust. It was really too good to be true with Cannon. I'm gonna have to wait and see how the Sony and A7S II successor looks like. If it comes to the worse, I can keep my Nikon Z6 for stills and add to it what Sony releases. But I want to carry just a camera and 2 or 3 lenses when I travel. It's quite a boomer with this R6.
  10. Like probably many of you, when I started reading about the R6 specs I was telling myself may be it's time to move over to Canon. Plan was to sell my Z6 and other lenses and move over. I guess that's not happening anytime soon. It begs the question why can't Panasonic give us a camera with good phase detect auto focus? I want a good hybrid (mirrorless) and the rumored 12MP of the A7S II replacement is a no go for me. At least 20MP which is why I was going to switch with the R6. Quite a disappointment!
  11. Hi, I have a brand new unopened Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k that I bought from B&H. Still in it's wrapped plastic seal from B&H so obviously it includes everything that comes with it. I am thinking/considering going a different route with my camera gear and looking to gauge interest if anyone is looking for one. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. 3k anamorphic mode on the mini!! why not on the pocket cinema 4K? Any ideas, anyone ever asked black magic?
  13. I experienced a lot worse with my Z 6 than he did and yes it does hunt but mine is just piss poor. And I did my test in 1080 24p not even 4k! The AF-F with mine didn't work most of the time. I had to use the back button AF to get it to focus. I will not use mine either with AF and Nlog, but comparing mine to his AF performance with Nlog and 10bit, it looks like his is almost usable. I guess I could have added that it does hunt a little. I have had the A7III for 2 months and used the Canon 5D IV for a week so I have some reference in term of AF performance from other competitors to compare the
  14. This guys is not having the same problems we are having, how come? It looks like he has Nlog on.
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