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  1. Andrew Reid had a great review in the Kinemini... I can't go as far as $9000. I've been eyeing an FS700R + Shogun Combo so I keep to my prores.. Thoughts? Low light and over crank are a huge part of my work..
  2. I've been looking at the Kinemini stuff actually looks promising but I was bummed about being stuck with RAW 4k. If the Terra provides a pro res option that'd be the cam for me.. How much is final price?
  3. Let me keep this short. I've secured $5000 funding for a camera upgrade. I've been using an FS100 for 3/4 years and have enjoyed low light and 60fps capabilities. I've been freelancing and running my small prod company for the same amount of time and my commercial is reaching new levels, and my clientele is slightly climbing the ladder. The big question is : Do I need to upgrade to a 4k system to be able to compete next year and the following 3? If so do I go the Big Ursa route? Or the Ursa Mini 4.6 k. (I may be able to acquire a Big Ursa V1 for $3800) Either way I'm looking at pairing with an A7s as lowlight isn't a huge muscle with these cameras. If 4k isn't necessary than I'm looking at an FS700 as over crank is a big component of my work and I maintain low light capabilities. My main concerns about the Big Ursa are flying it (gimbal, crane, slider, hand held, tripod for that matter)
  4. I'm really considering making a big upgrade to the URSA, but I've already invested in a fleet of Canon FDs. I've been doing some research on FD to PL mounts without a lot of luck. I know ARRI make an FD adapter to the ARRI mount (PL??) but besides that seems there's zilch out there. Some talk about machining the lenses to fit the new flange but I was hoping someone here knows of something...
  5. I'm just going to start outright with my plan - RX10 M2, setting the Zoom lens to around 50mm and an Anamorphot x2 from SLR Magic with their Range Finder. The slow mo is extremely appealing to me and my next line of work coming up. BUT I just read a review from Andrew Reid saying the zoom lens isn't the best set up for anamorphic... Is it still doable either way? I need to transition into 4k and the slow mo perks would be amazing, but I'd like to stay in the RX10 range of budget (say under $2500). What are my options? GH4 would be my first thought especially with the anamorphic idea... That slow mo is sad to let go though...
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