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  1. It's really a great camera and with BRAW it could really shake things up in the filmmaking scene.
  2. I preordered from CVP at May 1st and it looks like there still are a couple of hundred people before me.
  3. The big side handle with power and ssd slot is really something.
  4. It's a really cool line of accessories and prices seem reasonable.
  5. I'd say that's the way to go with this camera, yes.
  6. So the Pocket 4K fares 11.6 stops @iso400 by Cinema 5D's strict methodology, almost half a stop more than the old Pocket. That's pretty awesome.
  7. DNG snapshot: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/908a872256f1b65e2084871585bda4b720181029092810/fa3f41
  8. Agreed. 120 and 240 fps from the GH5s are unusable for fiction due to the skipped lines. A nice thing to toy with but less more.
  9. It shouldn't be overlooked as a big pro that the Pocket 4K is a video/cine dedicated camera. Honestly, when using a GH5 I'm bothered by all the photo menus and controls I won't ever need to use. The P4K has got nice, beefy connections, a good menu and just the necessary buttons, I'm certainly will be more confident operating it than any hybrid camera.
  10. You could have passed me your place in the line. ?
  11. It looks like the Pocket 4K plays quite nicely with FC's Blackmagic Original Pocket Film profile.
  12. I always thought the sensor was the same, and so was the dynamic range. The 2,5K was very good for getting a clean full HD with a OLPF filter. The sensor was 15.8mm wide, 3mm less than the Pocket 4K. Very nice.
  13. I didn't. He did in his previous post. Anyway, cameras are just tools and by specs I consider the Pocket a capable cine camera that can do things the C200 can't.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54153YyAUVY No bad showcase of the low light strengths of the camera.
  15. I love the image coming off the C200, but it is a 7500$ camera. The Pocket 4K is a 1000$ cinema camera, with Resolve, a beefy 19mm wide sensor, very nice codecs, TC, mini canon, full HDMI, and it's small and has nice color, latitude and sensitivity. For me, doing mainly fiction work, is a no brainer.
  16. Nothing fancy, a lumix 12-35, an hoya variND a zacuto loupe and a Rhode mic.
  17. The Original Pocket was great for mimicking S16. I did this some years ago in El Salvador.
  18. Dynamic range looks very limted in this video. Wonder of they just used the rec709 lut..
  19. You mean your camera is already in the UK? Did you preorder soon?
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