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  1. Has that camera arrived to Uk from an actual shipment or is it just a demo cam?
  2. I guess this would work with the Sigma? https://www.adorama.com/kaelam43eos2.html
  3. Ok, thanks a lot. I have a shooting coming in november and am looking for convenient alternatives. As for now, we're probably going to rent a set of Veydras.
  4. The problem is the canon's focus ring doesn't have hard stops, right?
  5. I really think so. I used quite a lot the Sigma 17-70 with my old 550D and was not bad at all. Do you know of any good EF to MFT smart adapter?
  6. And they use the Sigma 17-70, which has the same mechanics as the 17-50, just not constant aperture.
  7. I mean manual focus works better with a follow focus because results are repeatable as explained here: https://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/sigma-17-50mm-f2-8-lens-review/ And was wondering if something like this would help a bit with the throw: Here, they discuss extending the throw with the FF gears. I haven't tried something like that, but sounds feasible. http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?21858-Extend-focus-throw-with-gears Also, just read here that with a wireless FF you can remap the focus throw to the operator liking: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=71950 Anyway, what I would love is such a zoom in cine form.
  8. I don't need OIS and the focus throw is short, but manual is better for a follow focus. Maybe it could work with a focus ring adapter?
  9. Given the size of the sensor wouldn't it be better a sigma 17-50 2.8 as an all - purpose lens? That's roughly a 21-62 S35 equivalent and paired with a ef-m43 smart adapter shouldn't be more than 600 bucks. In fact you could use it with the Aputure DEC and have both internal Nd's and the lightest follow focus.
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