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  1. It's really a great camera and with BRAW it could really shake things up in the filmmaking scene.
  2. I preordered from CVP at May 1st and it looks like there still are a couple of hundred people before me.
  3. The big side handle with power and ssd slot is really something.
  4. It's a really cool line of accessories and prices seem reasonable.
  5. I'd say that's the way to go with this camera, yes.
  6. So the Pocket 4K fares 11.6 stops @iso400 by Cinema 5D's strict methodology, almost half a stop more than the old Pocket. That's pretty awesome.
  7. DNG snapshot: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/908a872256f1b65e2084871585bda4b720181029092810/fa3f41
  8. Agreed. 120 and 240 fps from the GH5s are unusable for fiction due to the skipped lines. A nice thing to toy with but less more.
  9. It shouldn't be overlooked as a big pro that the Pocket 4K is a video/cine dedicated camera. Honestly, when using a GH5 I'm bothered by all the photo menus and controls I won't ever need to use. The P4K has got nice, beefy connections, a good menu and just the necessary buttons, I'm certainly will be more confident operating it than any hybrid camera.
  10. You could have passed me your place in the line. ?
  11. It looks like the Pocket 4K plays quite nicely with FC's Blackmagic Original Pocket Film profile.
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