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DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!


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Unfortunately I fell out with their 2 main guys, over disagreements with the direction their editorial was taking. I guess this is the result but it's still a nasty thing to do to their own forum users. I don't care so much about myself. But why punish their own readers and limit their knowledge of external resources?

It is a shame as I have met some of the DPR team in person and count them as friends - Lars and Richard in particular. Lars used to live in Berlin!

There's a bit more to the story as well... I began to be frustrated at every turn at how hard it was to get my articles past their main editor Barney and something else happened, something deeply disturbing, that I will not go into detail about.

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Dude, I love your mission statement from the frontpage's 'about'-section:


One of the guiding principals of EOSHD is that nobody should be blocked from practicing their art and executing their talent as a cinematographer or filmmaker due to the cost of equipment. DSLRs are a prime example of what’s so great about accessible filmmaking equipment

That kinda continues in a philosophy that 'nobody should be blocked from participating in a community where they can learn and showcase their talent as a cinematographer or filmmaker due to a difference in opinion, skill level or approach to filmmaking'. You've also allowed and welcomed everyone who was willing to add somekind of positive contribution to the site. I remember even one guy losing his cool and asked to please be banned already, yet you didn't seem to really see the point in that, but did as he asked and told him to come back should he have a change of heart (which he did).

That's what I like about this place, just somewhere where free spirits can come together and share knowledge and opinions, without everyone having to follow strict directions and having to be on the same page. DPReview is a very practical site, but I wouldn't really want to 'hang out' there, sorta speak. I like opinions. I like your blog (I might not agree with everything you always say, but then again, why have an opinionated blog and open forum if there's nothing to discuss) or YouTube channels like TheCameraStoreTV with Jordan and Chris or DigitalREV with Kai and Lok. Because, unboxings and going through the specs is something everyone can do. I can't stand CNET reviews. I need someone to get down to the nitty gritty and not sugarcoat things. What is it really all about? What do you think?

I don't go over to other sites much, other than the rumor channels, because they don't understand fun, creativity and community that much. I feel pretty much at home here. You've created a nice atmosphere for people to speak their minds freely. I thank you for it and hope it continues on like that.

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1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

...platitudes and advertorial, or the honest opinions...

This is the same distinction between public and commercial broadcasting in general. While I'm sure that honest opinion finds its way into commercial broadcasting, and platitudes find their way into the non-commercial sphere, on balance, I'm with the non-commercial sector every time. Vested interests are everywhere and they wield insidious influence. An honest and thoughtful opinion is like a cool drink for a thirsty person.

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2 hours ago, MattH said:

Dont expect free speech from Dpreview. I was temporarily banned from posting in the forum. No reasoning given. Presumably because I posted a comment that insulted the week mind of one of the mods.

You mean "weak" mind


1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

I am just a guy with an independent voice in the world of camera reviews without cozy ties to PR people from the manufacturers, without ads splattered all over the screen, without sponsors on my every video, yet still I find EOSHD mired in a world of cut throat rivalry. Only very occasionally like in the beginning with DPReview have I been given a leg up in this industry and even then it only takes one person like Barney to massacre that relationship too. The other blogs like NoFilmSchool, Cinema5D and NewsShooter spend 10's maybe even 100's of thousands of dollars trying to punt my homebrew EOSHD site into oblivion and I just find the whole thing utterly distasteful. Rather than offering a new talent an opportunity they instead I am treated like just another commercial rival to be beaten.

In the end it is up to you guys to choose what you want. The managed platform of platitudes and advertorial, or the honest opinions and educational books of an artist/filmmaker.

May the best guy win.

There is so much advertorial especially on nofilmschool and cinema5d. As a working professional keeping my eye on the horizon I find eoshd to be refreshingly original. The pixel peeping in the forums is something I choose to avoid but I do enjoy your  article writing and perspective- and the minimal rig phobic approach.


i have suggested it before-perhaps v logs using your lensing would be a quicker and more impactful vehicle for eoshd?

After all we are all passionate about imaging and sound- perhaps that should be our main form of communication- video production! If you get everything in camera you can turn content around Fast!

Some food for thought?


at the same time we would weed out the pixel peepers who never actually produce any content other than whinge about getting an extra third of  a stop of dynamic range or endless pointless speculation about what features the next model should have.

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That´s an intense move on Dpreviews side.

I enjoyed Dpreview back then, reading their reviews of m43 cameras or the first tiny 43 dslrs from Olympus, just enjoyable and rather laid back readings.

Heck, loved to browse through their database for the ultimate pocket camera, Canon g5 vs Sony v1:)

Didnt they get bought by Amazon a few years ago? That´s big and successful business involved, if you know what I mean by successful.

Intense move from dpreview- Amazon style.

A very ugly move.


1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

How do they spend money against you?!?!

Wow, what is going on with them, I mean nofilm and such?

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24 minutes ago, Mat Mayer said:

Andrew has deleted a link I posted to Philip Bloom on his YouTube before. So all is fair in love and links/war.


Most posts and links related to Philip Bloom are still on here. So it is completely different.

There has been great appreciation on this forum for Philip Bloom and his contributions to the video community,

and that just very recently as well.

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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

.. and something else happened, something deeply disturbing, that I will not go into detail about.

a great idea for a script, no?

EOSHD - THE MOVIE (Suspense and Psychological Thriller)
ACT ONE – THE SET-UP (André meets Lars at Checkpoint Charlie, iBrahim lurking in the corner)
ACT TWO – CONFRONTATION (iBrahim gets André to lose linking on DRP – André fights to get it back)
ACT THREE – RESOLUTION (May the best guy win!)


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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

How do they spend money against you?!?!

Plenty of ways.

Thousands of dollars spent on heavily search engine optimised clickbate material which pushes other more relevant and better written pieces off the front page of search results.

SEO experts are expensive.

A ton of cash on a team of writers and people to cover trade shows and criss cross the planet in business class interviewing reps.

Flights to Japan to cozy up to the industry.

Slowly but surely money drowns out the others who aren't in bed with the industry, their backers and sponsors.

The editorial is changed. The internet is changed.

I am not The Verge. I don't have unlimited staff and resources to keep EOSHD alive in the face of such hostile big-spending competition.

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19 minutes ago, AaronChicago said:

It's funny b/c whenever I type a specific camera question into Google I usually end up seeing a link to EOSHD on the first page.

I think the reason for this is because for a few years now Google adjust their search results for every user differently according to their sites visit and searches in the past.

I'm not so thrilled about this because it can be very misleading.

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