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  1. Yes, even at DR100, it looks herky-jerky. Is that somehow usable? There's a difference between saying that it's less bad at DR100, and saying that CAF for video is actually usable. Also, I find it disturbing that folks seem to be almost preemptively anticipating problems as inevitable; that they'll later be fixed in firmware as part of Fuji's world-class Kaizen. My understanding is that Kaizen (the Deming cycle, Toyota Production System, call-it-what-you-will) was meant to discover and prevent flaws like this from being pushed into market in the first place; not to fix errors that were sloppily discovered only after the release. A more accurate term for what Blackmagic, Sony, and now Fuji and others are doing is the well-known strategy of "Release it Now; Fix it Later." For $1800, I expected more. (And a headphone jack.)
  2. Speaking of external recorders... If you're using one of those, what does the X-H1 bring to the equation over a cheap, 2nd hand X-T2 (other than IBIS and maybe ETERNA.) Any 'gotchas' when using the X-T2 and and external recorder?
  3. Is overheating an issue when recording externally? I'm asking because I've seen conflicting reports...in one instance the camera gets "as hot as a cup of tea", even when using an external recorder (they might have simultaneously been recording in-camera, which would explain things.) But assuming you're ONLY recording to the external device, with the camera simply switched on, does the camera not overheat, and not shut-down after 30 minutes...allowing the recorder to fill to capacity. (This would be for covering long-form events.)
  4. The POV threw me...I though it was the perspective of someone looking AT his home. I think it's because his eyes are initially shut, and when he opens them appear to be looking down, while the POV is looking straight out. Maybe a close angle on the guy's face before cutting to the POV?
  5. Has anyone posted a side-by-side that demonstrates this variation, either between two XC10's or the XC10 and XC15? I've read plenty of speculation, but no actual tests.
  6. Anyone using Amazon Video Direct? https://videodirect.amazon.com/home/landing AVD probably accounts for all the (extremely) low-budget genre films...even short films...that show up in searches on Amazon video. Every now and then I'll find a gem, and once it picks up votes, it bubbles to the top of the rankings and gains word-of-mouth on genre-specific websites.
  7. Thanks for the reminder. I've got a now empty Vimeo account, and need to cancel auto-renew. I have zero issues with other streaming services, but for some reason Vimeo refuses to cache properly, and playing the pause/catchup game is tedious in the extreme. Watching anything there has become a miserable experience. I'd much rather download an entire file from Google Drive or OneDrive.
  8. I admired the crisp backlighting in this footage...shooting directly into the sun-blasted windows. My sense is that m43 might struggle a bit with that, but perhaps I'm being unfair?
  9. I'm zeroing-in on my first iMac, and there doesn't seem to be a way to NOT buy these magical things. (This explains all the white-box "kit keyboards" I'm seeing on eBay.)
  10. I wouldn't expect 4K in that, either. But for god's sake implement electronic (fully silent) shutter, the lack of which is the only reason I didn't purchase an M5.
  11. Some reviews are up for the previous Kickstarter version: https://www.amazon.com/Vufine-Inc-VUF-100-Handsfree-Wearable/dp/B01HY18A9U
  12. KrisAK

    iMac Pro

    Thanks. And thanks for the link. Sounds like what you've got would be more than enough for my uses. Funny thing, a few weeks ago I purchased a similar unit (i7/m395x/256GB, $2379) from Apple's refurbished store, but the SSD died while upgrading to Sierra (so much for SSD reliability) so back it went. I was waiting for a similar unit to become available when the new iMacs were announced. I'm still considering used, but prices for a used i7-equipped unit haven't budged, and the difference between a refurbished 2015 and an equivalent 2017 works out to be $300 or so. Not much, but $300 more than the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM I'd decided to spend. (And exactly the cost of FCPX, which I also need to purchase.) I'll probably head to the Apple store with a CFast reader to see how an i5 copes with 4K footage. I'm less concerned about render times than I am about moment-to-moment responsiveness inside the application.
  13. KrisAK

    iMac Pro

    As someone coming from a PC, that's my question, as well. More specifically: Is the additional 4GB VRAM in the Radeon 580 of any real use for 4K editing? FCPX and plugins that interest me list 1GB as a requirement for 4K, so I'm wondering if 8GB VRAM is overkill. (I noticed that the 580 is the only card rated as "VR Ready." The cynic in me wonders if it's there primarily to allow Apple to advertise the iMac as "VR Capable." As someone with no interest in strapping on an Oculus Rift, would that money be better be spent on memory? Is the hyperthreaded i7 required for relatively straightforward 4K editing (Canon XF-AVC Intra...though that's apt to change)? I've read anecdotal reports that recent i5 iMacs outperformed earlier i7's, so, again, is the i7 overkill?
  14. Yeah, it's a reach. The quasi-religious element of the book (Mercerism?) was absent from first movie; I keep hoping it might pop-up somewhere in this...
  15. Nice writeup. I probably shouldn't take the bait, but 6-10-21 sound biblical: Ephesians 6:10-21 (Armour of God): "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Or not.
  16. There's a thread on DVInfo about those recorders (I'd considered one for myself): http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/sound-devices-pix-series-recorders/ They're apparently designed to get hot, but I'm not sure if thermal shudowns have been reported, or under what circumstances.
  17. DPreview is just a communal front porch leading to Amazon. Anything driving traffic away is probably viewed a threat, though for their own sake (i.e. maintaining the illusion of editorial integrity) you'd think they'd leave it up. Dumb move by DPreview.
  18. KrisAK

    Canon XC15

    Dual-pixel focus would be the only thing (at the moment, anyway) that that would make me consider an upgrade.
  19. Thanks for the thread. I'd been meaning to dig up and watch the following film, the tone of which is fascinating. (It made the rounds as an Internet meme a few years back, which I somehow missed.) Anyway, if you ever forget the title, just Google "cardboard MRI..."
  20. What do they mean by "native" ProRes? A native decoder (that doesn't require Quicktime)? A native encoder (which would be very surprising to see on the Windows side)?
  21. Yes, if this what you mean: (from https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/products/details/camcorders/professional/xc10) "The advanced CMOS sensor uses Over-Sampling HD Processing for 1920x1080 capture, the same high-image-quality signal-processing system used by the high-end Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema camera." New firmware improves HD low-light a bit, as well as AF.
  22. "Hipster" has a pretty specific meaning: the forced-retro aesthetic, the vintage or thrift-store fashion sensibility, most of Etsy.com, the Bettie Page bangs, martinis & Mercury astronauts, graphic designs that ape early 60s magazine ads. In short: inauthentic and store-bought, appropriated wholesale from an earlier era, just like the Bolex name they licensed from Bolex International. (That, I though, was frankly obnoxious.) Of course, this has nothing to do with the camera, but it tells me a bit about how a company perceives itself, and that their priorities might be a little skewed. Certainly enough to make me second guess a $3000 investment. Here's another startup going down that same hipster path: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/294564710/mercury-the-worlds-first-universal-camera As for the box, I get what Ebrahim is saying: only one of these looks like a toy:
  23. Yes, for wildlife. if you've established an area of "routine" wildlife activity, you can plop a camera nearby, hit record, and walk away. Of course, that means sifting through hours of footage, but at 8x speed in an NLE, it's not really that big of a deal. This is also why heat management is essential, as well as good DR..since the light shifts dramatically over the shooting period...as well as high ISO performance.
  24. That would be a very different camera, and for certain uses would actually be less appealing. (And if that's what you need, I think Canon expects you to cough up for a Cxxx-series camcorder.)
  25. What do you mean by "this category"? The XC10 is sold and marketed as a professional camcorder.
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