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  1. PL and CY can mount to EF, I don't think EF can mount to PL due to flange distance... the EF mount camera will be more adaptable/flexable
  2. Enny, there are pl to ef adapters, cost a bit though... plenty of cy to ef adapters about cheap - all Yashi ml lenses cover full frame 35mm
  3. My issue with this lens is that like many stills zooms, it starts pinching at about 24mm - for me a big part of the cinematic look is mild to wild barrel distortion
  4. Just to chime in, I have found the 22 on my eos m1 to be an awesome little lens, and the 18-55 is pretty good too I reckon
  5. Was just looking at these two the other day, the Canon is recommended as having great iq and much better built... the sample images I saw looked good, I'm not a big fan of most modern canon lenses, liked what I saw of this one though. The speed of the Sigma is tempting .. what camera are you using? The Sigma definitely seems to have a mojo on some sensors, a not oversharp but mega detailed look..
  6. I've heard good things about Ikea shower curtains!
  7. Dedo's are my favourite lights ever - 100w isn't much, but for anything - especially involving products - get the dedo's! If you get the redheads too, I reckon 2 dedo's and redheads could do almost anything you need!
  8. I'd also suggest looking at the new eos m5 as a b cam
  9. Get it even cheaper here http://www.dx.com/p/feelworld-e350-3-5-evf-electronic-viewfinder-w-hdmi-input-output-black-414998#.V-3pXMncibg I remember reading a review of this once, they found it quite useable.. Here it is https://***URL removed***/forums/post/51646963
  10. yup - horrible post stabilization effects for me too - really nauseating! Yuk! I think to stabilize effectively in post, you need to shoot at a higher shutter, and or framerate - add blur in post.. tweak the settings.. overshoot the frame for crop room - anything to stop it looking like this!
  11. Interested in this myself, one inexpensive solution I am looking at might be something like this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1265749-REG/ikan_vl35_3_5_4k_support.html with a cheap loupe.. The $8 loupe I got for my eos-m is alot better than any evf I have used so far.. hopefully we will see even cheaper, hi quality 3.5 & 4 inch monitors, the 5 and ups just seem way too big if you want a really compact rig. I would love to see a really nice, small monitor for about us $125... or there is always the Frankenstein option
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