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  1. You are right, it works with Luma Corrector, but I cant get the information back using only Lumetri Color. Isnt that strange!? Looks like a bug anyway?
  2. Hi, yes denoising in post is better, but takes a lot of time to render for quick jobs....so these are findings for that situation. Do you think vlog is more or less noisy at the same iso with optimal denoising? In 10bit mode the info is really lost for me using Cinelike D. I am not so sure. It just has less denoising applied I think (on the GH5, onthe Sony a7s II its a different situation, there you need to overexpose 2 steps since the iso is not what you might expect using slog).
  3. 1. VLOG L I have done some extensive test with GH5 vlog vs Cinelike D and 8bit vs 10 bit. Here are my findings: vlog is way much more noisy than Cinelike D, I think vlog 3200 iso looks like cinelike D 800 iso when both are graded to look the same. However, vlog seems to be much less sensitive to Noise Reduction in camera than other profiles, I have Cinelike D NR at 0 and that is max for me to look good, while with vlog I can use NR +5 and it still looks sharper! With those settings the noise of vlog looks roughly like the noise level for Cinelike D at the same ISO. Conclusion for me: Anything above iso 3200 is unusable no matter what. For Cinelike D use NR=0, for vlog use NR+5. 2. 10bit On 8bit vs 10 bit I have the strangest thing, if I do a test recording comparing 8 and 10 bit Cinelike D files, the 10 bit file has much more contrast and less dynamic range! My settings are GH5, FHD, ISO 400, MP4 LPCM, Cinelike D with Sharpen -3, Saturation -2, Firmware 1.1, lum 0-1023/0-255, iDyn off, iRes off, Highlight Shadow Standard I use Premiere Pro CC (I have no problem playing 10 bit files FHD and 4K however!) Can anyone reproduce this? Shoudl not 8 and 10 bit have the same dynamic range when ungraded? Sure looks like a bug to me! Using vlog I also get more contrast using 10 bit, but there it will not limit the dynamic range so will only do good (less banding and artifacts when grading). However, the maximum dynamic range of the camera will not fill out the 0-1023 range, only roughly half, so the real bit depth is around 512 levels and not 1024, so 9bits when using vlog. Conclusion: Always use 8 bit with Cinelike D and always 10 bit with vlog.
  4. I am shooting in a PAL country at 25fps 1/50s. I notice when I connect the camera via HDMI to a monitor or TV the images stutter really bad. It seems the HDMI output is i60 even when the camera is set to PAL....that could be the reason? Any way around it? Rgds Petter
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