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  1. If only. A Komodo sized body w/ Alexa sensor would be mouth watering. Even if it was $15,000.
  2. It was handheld. I think the IBIS is pretty similar to GH5 from what i remember.
  3. One of the biggest selling points for the S1H video is the OLPF, which S1 doesn't have.
  4. Here's a little video that I put together for those green chair shots.
  5. My surprise was more to do with the fact that it’s NOT heavily graded. I honestly only used VLog to Rec709, curves adjustment, and sharpened her eyes with face tracker. No hue or color temp adjustments at all. To your point about accurate vs stylized color, i completely agree. Neither one is “better”. Just depends on what you’re doing. 9 times out of 10 im using my RED for commercial or beauty - where accurate color matters. I haven’t been as successful matching the bmpcc in those catagories. However i absolutely love using it on narrative or stylized shoots. Just shot a horror short with the bmpcc6k and it was wonderful.
  6. The biggest surprise for me with this camera is the outstanding color reproduction. Skin tones are spot on. This matches up much better with my Red Dragon than the BMPCC4k. Would love to see some kind of 12 bit raw implemented. 5.8K - 4000 ISO - 24p frame grab:
  7. I've tried both. Even on a 3840x2160 timeline it stutters. It's not a big deal to me really as 5.8K is fine. If I ever used 3:2 for anamorphic I'd be a little bummed, although I could just run a color proxy inside Resolve.
  8. Yeah its the newest version of Resolve Studio. I’m going to try it on my macbook tonight.
  9. If i shoot 6K 3:2 my computer can barely play 1 fps, but if I shoot 5.8K 16:9 it plays a smooth 24fps. This is in Resolve BTW.
  10. Trying out the S1H on a shoot next week. How many hours of record are you guys getting on 1 battery?
  11. Thanks. The BMPCC6k was used on all of the cornfield exteriors (except for the sunset farm shot, which was the Dragon X.)
  12. Thanks for your feedback! The theme for me was the anxiety and dread of becoming a new parent. The blank face was sorta being afraid of something that you can't understand. I definitely thought about just starting at 4:00 (and I still might make a cut starting there as a straight horror short).
  13. Hey everyone. Please check out my new short film Phantoms. Shot w/ Atlas Orion Anamorphics, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, and RED Dragon X 5K. For fans of Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann.
  14. I love the look/color/DR of this camera. The one thing that bugs me is the brittle looking codec. It's very noticeable in that BMPCC4K vs SH1 test. I would imagine recording to ProRes is going to save the day.
  15. Alexa Mini LF Full set of Blackwing 7's. I'll keep my Tilta Nucleus M.
  16. I've noticed this weird tint since the beginning and it doesn't seem to pick up blue hues in certain situations. I thought it was defective for a while but it looks like that's just the color science.
  17. I’ve used the 40 and 65. I found myself using the 40mm 80% of the time. It’s the sweet spot for super 35 cameras IMO. Owning one would be worth it if you use it more than a spherical lens. I’ve just stuck to renting since i only use anamorphic probably 1 out of every 5 shoots.
  18. They're very nice. I've used them on a couple of projects now.
  19. I’m hoping for a customizable UI layout in 16.
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