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    Davinci Resolve 16

    I’m hoping for a customizable UI layout in 16.
  2. The BRaw update on the pocket 4k has some really interesting OLPF-like softening of false detail and over sharpening. I personally love it.
  3. Magic Bullet Looks also has a variety of diffusion filter emulations that are really good. I’ve done comparisons against my Tiffen Black Pro Mist and they’re very close. I think the reason most DP choose to use diffusion on the glass is bc they want to lock-in a “look”. They’re most likely handing off the footage to an editor and then a colorist. If you’re handling post yourself it might be worth wild to tweak diffusion looks in the coloring stage.
  4. Brand new. Has never even been attached to a camera. It came with a Dragon X bundle, and I already own this lens. $550 Lower 48 only please. https://imgur.com/a/10o95q0
  5. I used the EOS R for 4 days and loved everything about it except no 4k FF. I think I might have bought it if that feature existed on this camera. Here’s a couple of stills i shot w/ it.
  6. You can easily get away with a 3:1 ratio on narrative if you’re prepared, and rehearse. 90 min x 3 = 270 min (3TB of 4k Raw). A 4tb external drive is $99. Get one extra for backing up.
  7. Best cheap 5”: Bestview S5 Best overall: SmallHD 503
  8. I use RGrain. It’s better than FilmConverts IMO. http://rgrain.com/
  9. Just had a chance to use this camera. Dear GOD why no 4k full frame?? I actually love everything else about it as a hybrid. I wasn’t expecting to like it. Canon always pulls that one little caveat feature that keeps me from buying in.
  10. DJI ballin’ I’ve never seen footage from the Hero 7 before. It looks pretty damn good.
  11. I used the Ronin S for quite a few shots w/ the pocket 4K. I also planned on using it for a car mount but ended up using the Gemini with that.
  12. Here is the trailer: I believe it was the Ultra.
  13. It’s actually a music video for the Plain White T’s. I used the Pocket 4k and RED Gemini. Lenses were Canon FD primes, and Sigma 18-35.
  14. Thanks. It’s an 80s era video so I made a custom look just for this.
  15. I’ll be able to post this video tomorrow but heres a grab from my phone. BMPCC4k w/ Sigma 18-35 + Digital Diffusion FX1.
  16. @wyrlyn check out Feelworld 4.5”. It’s like $130.
  17. The BMPCC4k is an evolution of the original cinema camera, and original pocket - combined into one camera. I think BM is going higher end with a large format version of the UMP.
  18. Here a compressed DNG from the pocket 4K that I shot last night. 3200 ISO w/ the Canon 24-105. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbk8e83mxlqc05x/A008_10171621_C016_000004.dng?dl=0
  19. The official Canon batteries are the way to go. They're the only ones that will show an accurate percentage and last longer than 45 minutes.
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