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  1. I'd be willing to bet that fans of The Damned wouldn't notice a difference in the GH5 and an Alexa. Except maybe that <1% of cinephiles.
  2. Excellent. I love the Blade Runner influence with the holographic lounge singers.
  3. It’s a great feature! Why wouldn’t Panasonic highlight this in the specs?
  4. Alex Mitchell and John Brawley from BMCuser have been confident in this fact, and a Panasonic rep confirmed it via email: "The Gh5 does not have the Optical low pass flter however the GH5s does indeed have an optical low pass filter. that is fact one of the differences between the models. Thank you." Sincerely, Customer Relations Panasonic Canada Inc
  5. I'm seeing a lot of awful images on Instagram shot on film. The people who know what they're doing like Dana Gonzalez and John Chema obviously have stunning results, but I look at accounts that are great with digital cameras and their film prints are cringe worthy.
  6. I posted a GH5 vs UM46K sample last year. I prefer the Ursa color, but GH5 and 5s are great. password: test
  7. My main beef with the camera was the image falling apart outside of the native ISO. I would see a lot of banding, and any post exposure controls had to be micro. Other than that it has a beautiful image. Plus it's probably the most dependable camera under $40,000.
  8. It’s funny you mention the C100 bc I was looking at an old video that i shot in 2015 with it and had a fond moment of wistfulness.
  9. Good info here. I LOVE sound design but I'm pretty limited in my knowledge. What is the best preamp available for field recording? (Other than rackmount PCI-e type devices)
  10. Theres definitely a big difference in the F35 and S8+.
  11. I don't know if I'll upgrade right now. I have no need for Fusion. The only feature that is tempting is the GPU speed improvements.
  12. It's $1295. Gotta keep some features on the Ursa Mini Pro only.
  13. I'm thinking about renting this camera one weekend. It's $280 per weekend around here. EDIT: Nevermind it's the Terra 6K. Is it basically the same with larger resolution?
  14. I wish they would've implemented the tilt/swivel screen, even if it pushed the price up to $1499 with no Resolve license.
  15. Can't underestimate how lovely that 5" touchscreen looks. Although it's a bummer that it doesn't swivel, it totally crushes any other mirrorless or DSLR screen.
  16. My experience in the past with BM products is to not preorder, and wait till they start shipping. You'll be able to find a small retailer on ebay selling them that no-one preordered from and have it before most people.
  17. Is it the same sensor that is in the GH5s? Dual native.
  18. I'd much prefer to add sharpening as needed in Resolve. I always keep Sharpening OFF on the Ursa to keep odd noise patterns from creeping up.
  19. Why not have options under sharpening (OFF, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
  20. I've been begging Panasonic to add a firmware addition to turn off internal sharpening. Seems like it would be so easy.
  21. I guess pro is the wrong term. Choice is a better description. If IBIS is on a camera then you are stuck with it's quirks. It's a super cool piece of technology however, especially for photo.
  22. Well, if we’re playing semantics then any piece of tech could be pro.
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