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  1. About firmware update ILCE6300 V1.10 : updates that are not described in the release note and probably Sony does not like to speak about: What I describe here affects the camera when used together with a: Auto-Focus Mount Adapter EF-NEX for Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX Mount and/or b: speedbooster (in green mode). 1.Camera set at : Movie mode and setting: movie/hfr>aperture priority Supposing you have a lens with f=2,8 on the adapter. a. Firmware v1.00 (previous): While you turn the dial knob to set the aperture (e.g. at desired f=11) you read the desired value on the screen but in fact the aperture will stay at 2,8. It will be really set at the moment you press the REC button (and you will hear the slight noise of the aperture blades). So there is no way to have depth of field preview. b. Firmware v1.10 (new): While you turn the dial knob to set the aperture (e.g. at desired f=11) the aperture blades are set real time. So before you press the REC button, you have depth of field preview. So with the new firmware there is a different way in handling the aperture during movie mode: The real aperture value is now set before you press the REC button. 2. On my previous comment on March 2016 at the link: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/19110-sony-a6300-4k/?do=findComment&comment=137969 I describe a firmware V1.00 bug that: PAL switched to NTSC a6300 camera would not set the correct aperture on 24p movie modes. This bug was fixed with the new firmware. Hope my notes will help some people.
  2. This would mean that the first issue is because of the adapter. So with Sony lenses aperture changes automatically during movie capturing and auto exposure mode. Please inform me if you have a notification saying 'Running on NTSC" that appears each and every time the camera is starting up.
  3. Hi Andrew, it is just the third day that I own an a6300 and I have a couple of questions: Please mind that a. I have the PAL version of a6300 and yes there should be two versions (PAL and NTSC), because when I turn the camera to NTSC mode, every time it boots, an annoying notification appears: 'You are running on NTSC". A similar notification will not appear during boot, if the camera runs on PAL mode. b. I do not have any Sony lens and I use the a6300 with canon lenses via an automatic adaptor (that I had been using with a nex camera): this adaptor works well, aperture, autofocus, EXIF data, with the a6300. So now to the questions: 1. I noticed that in movie auto exposure mode the camera will not change (correct) automatically the aperture value during movie shooting.The iso will change if being set to auto and shutter speed will also change. But the aperture will stay the same, from the moment you will press the REC button. (This would not happen in a canon camera in auto exposure movie mode and that is why i ask: in canon the aperture would change during movie shooting if set to auto) However I can change the aperture during capture, via the aperture selector of the a6300, if I start the movie capturing in A "aperture priority" mode, . My question is: Is this normal? 2. Here I think I have discovered a firmware bug: Camera will not set the correct aperture on 24p movie modes ( However the aperture will be set correctly in all other movie modes: 30p, 60i, 60p, etc.): Supposing the camera is set to 24p AVCHD or 24p XACV S (4K or HD) mode and we want to start movie capturing. We are at M manual mode (or A aperture priority). We turn the selector to set the aperture to e.g. f=11. Normally the aperture should close to 11 (via the motor of the lens) when we press the REC button and start capturing movie. But this will not happen at all: We press the REC button, movie starts capturing, but the aperture will not work: it will not close to 11. We also get an incorrect reading of the aperture on the screen. (If we are on A (aperture priority) mode, we can set the aperture while capturing movie, with the aperture selector of the camera: the aperture will move via the selector and close but we will get an incorrect reading of the aperture on the screen: eg will show 22 but in fact the real value is 4.5.) At first i thought it has to do with my "after market" adapter: But this bug happens only in 24p movie modes. the aperture will work correctly in all the other movie modes and with the same adapter. So i think there must be a firmware bug happening in PAL version of the a6300 that is switched to NTSC. If someone has a PAL a6300 I would like to know also, if this happens with a Sony lens in the same situation. Best regards.
  4. Hi everybody, my first comment on this forum, very nice to meet you. I like Andrew's review for EOS M3, and I find it to the point and I find very useful the videos "Japanese Garden" and the "Studio Test Scene". Well I am from the first who bought EOS M3 body from Amazon Japan at under $500 with free EVF included. I already have a Nikon D800 and when I compared it with EOS M3 in movie mode side by side, I was impressed to see that the EOS M3 video is much more clear and full of details than this of D800. After I liked the freedom that M3 gives me: small size, tilting screen, standard external microphone port, focus peaking that make manual focus quick, and a variety of lenses to choose from Canon, or Nikon, or legacy Pentax, Tamron etc. You cannot find all these at this price. Not even an external microphone port unless you go more over $1.000. I also want to inform other M3 users that if you search the settings in "Picture Style" you will get a movie output much more rich in details: not only remove sharpness but remove contrast as well. But I was really surprised to see that magnification assist for MF doesn’t work in movie mode, while it offers focus peaking, which is related and has to work together with MF assist. I hope that they fix this, it is crazy: every time i want to fine focus or to check the accuracy of the focus peaking, I have to: rotate the selector from movie to photo mode> fine focus>rotate again the selector to movie mode. In general am happy with this camera and for this I made a short "Low Light High ISO Movie Test" which i can share with you: Chipped and unchipped lenses were used for shooting the samples of this movie, which are: 1. Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 non-Ai (adapter used). 2. Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 60-300mm f/3.8-5.4 (23A). 3. Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X 124AF Pro DX II for Nikon (adapter used). 4. Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II LD IF for Canon. And here is a picture of EOS M3 with the lens: Tamron Adaptall-2 SP 60-300mm f/3.8-5.4 (23A). With this long lens, the first clips of the movie test were shot: Best Regards!
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