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    It looks like it works pretty well, when you stay within the realm of reasonable. I'll never understand the jumping completely in and out of frame tests, Honestly who shoots that way.
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    Aronofsky's Mother! 16mm Genius

    As I watched Aronofsky's Mother!, I noted how soft and noisy it was, figured 16mm film (it was: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5109784/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec). Lots of handheld, close follow shots, POV pan-reveals, and overall genius-level unnerving camera motion and editing. This is probably his best film to date: A+, 5/5 etc. Camera, color, editing, acting, story, lighting, music, sound, VFX, all top level work. He digs deep into the human psyche / ego / control / fear and doesn't let up 'once it starts' (you'll know what I mean when you see the film). For those who haven't studied psychology, it might seem incomprehensible. However while it works as an amazing horror movie even if it doesn't make sense, it's genius on so many other levels! Worth repeat watching to learn more, it's that good. Recommend not reading any reviews beforehand, and hopefully no spoilers are leaked in this thread. [edit: removed the trailer link, best to see it without any fore knowledge!]
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    Oliver Daniel

    Panasonic GH5 - Quick Mini Review

    Hello. I'll maker this short but informative. Firstly, I sold my FS5 Raw setup - took a big risk, got a GH5 to replace it. The reason was mostly down to portability. Recently shot an entire paid music video with the GH5 and some stuff on the A6500. I'd never used the GH5 before - it practically just came out the box. Shot in Vlog L. Had an awesome experience. Main Pros IBIS. Much better than the A6500. Invaluable. Speedbooster XL gives a very different look to typical M43. Sigma ART's + XL = win! 1080p 10bit modes are fantastic. Made the A6500 in 1080p look fuzzy and blurry. Body design is one of the best I've experienced. Battery grip definitely gives a steadier feel to handling and definitely gives a higher impression to the client. Big impact. VlogL is fairly easy to get into (coming from Slog). Colours are accurate and lovely when graded. Custom white balance is very quick and easy. Menu system is pretty nice, especially the My Menu bit. Way better than the A6500. Small and powerful enough to put straight onto the Zhiyun Crane and Edelkrone Motion Kit. Battery life is decent (but nowhere near as good as the GH3 - which was ridiculous). EVF nice and large. Again much better than the A6500. Full Size HDMI. Yep. Main Cons (I'm being picky here) CineD skintones - finding it hard to get it where I want. Looks very odd off the bat. I need to work more on this as V-log isn't always the best profile to use. Photo Style options are very lean (compared to Sony). Not a massive deal, but would be nice to have more options. Autofocus is essential for my gimbal stuff. A6500 is excellent here. GH5 before V2 firmware is not. Hopefully this is reliable now. Dynamic range is a bit less and steeper in the rolloff than what I'm used to. Again, need to mess round with things to get it smoother in the grade. I think the record button is in the wrong place. I just use the shutter button anyway. Overall An absolutely outstanding piece of kit. I've only used the camera for one shoot, but using this camera has already made a big impression and is already serving my creative choices to a greater level than the FS5 did. I've not updated the firmware yet, but what Panasonic have give us is an incredibly valuable tool with almost very single feature you could ever ask for, or actually need. With a great emphasis on online video distribution, and video being consumed on smart devices - if that's how you're playing it, I would say you would never need another camera for a very long time. If the Autofocus is reliable in V2, it would relegate my A6500 to just a carry around camera. Got to say, I'm incredibly pleased and looking forward to shooting more. (see below for quick VlogL grade).
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    @Don Kotlos: Abstraction is an understatement for this film! Pi and The Fountain were a little abstract, Mother! takes abstraction to a whole new level. I think that's why the reviews are polarizing. If one views this movie literally or at face value, it's a bizarrely terrifying horror thriller and ultimately makes little sense. When viewed as an abstraction, paying attention to the symbology, it works as quite an amazing experience. I was laughing during many parts of the film because I saw what he was doing, and it was amazing. Looking around others were horrified or puzzled. My fellow philosopher / psychology enthusiast friend, she was also giggling and got what he was doing. On one level some scenes appear to be absolutely surreal and absurd. However he's doing an expose on materialism, narcissism, selfishness, control freaks, introverts, extroverts, police-military power / powerlessness, insanely dysfunctional families, cults, mob mentality, and religion (mother nature & God, Adam & Eve / Garden of Eden, Cain & Abel, great flood etc.). And perhaps most importantly, it's all illusion, especially romantic love and how psychopaths, who have no natural ability to love or have empathy, take advantage of deep empaths, who have deep ability to love and get taken advantage of by psycho/socio-paths. And ultimately he's making fun of Hollywood! After watching the Fountain and Mother!, it appears Aronofsky has deeply studied psychology, religion, common (illusory) social constructs, and especially concepts of attachment and suffering from Zen/Buddhism. Truly a brilliant work with so many concepts compressed into a 2 hour film.
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    Don Kotlos

    Aronofsky's Mother! 16mm Genius

    He said the following at the Toronto Film Festival: "But with 16 you have an immediate patina, an immediate abstraction, an immediate thing that makes it a piece of work" And I wonder, could it be that this "immediate patina & abstraction" almost dictates a frame of mind and actually helps in the creative process? At least thats how I felt back in the day when shooting with T-MAX 400, and I guess a similar feeling could exist when shooting jpegs with the various film styles of Fuji or Olympus. Shooting RAW has its advantages but I see myself enjoying the process less and less. Every movie from Aronofsky (other than Noah), left a lasting impression so I can't wait to get my eyes on mother.
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    Panasonic GH5 - Quick Mini Review

    Only one to say: now having gh5 i dont want to buy RED camera))
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    Slot 2 is working fine though. Here's a shot using 4K ALL-I Vlog, 1600 ISO.
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    One Camera - For Life?

    Video is my profession, but photography is my hobby, so I would choose a true hybrid. Samsung NX1 ticks the most boxes for me. H265 video, 4K/30p, 1080p/120frames, DIS, a nice collection of native lenses (10mm fish eye, 30mm pancake, 45mm, 16-50S the ones I most use). 28mpxls BSI APS-C sensor, 15frames, great ergonomics (if not best in class), a modern AF system (even for video, but it starts to getting old now, still relevant though), great battery life, great touch screen, UI. That's why I have two!
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    One Camera - For Life?

    I think"refocus" is a exactly one area where we will see dramatic improvements. Both in terms of better AF as well as in terms of changing focus points in post. Something we first saw on Lytro's camera back in 2016. We have a long way to go before we reach the limits of what is possible. And I haven't even touched on VR or AR.
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    How's the site performance?

    I'm in Australia. Everything is slow. You're server could be a zx81 and we wouldn't know 😆 (so you're site is fine, never noticed any probs)
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    Looking for a 10mm c mount that does not vignete.
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    Aussie Ash

    One Camera - For Life?

    An Amira mini that weighs only around 1 kg would keep me going until the "Grim Reaper". The new EVA1 is only 1.2kg .
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    Andrew Reid

    How's the site performance?

    I've made sure the fav-icon is back and tested to see if it works. It does! So if you update your forum bookmark it should show. Make sure the URL is https://www.eoshd.com/comments/forum/4-eoshd/
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    I think the way NZ manages to luckily make this "work" (our government spending as a % of the economy is worse than the USA, creeping close to Greek levels) is: 1) we're a pretty lucky country! Remotely located away from the troubles of the rest of the world (no wars to worry about, or illegal immigrants flooding over our boarders). We're not known for being "the country of milk and honey" for nothing! We have a great climate and country for agriculture. 2) we had massive reforms in the 1980's / early 1990's which helped turn us around (we used to be known as "Fortress New Zealand", as we had such stringent controls. Possibly the worst of any country outside the Soviet Block!) 3) we live "Outside the Asylum" (for now! Though is getting worse): https://offsettingbehaviour.blogspot.com/search/label/fun https://offsettingbehaviour.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-outside-of-asylum.html
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    To me it was. I´ve been a Panny fan for years. And GH4 filmmaking is an indicator what even greater can be done with an EVA. It is always great to see GH4 footage in comparison with footage from a camera like EVA. The latter one clearly being the superiour camera. The former one with the better filmmakers at hand still, such as producers like Zak. The remark about Red- I hundred percent agree with you though on that one.
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    Did reading that reply confuse you and leave you unable to follow the rest of the thread? 😜
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    Looking great. Exellent trailer! When will it be out? Is your film "Down and Dangerous" available for VOD? Edit: Just checked, it´s on Itunes.
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    The Wrong Camera

    An inspiring story.
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    Best super 35mm camera?

    Nah, but I think that arguably the difference between the two is not that great. Especially if you want to save on the data storage and the extra cost for a recorder. Heck, with my BMPCC I almost never recorder raw, and ProRes444 doesn't even exist as an option, so ProResHQ is my usual choice (or even ProResLT! :-P If it is just to be uploaded immediately to my vlog). So in a way, I'm approaching my BMPCC and F3 in the same way here.
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Hi Good news, thanks for reporting back, and I've seen successes and failures reported on non V90 cards even if the speed rating suggests it would be okay, so it might be a luck of the draw a little bit. (My Sandisk V30 cards work fine with FHD at 200Mbits/sec but failed after 20 or 30 seconds at 400Mbits/sec for 4K but that was expected). I'd be inclined not to trust anything important to a non V90 card, but otherwise if it works it works. In terms of backup to two cards, Panasonic have stated in their manual insert update for firmware 2.0 that at least one card must be a V60 or better for the back up function to two cards. Good on Panasonic for not blocking non rated V60 or 90 cards which I thought they might have done, so the camera at least can have a best effort attempt at any card. Regards Phil
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    So... you're upset that Panasonic's flagship is better than their lower end cameras?
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    I'm not really following this....are you suggesting that regardless of which camera you buy from Panasonic, or what you pay for it, all their cameras should be capable of the same features and IQ?
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    He charges $700 for his online guides. That is enough to make anyone into a jealous communist! I charge $20 for mine! Maybe I should start LeicaScientology.com
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    GH5 Cages

    I want the GH5 just for the LockCircle cage alone! Like the way they spell 'focal plain'. 😂
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    Nikon PR nightmares

    Maybe in about 200 years or so KSA will stop flogging women for leaving the house without a male guardian or jailing bloggers or start letting women make their own decisions without a males approval or stop the mandatory covering of the head and body when women leave the house. Maybe.
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