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    Stills from some past F3 projects, all with Leica R's and the 5" Video Assist. Such a remarkable camera: lovely to use, easy to grade, solid in low light, lots of dynamic range...for the money I paid, it's earned its keep 50 times over.
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    A few more for the road. Damn does the F3 grade well.
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    Maybe Canon will come out with an ice pack option:
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    I think your argument is based around the idea that lenses are an investment, but they're not, they're a consumable. I understand why you might think that, because it's a myth that seems to be on endless repeat in photography circles. To understand why I don't believe that lenses are an investment, have a look at the Camera-Wiki Lens Mounts page, or the Wikipedia Flange focal distance page, and see how many of the mounts are still in-use on a current model camera. There are things like PL, and EF (although its days are numbered), but the vast vast majority of them are essentially dead. Even if you take very good care of them (the best way by never using them!) they will still age and the rubber and lubricants will dry out, with plastics becoming brittle, and coatings changing over time (yellowing, for example). A second hand market does exist for some of the exotic lenses of yester-year, but unless you're talking about the pinnacle of the range, then they're worth very little. MFT is a dead mount in the same way that EF is a dead mount - it is supported by current flagship cameras with specs that remain desirable, but is likely to decline in the future. I would hesitate to call PL mount a dead mount, but anything else probably has the writing on the wall, it's just a matter of time. I invested in MFT glass considering it a purchase that I would use for a period of time, get value out of, and then at some point it would be worth nothing to me and likely to other people as well. Just like the shiny new camera bodies that everyone loves to salivate over. I have some of the most desirable MFT lenses around, but the total cost was still in the same league as buying a single camera body. In terms of the GH5 having been left behind, do a count of how many current model cameras can match the 4K60, or the 400Mbps All-I 4K 10-bit internal, or the 5K 10-bit open gate h.265. Odds are whatever it is you're using can't do that. There are some cameras that can, but odds are that I can't get them into a museum or historical monument without security asking me if I'm a professional, which wouldn't matter because my arm would probably fall off having to carry it around all day. All technology goes down in value over time. Relying on the resale value of any piece of equipment to justify its ROI is a recipe for losing your money. I don't understand why people think of equipment in terms of resale value - it's purpose is to be used, not traded.
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    Metabones recently announced the long-awaited Canon EF mount Speed Booster Ultra for Fuji X, which will be one of the must-have accessories for X-T4 owners. This will have support for phase-detect AF and incorporates Caldwell Optics advanced 5-element ultra-high index tantalum optics. The Caldwell Optics focal reducer remains the best you can get. In this New blog post: https://www.eoshd.com/news/the-big-eoshd-interview-metabones-lens-adapters/
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    My thoughts: I don’t really get how people are upset that 8k raw overheats...why are you looking at a small mirrorless camera if you need long captures of 8k raw to begin with? Buy a real cinema camera. I think everyone is forgetting what this camera is and what was asked of Canon. Everybody is getting mad at canon for giving us what the majority of people asked. People wanted a canon mirrorless camera that was full frame with amazing IBIS, dual pixel autofocus, high megapixel count for photos , and could shoot 4K 4:2:2 10 bit uncropped, with a swivel screen. So, they did that. They did exactly that and more. So then they thought, well we could give them a full raw 8k readout of the sensor and have them record as long as they can before it overheats, better than holding it back. Also, we can throw them 4K 120 as well and also have them go as long as they can before we max out. I mean, might as well give them everything the camera can do, instead of just not unlocking it and having the magic lantern folks do it for us, right? So they threw in some crazy bonuses nobody was asking for and here we are, people bitching. The camera everyone wanted is here. The full frame autofocus beast with great IBIS, 10 bit, no crop, and great at photos true hybrid by canon is here and we are upset. Are we complaining that they have the overheating numbers written down? Because there is no way It’s a shock that 4K 60p 4:2:2 10 bit with dual pixel autofocus will overheat near the 40 minute mark...or are we surprised that 8k raw in a mirrorless full frame with IBIS engaged, dual pixel autofocus, and no crop in a small mirrorless overheats? I mean, what are we mad about here? This is the camera that everyone wanted. There are several frame rates and resolutions that Canon threw in that will be very useful within the limits of this specific camera and yes they have limits, but at least they are unlocked and not behind a magic lantern hack like the old 5D. As someone that shoots an equal mix of photography and video, this is a dream camera. I get a high megapixel camera and high quality video, with all of canons special sauce including their great autofocus and colors. I see no mention of limits for standard 4K 24p and 35 minutes of continuous 4K 60 is more than what I need. If it’s not for you, than that’s fine - keep waiting. There is so much negativity in the world right now, that I’m honestly not surprised that Canon finally doing something good gets shit on. I expect nothing less at this point.
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    This thread is insane. All this over a chart without any actual tests. I remember buying the a6300, a7s2 and a7r2 despite the internet overload about overheating, single card slots that no professional would ever use, 8-bit 4:2:0 video with blotchy zombie skin tones, crop on everything that's not 24p, only 4k30p and so on. I live in Florida and never had any issues despite using it on a gimbal all the time in the sun and shooting longer takes, it doesn't take much to swap batteries or turn the camera off when not in use, or not leav it sitting out in the sun all day. I took them to Africa on safari shooting thousands of frames and hours of video, also took them to Dubai, Egypt and Israel in August when it was upwards of 125f. Now we have a camera that shoots 8k raw, 4k120fps with amazing AF, class leading IBIS and can even shoot 45mp stills with bursts of 130 raw images or infinite jpegs if that's your thing, and its trash because you can't shoot an entire wedding in one take? Wow. Can't wait for the shitstorm with Sony's cripple hammer on the a7s3 and the pendulum to swing back to the R5/6 and how "I can work around the issues, its worth it for raw and 120p." This reads like a Sony Alpha rumors post. LOL!
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    While 20 mins overheating times in certain modes are a bummer and could be a problem for some people, I for one, am glad they took the “lets put the feature in” versus saying “heat limitations wouldn’t have allowed it” and released something less exciting or groundbreaking. They would haven been lambasted for it either way. It’s a lose-lose for them and they made the better decision here in my humble opinion. Wether the headline is “R5 falls short: only offers 4K60p cropped” or “R5 has potential to overheat when recording 8K RAW(!) 4K120p(!), or oversampled 4K from 8K HQ mode(!). The later headline is forgivable!
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    Andrew Reid

    Sigma family business philosophy

    Kazuto Yamaki is admirable. He recently agreed to be interviewed on EOSHD, and I hope to bring you that soon. I think we should think more about the corporate vs private business philosophy of camera companies. Sony just released the 14-24mm F2.8 GM for $3000. At a time when a lot of pros have less work due to the pandemic and downturn in the economy, I think this pricing is sheer greed. Meanwhile Sigma have their own 14-24mm F2.8 of similar or even better quality - $1200. And their affordable 16mm, 30mm, 56mm primes for APS-C - all F1.4 and exceptional performance. Sony and Canon will likely want $4000+ for their latest cameras. A reminder that all large publicly listed companies exist purely for the benefit of making as much money as possible for shareholders, and it's also about moving manufacturing to where labour is cheapest - with all the environmental and social impact that brings to the planet too. Sigma are different and we should support that.
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    This is a very strange one to me. I've seen online tests as well as examples from shoots I've been on of the Pocket 6k having really great dynamic range. Yet Blackmagic claims it has less dynamic range than the Ursa Mini and the same dynamic range as the Pocket 4k. Cinema 5d measured it at 11.9 stops while measuring the Ursa at 12.6. I tested the Pocket 6k against the URSA, both at 800 iso and the Pocket had more highlight and shadow information, by a good amount. If the Ursa has 12.6 stops of dynamic range the Pocket 6k has got to have over 13 maybe 13.5. I'll probably post the tests if anyone is interested.
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    Alt Shoo

    JVC GYLS300 In 2019

    I’m very grateful to be connected with JVC! They posted an interview they did with me on their IG profile talking about my film Marcy Made and how it was filmed with the JVC-GYLS300!
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    The REAL story is that the r6 is the camera to get. That alone beats the s1h for the PRICE. 10 bit interal, 60p, Log, ibis and DPAF. End of story. This overheating issue is a distraction as the people who are spending that much money on an R5 will know what they are getting into. If you are shooting 8k raw or 4k 120p for interviews, god help you. The r5 was never going to be the camera for you. But if you are just shooting clips and stock footage travelling it will be fine. You can wait for the Sony but it will not beat the r6 on PRICE, nor will it touch the r6 in the IBIS department - which judging by the footage is immense and Olympus level. But I get that it is very easy to poo poo canon. Neumann is right, they should be celebrated for what we have been given.
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    Everyone is lining up to buy the camera purely based on specs. There are so many intangibles yet to be learned: Rolling Shutter Dynamic Range Highlight Roll-off Detail in the shadows (Are the blacks crushed?) Flavor of CLOG How strong is the low pass filter (Maybe great for skin, but maybe not so good for when you need detail.)? ISO limitations before noise becomes a factor (Especially important when shooting at high frame rates like 120p) Record length limitations I really hope this camera is as good as it looks on paper. I want one if the quality of the footage is there! But what happened to the Canon cripple hammer? Is it gone or does it still exist.
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Your arguments all appear to be circular, or simply saying that things that are MFT or are old are somehow inferior by default. I guess the Alexa is screwed then, it's really old, the image is soft as hell and it's not FF either! The S1H might well make a nicer image than the GH5, I didn't say that no camera produced a nicer image. In fact the S1H sure better make a nicer image - is it twice or three times the current cost of a GH5? I haven't kept tabs. It's also large and heavy in comparison. You can't say that the GH5 is irrelevant because there's a camera with a nicer image that costs way more and is larger and heavier. If so, the S1H is irrelevant because the Sony Venice exists. You may not like it, but the 10-bit is still 10-bit. I know because I shoot in available light high DR situations and grade heavily, and even after attempts to break the image, it has held up. Someone even made a comment on these forums in the last month or so lamenting the lack of 4k60 in the current lineup of camera bodies. You can't really argue that its 60p isn't 60p. Of course there are cameras that make a nicer image. It sounds like you're living in the internet / vlog / YT / camera reviewer / forums / photographer-as-videographer bubble and don't really know what is happening in the industry. The reality of working DOPs is that most of them aren't online talking about their equipment, they're out in the world shooting and their images are only available on Netflix / Amazon / Hulu / etc, or non-camera YT channels. You have absolutely no idea what most of the content you watch in a given day is shot on. If a camera produces a good enough image then when it's on TV you'll have no idea you're watching that camera. The GH5 is out there being used by working pros and it's completely invisible to us. The entire industry is in upheaval with far less money to go around in some areas, in such times people who are interested in feeding their families will put off upgrades and just keep working. I'm not saying that the GH5 is the best camera in the world, but you're acting like it's no longer being used by anyone making content, which simply isn't true.
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    Self financed $700k sci-fi movie

    I recently watched this film, and thought it was fantastic. Story really is everything. It's the writer/director's debut, he saved up $700k from doing commercial work to self-fund it. Filmed in just 4 weeks with only 5 characters. The cinematography is excellent and I've never seen some of the techniques before. I'm usually a 'show don't tell' kind of guy, but with this, I was so happy it's more like a story in realtime. The characters are interesting and engaging and it takes you far beyond the 1950s small town backdrop. Interview with DOP: https://variety.com/2020/artisans/news/vast-of-night-amazon-prime-tracking-shot-1234620232/
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    https://www.eoshd.com/news/canon-officially-schedules-9th-july-live-event-to-reveal-eos-r5-and-eos-r6/ https://www.canon.co.uk/pro/events/reimagine-live-event/ Save the date! Shills will be out in force!
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    Has the employee responsible for their most recent release been fired yet?
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    My camera isn't built up at the moment. But the principle is get the camera as far back on your shoulder as possible, most builds I see are far too front heavy. And I use arri rosettes as much as possible, as they firmly lock into place. Edit: Just found this picture of me from four years ago shooting a short film with the F3, this isn't how I'd rig it up today, but gives you at least a rough rough idea:
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    Andrew Reid

    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    Logged on and what do I see Yes another topic waylaid by Super8 causing arguments If you keep it up, I will have to do what's best for the forum as an informative tool for filmmakers. And you know what that means.
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    ade towell

    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    You really are a clown, or are you trolling... hard to tell with the amount of crap you constantly come out with
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    1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6

    Canon should counter-troll Sony and push the announcement date after Sony, who moved theirs to after Canon. Imagine an infinite cycle.
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    Thanks, and yes I love the files as well.
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    Working on a long documentary in Resolve and previously did a 25 minute doc in Resolve. Really all about organizing the footage and tagging as you shoot in the media page. I've gone all in on resolve at this point for projects. Just got the editor keyboard and it is awesome.
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    lol no offense taken. I understand. I’ve texted this myself and statistically I get higher click through rate when my face is on the thumbnail as well as when there is a more intense expression. It doesnt translate well here because the image is so large... but on a youtube home feed it can help make your video stand out. Correct it works. I’m sorry you hate it. YouTube is filled with a bunch of adhd tweens who just click on the first shiny thing they see. Ya it really is. It gives you a lot of extra flexibility for a marginal difference in price.
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    just my 2 cent… …the year is not really the best for many filmmakers nor photographers and I remember that 12 years ago, after the financial crisis, a small change (film - digital) was forced relatively quickly. A technical purchase, no matter which one has to be worthwhile for a filmmaker. These Investments should pay off itself. I find the specs of the camera interesting, but I don't see that any of my clients would be willing to take the risk neither myself of using a camera with such „overheating is 1 tiger example“ issues. Especially now that we are shooting again after the Corona shutdown, my clients want like experimenting much less than they did 1-2 years ago. Even when I suggest the Sony venice for projects, I often hear - let's take a Alexa, because we know what we have. I don't think it will behave any differently in the "prosumer" segment. Not a good time to test real-world 8K overheating files with unexpectable difficult workflows.
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    The R5 will only overheat in 8K, 4K60p & 4K HQ. It shouldn't have any problems in regular 4K24p/30p. Calling it unusable is a little extreme. What other hybrid camera can even approach these specs? 8K/4K120p FF no crop, DPAF2, RAW, 10-bit 4:2:2 internal. Besides we've had 30mn recording limits for years due to EU laws. Hardly an issue for me personally.. That said, if Sony can do better, bring it on!
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    Sounds like this camera would turn them into an omelette if they did.
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    A peerless medium format lens for the size. The images are lucid and autofocus superb on the GFX 100. New blog post https://www.eoshd.com/news/fuji-gf-50mm-f3-5-review-on-the-fujifilm-gfx-100/
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    Geoff CB

    Nikon 2.8G Series Zooms

    Nikon 16-35 F4, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8G (First Version) These lenses offer a great range and color with a matched look. For used prices they are a great way to cover a huge zoom range with full frame coverage. Do NOT go for the 17-35 2.8, overpriced with ugly distortion and bokeh. Nikon 24-70 2.8G on Sony F3
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    1) Are they going to make a new DVX200 based on the GH5 internals ? 2) Are they going to make an L mount EVA1 ? 3) Have they had a refund from the market research company for that new vlogging camera ?
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    My review of the film: https://www.eoshd.com/news/review-of-the-sigma-fp-4k-raw-film-sin-sin/
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    Noooooooooooooo..... I don't want him talking about it, that will push the price up on them!! :-o   Want to pick up a 2nd F3 myself one day
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    Enjoying the Panasonic S1 again

    Quick Screen grabs from Lens testing Today. Superb Kipon Mamiya 645 Speedbooster with the Mamiya 55mm F2,8. All handheld wide open. LUIX S1/Iso 1000, 4K 10 bit. VLOG
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    Olympus sells Imaging Business

    I'm following along quite nicely, thank you for your screaming condescension, it is really helping this conversation along! (Although it's not doing much to make me think that you're a serious working professional who can be trusted to make balanced judgments about an entire industry, but you know, you do you.) I agree that when no-one makes MFT cameras any more then the format will be dead. The issue here is that people still are making MFT cameras. The P4K is an MFT camera that pushed what was possible at a given price point when it was released. The Z CAM E2-M4 was only announced a few months ago (?) and is a MFT cine camera. The GH5 is still a current model and although it is overdue for a refresh, it's not that much overdue, and there hasn't been any confirmation from Panasonic (that I know of anyway) that their FF line replaces the GH line. Ok, so assuming you're telling the truth, your experience might be in the part of the industry that is too high-end. Anyone who has worked on a Marvel production or on the Netflix approved sets that you reference probably hasn't worked in a low budget indy or web production since before the GH5 was released (or the GH4 for that matter!). Everyone has blind spots in their experience. One of my blind spots is the entire non-english-speaking world for example. I'm a knowledgable guy, but not about much of what's going on in Turkmenistan. Blind spots are inevitable, I fear that you're confusing your (probably large amount of) knowledge with the idea that you have a good overview of the entire camera-buying market. Thanks - I was beginning to think I knew everything and was becoming omnipotent, but your timely reminder has staved off a bout of madness. I am familiar with the RED forums, I'm registered there. I'm also familiar with CML, and have registered there too. I haven't sought out EVA owners, but there's a few on here. I have sought out GH5 users though, and I didn't find any significant concentrations of them, except here. Which might be why so many people are disagreeing with you and down voting your posts. But back to you telling me I don't know anything.... They're both done with cameras right? It's great that we've finally gotten to the point in the conversation where you ask about my background. I'm a guy who makes home videos. I shoot, edit, colour grade, and then publish my own work. You might then conclude that I wouldn't have the faintest idea about anything, but this would be untrue, because you see, I have been teaching myself to do everything, including colour grade, which leads me to why I might think I know something about this. You see, I hang out on the colour grading forums with professional colourists. So while you might be off making things and only being exposed to one tier of the industry, colourists (who aren't in the upper echelons of feature films) are seeing a wide spectrum of professional work done. and when I got my GH5 and started speaking to them about how to colour grade it, I learned they regularly see footage from cameras like the GH5 on the low-budget productions that can only just afford a colourist. You reference American Pickers, but that's precisely the kind of production that might use a GH5. That and documentaries where owning the camera would be an advantage instead of having to rent an Alexa or C300 on and off over months, maybe with short notice if events unfold and they need to get to location ASAP. I guess this is where we start to question what your definition of a professional DP is, and if it includes professional indy film-makers or you tubers or vloggers, but it actually doesn't matter. We're not talking about if the GH5 is currently a major force in blockbuster Hollywood productions. We're not even talking about if MFT has ever put an image on Netflix. We're talking about if MFT is dead, and to talk about that we only have to talk about who is buying it. This means that we're talking about customers. Which means that it does include all the professional indy film-makers and you tubers and vloggers and even little old me shooting little Suzy blowing out the candles on her 3rd birthday cake. MFT was never sold as a high-end cine system. Even when it came out it was for the size of production that couldn't afford to rent equipment or didn't suit the type of shooting schedule involved. This is where you've gotten me wrong. I do see the signs. MFT is a terrible investment. So is EF. If someone was asking on here if they should buy into the MFT system I would tell them to carefully evaluate their options. My take on the industry is that: Photography always had a FF superiority complex and smaller sensors are basically being eaten by smartphones, and now a Medium Format fetish is starting to emerge Cinematography had standardised on S35 but has recently started shifting to larger sensors The industry is in decline due to smartphones and less players means there will be attrition (which this thread is about) and considering the above going S35 or FF might be the 'safer' option MFT might be a good recommendation if the person asking had a specific requirement, such as a size/weight limitation, a cost limitation, or some combination of things (the way I do) I would also suggest that cameras and lenses are an investment, but you pay for them in $$$ and you get a return in images, not resale value. This seems to me like a relatively balanced and nuanced view. Indicative of pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and context playing an important part in any decision. On the other hand, there's you saying things like "MFT is dead because companies will stop making the bodies and sensors." Not particularly nuanced.
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    So to follow up on that whooping 35 minute short film from Sigma, I just found that they'd released a Behind-the-Scenes video highlighting the crew's experience using the FP for the project and what their thoughts on it were! Gotta say, if Sigma continue to listen to the feedback they're getting on this camera and keep that in mind moving forward, I cannot wait to see what Sigma's followup camera to the FP will be like. They've got a monster of a camera on their hands, just iron out some quirks here and there and the next model will be insane.
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    I actually helped develop this mic over a year ago when I had a meeting with Andrew from Deity. I was sharing how I really hated how muffled audio sounded when talking behind camera for vlogs. I wanted a solution and they delivered. Not only does the mic have two mics on it... but you get an input that allows for a lav or other audio source to feed into your camera or recorder. The Rode Wireless GO is perfect for it and can clip right onto the Rycote mount. Just wanted to share these vids with you guys. Jeven and I are the only people who have posted hands on reviews so far... IDK if we are the only ones who got them or what... but this $89 mic is well worth the $$ in my opinion.
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    Some Galileo action going on

    Cinelux front glass/ Moller 32 rear glass 1.6X with Lomo block 75mm on FF sensor.
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    Geoff CB

    Lenses - Sticky Topic

    Couple more with the Nikon 24-70 2.8G and Sony F3 Combo
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    Don't want to sound like a dick but what's with the picture covers on youtube? Everybody does the same thing. Funny face and the product smashed in front of it. Is there an agreement on this or just an established trend?
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