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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Aren't we simultaneously having two conversations? The P4K is way too sharp!!! 4K and modern cameras aren't cinematic, the Alexa / older BM cameras are all lower res and have magic. The P4K is way too soft!!!! BRAW is clearly inferior because it smooths fine detail. Not to mention conversations in other threads that also include: Who needs 4K - 1080 is fine and you can't tell the difference and ...... blah blah blah 8K!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 😎😎
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    I detect a lot of anti-Chinese bias! It's reasonable enough to raise the topic but save us the old "China makes junk" cliche, it's no longer as simple. China is a developing economy and all countries go through eras of churning out cheap products during this phase. Japan did it. Even the US did it to some degree, but in a very different technological era. Looking at the camera companies - Sigma did it - made very cheap lenses in huge quantities for a LONG time before they started to do the high-end quality stuff we all respect so highly. What is going on at the moment is Chinese home-grown technology is cost competitive and technologically becoming on an even par with western stuff, so that combination makes it a huge threat to US businesses like Intel and Qualcomm. There are political reasons for smearing Huawei. There is also a distinction between IP, design and assembly / manufacturing. Most of China's developing economy has been based on assembly and manufacturing but now they are becoming big on original designs and products, which is another threat to the US economy. Especially in chip design and telecoms. As for quality, perceptions and stereotypes always vary... You're entitled to your views. I find them outdated. RED cameras and iPhones are hardly poorly put together products - both made in China. Foxconn. No doubt if they had been made in an American factory by American hands you'd think they were better made, but that says more about prejudiced opinion than the actual facts or the skills level of the Chinese workforce. Across Asia there are a lot of people highly educated and dedicated to their work otherwise they wouldn't do the things they are doing. And Chinese space programme is another flagship advancement, whether we can agree on their politics or not, the writing is on the wall. The US is no longer top dog. "There will be nobody left in China to do business with. Very bad for China, very good for USA!" --- Of course when you have this twat starting trade wars, you're bound to get people whipped up into a sinophobic frenzy. Let's look at the facts. It's hard to imagine a President so out of touch with US businesses, who have benefited massively from cheap Chinese labour and manufacturing. There isn't a single major US technology or camera company around today that doesn't need Chinese manufacturing or parts supply. And yet Trump thinks attacking that is very good for the USA, because he has a simple world view - "we can make stuff here... it's easy... just build a factory"... For a start, if you look at the quantities of natural resources, rare metals and energy required to make mass produce fundamental parts for modern technological devices and appliances, the US doesn't have any of it easily to hand like China does and digging them up at the scale required would cause massive pollution right on your doorstep. Is that would you want? If smartphones were all made in the US they would cost 10x more at retail and wouldn't sell a single unit vs cost effective competitors. The technology doesn't even exist at the required scale in the US to build the stuff, like it does in China, Japan and South Korea. We're talking here about the machines that make machines. Vast majority of the equipment is Asian. We are talking vast scale of manufacturing, where a single factory is the size of a small city and employees over 1 million people. Add up the cost of those people with US wages vs doing the same thing in China and you start to realise what a fucking amateur Trump is when it comes to business and why he has made enormous losses and write-offs in every one of his business ventures.
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    I'm still surprised by my sigma 18-35, it's the most versatile of all 😄 close up or wide view.. no problem (BMMCC)
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    did a short with my xt3 and the tokina 24-70 2.6 2.8
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    Trees are: Do not exist Only exist in a parallel universe DBounce: Is a robot Is an alien This thread: Doesn't exist Is invisible Everyone is: A murderer A mass murderer etc...
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    take the "1" off and we can talk 😂
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    A few stills using the BMPCC 4K for a corporate promotional video. Shot in DCI 4K ProRes LT with the Tokina 28-70 2.6, Speedbooster XL (maybe a Tiffen VND on some of the shots.)
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    Apple and Google phones don't real generate random numbers, which are necessary for secure encryption. Government backdoor right there. I am sure these US bluechip companies are thrilled at the empty order book thanks to Donald Tit. Intel for example is set to lose potentially billions of dollars over next few years in lost Chinese orders. That Trump has so many people believing in his business skills is a neat trick. Unravelling the entire US economy is his other lesser known neat trick and this is the start of it. Huawei can afford to lose Qualcomm as can other companies. Snapdragon is replaced by Kirin 980 already in the P30 Pro and many other handsets and I can personally vouch for how fast it is. However, if the Chinese wanted to withdraw a few services.... Let's say "manufacturing"... Where does that leave important US tech giants like Apple and Google? What if Foxconn closed the order books on those companies? And on RED? A trade war is like any other war. Nobody wins.
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    film grain

    Also, remember to adjust the amount of grain you're applying so that it looks good in your final delivery file. Compressing video really kills the grain, especially YouTube or other online streaming services. I'd suggest making a test project with a series of shots with increasing strengths of grain, output it, upload it, then look at it and dial it in from there.
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    I love how he claims it's the iPads and everything else fault. So, if you can't watch it on an iPad, with factory calibrated screen, covering DCI P3, working with variable frame rate to match the content, offering over 500 nit brightness and extremely good contrast what should we get? 4000$ HDR Oled Screens? In the end it was just too dark and HBO made it even worse with their crappy compression. Get your content delivery sorted and then start blaming customers!
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Those stills look great, but if you turn all the lights off, zoom in to 500%, strain your eyes and sit 2 inches away from the screen, the image really falls apart. Such a shame because the camera was so close to being perfect, but it's really just overpriced.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    I am surprised on how few films seem to be made with the Xt3. Here Is one i like. Nice colors.
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    i see kid giving fake advice all the time on canon forums over there. one day he's an EOS R owner, the other a 5DIV expert.. when we all know he's probably still on his Rebel 500D.. SMH
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    Short answer: no it will not, or shall we say, it does not 😉 Long answer: Quad Bayer is a cost-effective compromise to boost low light performance by dropping resolution by 4 times. What if I tell you there are more sophisticated technologies to achieve unparalleled low light performance while still maintaining high resolution? We can have designs such as Deep Trench Isolation (DTI), Pyramid Surface Diffractor (PSD) and colour-aware ADC, they address crosstalk, QE and read noise which are key metrics for low light performance.
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I'm way late to the party, but just ordered the GH5! I have no illusions that it'll be some supremely groundbreaking image, but I do think it'll be the funnest and easiest camera I've ever used to just pick up and shoot stuff with.
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    Hard to believe it, but EOSHD is nearly 10 years old! 2010 was a big year for digital cinema. The 5D Mark II was in full stride kickstarting DSLR filmmaking. Arri's first proper digital film camera the Alexa was released and revolutionised filmmaking at the highest levels. Now all these years later I'm still looking - not for the sharpest, highest K, most featured packed modern camera but for a camera costing less than $1000 which has the most Alexa-like image. Not on a technical level, of course, but in terms of the feel of the images and how cinematic the end-results are when viewed on the big screen. Read the full article
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    I think the whole world needs to wake up and understand depending pretty much on China to make their stuff is a huge mistake. I am not talking as a personal insult to China. I respect what they have done. But the whole damn world is putting their eggs in one basket here. Nations are loosing their national identity, people out of work. This is leading to a F ing total disaster. You can't have one country making everything and the rest just going belly up, and not abide by the rules. That is the trouble with this crap. Trump is just a small ass piece of all of this. Britain is just about to be a nobody country soon. Other European countries are nearly in a worse shape. This is all some serious shit. South America is going to shit also. It Ain't going to get better keeping it the way it is. This has no good end without some big ass change. A hell of a lot of countries are to blame for letting this crap happen.
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    new still from my new film i am working on. no grading yet. xt3 and tamron 24-70 g2
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    It isn't just about the trade war; it is about the stealing of intellectual property for the purpose of out-competing american companies. In the short term Intel may suffer but in the long term it will be beneficial for them to have a level playing field. Huawei is state-sponsored. Its technology piggy-backs off american innovation. The americans invested in the tech at considerable expense. It is easy for the chinese to offer items cheaper when you don't have to pay for the r&d. To say that Foxconn would close its books is unrealistic. For one, it would take a massive hit to its revenue; it would have to sack an untold number of people; and other international companies would also pull out for fear of the same thing happening to them. In fact, China has little leverage because it is so reliant on the american consumer to purchase its goods and to provide its citizens with employment in manufacturing. The biggest detriment to tech innovation is IP theft. If their has to be some short term pain then it is warranted if the playing field is leveled; the americans can withstand it much better than the chinese. You see it time and again with innovative american startups going bankrupt because there is a cheaper chinese alternative that copies their tech. So yea, I would say that a stand needs to be taken.
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    Video Hummus

    DJI action cam vs z6

    I’m going to pass on this version. Give me the same thing with a 1” sensor and I’m all over it.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    my second film ever. mostly shot it with my xt3. not perfect, still learning videography.
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    The S1 with the Voigtländer 40mm f1.2 M-mount is a match made in heaven.
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    Don't forget that even the rangefinder lens that he really has was sent by SLR Magic for free just for review/testing as "pro filmmaker". So Slr magic was scammed too. I enjoyed every post of this thread it was very fun and entertaining. It helped me in those days when I had a toothache. This scammer dentist helped me with my toothache fron miles kilometers away!
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    Fallacious arguments and bias party ! Someone here appropriated too much Schopenhauer's "Art of being right"... Mixing up facts and opinions, putting forward the "free thinking" and "independent thought" argument, bringing on the "fear" and political correctness that one bravely overcomes to tell the truth, and wish more "sheeps" could access this level of "awareness"... Congrats. Flat earthers and trendy conspiracy theorists use exactly the same mechanism...
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Thank you good sir! Yes, that is a problem; Resolve is the reference (Premiere also had a similar issue, requiring a Pre). I will look into this. Hey there, I saw your email. Cine-D is the one that fits the 8/10 bill. I'd recommend any other codec than the 150 4K Working on it as we speak (summer methinks)
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    Also C, none of the above. Last time I checked , it was 2019.
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    Ebrahim Saadawi, the gift which keeps on giving! I dunno. While it was a common belief that Australia didn't exist, most people do now believe in its existence. But there are still a few who believe it doesn't exist: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2018/apr/15/australia-doesnt-exist-and-other-bizarre-geographic-conspiracies-that-wont-go-away Honestly I'm more worried about how New Zealand seems to be getting wiped out: https://www.reddit.com/r/MapsWithoutNZ/
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    This is normal and happens in X-T1 and X-T2 as well. It occurs only when you tilt the camera back and forth, not side to side (from portrait to landscape). It's part of the viewfinder diopter mechanism. As long as the camera functions well, no need to be concerned. I knew you'd jump on that made in China BS. Isolated QC incidents can happen anywhere, so please put your stereotype away.
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    Organic looking Panasonic S1 footage

    finally i get a manual adapter to use my samyangs
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    Is 4K Worth The Tradeoff?

    I don't think the argument ought to be 1080p versus 4K, it ought to be how sharp is the output of the final product. It is like the difference between a Canon C100 1080p, and say a Canon 5D mk II, or even a 80D. Heck the C100 looks like 4K because it is automatically downsampled from 4K. Night and day difference in 1080p. The A7s versus the A6300 is another good example. Sharpness is what determines resolution nearly as much as the resolution its self. I know it is more complicated than that, but you get my point... I hope lol. 😬 Heck even brigtness determines it a lot. Look a that latest Game of Thrones thing. Hell it is so dark it could have been 12K and it would not have made a crap. You can't see resolution when you can't even see the output.
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    Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    I'm a big sports guy so this thread is exciting for me. For you i'd recommend something like this but for a 3.2'' GH5 screen - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007POA58G?tag=makspo-20 I shoot lacrosse mainly (High school, college, and pro) as well as pro soccer. I don't work for broadcast so most of my stuff goes direct to web. Instagram and YouTube. I usually film action tight but not like NFL Films 600mm & 800mm Lens tight. So for me 150mm - 400mm is where I live. My kit is as follows.. A Camera/Daylight rig Sony PXW Z90 with this I only ever shoot 4K 24 and 1080 @ 120fps I purchased the Z90 because I started to get into more documentary stuff. For anyone that shoots sports knows you don't have time to change lenses when going from on field action 300mm to a wide 29mm for a huddle with audio. So i've found having that built in lens to be invaluable. This setup lives on a tripod which is a Libec RH25D Fluid head on the Benro A373T Legs. Also I run a lanc controller so I can control pan, tilt, and zoom with my right hand. With this setup it takes me less than a minute to get completely setup for a game wheres if I was using a mirrorless body or S35 ILC it would be something like 2 or 3 minutes. Also I get a 29 - 350mm F4 lens in front of a 1 inch sensor with 2 XLR's for when I need game audio. Which is usually a shotgun going into 1 channel and sometimes a wireless lav with either a coach or player mic'ed up into the other channel. Pros - Great image quality, a lot easier to use, faster to setup, built in lens, dual XLR's. Cons - Terrible in lowlight, autofocus in 120fps slowmotion switches to contrast instead of phase detect. No audio in slowmotion and 240fps is manual focus only. B Camera/Low light rig Sony A6300 + Sony 70 - 300 FE + Smallhd 701 I've had this setup for almost 3 years and its been a trooper. I shoot the same frame rates and resolutions as the Z90. @ 3200 ISO I still get a rather clean image and with Noise Reduction either Magic Bullet Denoiser 3 (Back when I used Premiere) and Now Resolve Studio I can do 6400 ISO. With this setup I have better lowlight performance, shallower DOF, and usually better autofocus in 120fps. I don't love manual focusing with the 70-300 but I can do it if need be. I thing I like is the focus hold button which I can use if I see another player or Ref that's about to walk in front of my shot. This setup I always run on a monopod, also I can use it for photos which is always nice. Pros - Good in lowlight, sound in 120fps, focus hold button due to lens, can take photos, Cons - The color straight out of camera isn't as nice as the Z90, No 10bit like the Z90, mirrorless camera ergos aren't as nice as a legit video camera. I have attached some photos and link to my reel to see this equipment in practice.
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    Deep Trench Isolation sounds like some sort of PTSD from the First World War. I believe Ebrahim used a Pyramid Surface Diffractor to collect his money from Western Union without ID.
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    The cinematographer is defending his work. https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/4/30/18524679/game-of-thrones-battle-of-winterfell-too-dark-fabian-wagner-response-cinematographer "people don’t know how to tune their TVs properly” .... “We tried to give the viewers and fans a cool episode to watch,” he said. “I know it wasn’t too dark because I shot it.” Well... I tried to give my wife a 4 course meal. I know it tasted great, because I cooked it. If she didn't like it, its because her tastebuds are wrong.
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    If you guys are into manual focus primes, I'm really impressed by the Meike 25mm t2.2, and I'd imagine their new 16mm is just as good. It's very well built, incredibly sharp, and has a beautiful out of focus rendition. Having always wanted to try some Veydra primes, I couldn't resist the chance to test out the Meike for the $330 price tag. If you look at Veydra's performance in some MTF tests from Lens Rentals, they put some Zeiss CP.2s to shame. Even at T2.2 they look to just edge out the best Pany-Leica and Olympus pro glass stopped down to F 2.8. Some links to compare MTF tests: https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2018/03/veydra-cine-mini-prime-mtf-optical-bench-tests/ https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2018/03/finally-some-more-m43-mtf-testing-are-the-40s-fabulous/ I'm currently in the post hell of a large project I'm wrapping, and will not get a chance to really test the lens out for a while, but I've been towing my GH5 with the Meike around and shooting a few random things when I get a moment. Here's a few frame grabs from Resolve. The horse was shot around T4-5.6. The others were wide open. Everything was shot in V-log with a quickie color grade so I could see what I was looking at. No sharpening in camera or post. Based on how happy I am with the Meike, I might end up collecting a few of these if Veydra doesn't make a return to producing lenses.
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    GH5s in a C100/XC10 form (or even Sony VG30 form) would be great. A real lightweight all rounder.
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    my first short

    ok so in the spirit of eoshd togetherness I have decided to share this video to see what u guys think. maybe it will inspire zach ☺️ let me explain: i made this short at the end of last year, but I never completed the edit/fx/etc 100%. Got busy with other stuff, and I was working up my gumption to come back to it with a fresh eye. then my iMac broke, and I have a new ‘puter on the way, but I’m anticipating the nightmare of opening resolve and Siri saying ERROR: NO MEDIA FOUND, because my files, ALTHOUGH BACKED UP, are super disorganized, there might be a few things missing, but at the very least it’ll be a big pain in the ass to relink everything to get going on this again aannnyyyway I always feel bad for posting literally zero videos but numerous dog pics and I was like Screw it, its not perfect, but here ya go. this is not the best file, its the one I had in icloud, there could be a better render, etc etc, and its getting murdered by youtube compression, but my first reaction watching it after not messing with it for a few months was…. …Hey~! Its not too bad! ☺️ not bad for a first film i made all by myself! imagine if I had a crew, a budget… 🙄 so, if youd like to see, pls check it out, and if you have any helpful feedback that involves changing/adding things, that’s great, but I do NOT have access to the actors/locations any more and there is almost no chance of me shooting additional footage, so as long as suggestions don’t involve me spending any more money on this project, I’m all in 😂 at best, I think this is a cool example of what one person can do with a 5d3 in 2019 with no budget, crew, or resources whatsoever... as indie as it gets lolol
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    I'm cutting an entire DPRTV episode shot on the S1 with 10 Bit 4:2:0 HLG. Not doing anything overly demanding, but I'm finding it has a really nice, organic look. You can all let me know what you think when it goes up this weekend.
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    Super bummed to hear it's L-Mount. I could care less for full frame, Micro 4/3 is spectacular especially for the small form factor. Super 35 is perfect for bigger productions. Full frame doesnt hold a place in my book.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I may buy another one and sell my 'original' model to a cDNG'ist for a healthy profit!
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    Organic looking Panasonic S1 footage

    You can choose 4:3 in 4K or 6K photo mode. Here's a short vid using 4k Photo mode with 4:3 aspect ratio, Mamiya 105mm and Möller 32/2x Anamorphot. There's no colour correction just very slight exposure adjustments on a few different picture profiles. It would be nice to get 25fps (or 24) atm it's 30 or 60p in 4K and 30 in 6K. It would also be nice to have HLG for this mode. Also, I wonder what bit rate and colour space the file records at in photo mode, anyone know? https://youtu.be/jbZ1AFM2kA8
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    Since it's Lumix, I don't think it will be the EVA/Varicam line (since that's a different branch of Panasonic). The fact that they are calling it "Cine LUMIX" is also very intriguing, because even with the GH5 and GH5s launches, it was always hybrid this and hybrid that (same with S1). They wanted to make sure that photographers knew these cameras were made for them. But I would think the GH5 and GH5s were largely adopted by the filmmaker crowd. Panasonic should really lean in hard to their reputation as a video company, rather than trying to woo photographers away from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Sony. Start putting out cameras that are strictly for video and compete head on with the BMPCC4K, Z Cam, etc and are more useful for video than all of the full frame video cameras out there. What this means is internal NDs, XLRs, timecode, compact size, 120fps+ in 4K, 10-bit throughout, internal or external raw, etc. - the GH6 should go all out in the video department.
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    Governments, they're always morons, everywhere.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Not nearly as beautiful as that Patagonia piece. But we just got back from a weekend trip to Vietnam. Filmed on XT-3 F-Log, used the Eterna LUT. Canon 17-55 f/2.8 with Fringer adapter and a super cheap and ugly variable ND.
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    That thing may have the best modern output hands down of all the new cameras. That stuff is impressive as heck in that video. Wow, and the CS is special also. I can only imagine a $10,000 Dollar Leica lens on a S1R.
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    Most consumers don't know anything about sensor size, etc. It's really only in this prosumer/professional bubble that people are obsessed with full frame cameras. Meanwhile I'm happy over here with my M43 and next month is set to be my most profitable month ever!
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    Cinematography of “Key & Peele”

    https://vimeo.com/332730630 https://www.facebook.com/groups/888393238215598/permalink/1035263986861855/ From the DoP Charles Papert: The cinematography I think is amazing quality and shows amazing diversity of style for such a low budget!
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    Definitely considering a Micro. For me right now though the Ursa Mini 4.6k seems like a great deal. Just saw one for $2500 on ebay. Quite expensive compared to a BMPCC but crazy cheap for what kind of cameras it can compete with.
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    This prototype image was posted on the fb group... Not much info but hopefully we see a few more third party options!
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