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Canon EOS R7 and R10 have released...

Dave Maze

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Odd that my YT feed didn't have a few rows of time-released review videos...  maybe Canon didn't hit the usual suspect camera reviewers?

Interesting cameras though if they're able to give reasonable quality 4K footage for a reasonable price, as opposed to 8K60 RAW that basically no-one needs.

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As a hybrid shooter, I think I'd still prefer an R6/R5 pairing.

A lot more money I know, but then I don't think I'm the target market for either of these new cameras.

And not in the market for anything anyway!

But I do like to see what new stuff is coming out even if it isn't for me 🙂

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Looks like a good value proposition, bit I cannot find if the r7 is 10 bit in all modes? If so its a good competitor to the xt4 and om1.

I might be tempted to use this with the drop in filter adapter from ef to r, for semi- internal nd solution. I can find ef-s glass for almost free here second hand. 

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1 hour ago, JurijTurnsek said:

But with these new Canons, I feel like Sony is way overdue for a new APS-C sensor with 4K60p, uncropped please.

Yes, if these new Canons live up to even 80% of their promise then Sony APS-C is dead in the water, and Fujifilm has a real fight on their hands. 

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The price of those new Canon APS-C is quite bit higher than I anticipated, makes me feel that M6 II combo I got a while ago is very good bargain, with 18-150, 11-22, 15-45 kit, 28mm macro and EVF and still cheaper than a single R10 body lol.

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Purely because of the FF for stills? 

Maybe once they release dedicated APS-C lenses that might help tip the balance. 

That's about the sum of it...

Since moving from APSC Fuji to FF Panny, I don't notice a whole lot on the video front as I'm shooting cropped for the 4k 50p, but on the stills side, I noticed a small, but still discernible difference.

And that was from 26mp XT3 to 24mp S5.

But then moving from 24mp S5 to 47mp S1R, it's a much more noticeable jump.

Would clients notice? 

Nah. But I do and I pleasing myself is a large part of the equation. As the actress said to the bishop.

I could easily make a business case for shooting 2x R6's and a single R5 with the R6's more video and lower res stills-orientated and the R5 mostly just high res stills.

But, that would be a sideways move for me so no real world gain. In fact it would cost me a shit-ton of money to make that sideways move and I'd only do it if AF was a priority.

I do like the idea of a smaller/lighter system and am not opposed to going back to APSC, but I'd want at least 30mp and the R7 ticks that box as will the XH2 40mp version coming later this year.

But then simply being smaller/lighter is still not enough reason for me to actually change.

Never say never and I am watching this space, but more as a long term pondering a year or even two in the future kind of way.

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37 minutes ago, Avenger 2.0 said:

Saw the Jared Polin preview and he said the R7 didn't overheat on a hot (demo) day shooting video all day and there is no time limit on recording 😎 Also looks to have dual sd card recording for video and C.LOG3.

So 100% trust in the clickbait weasels after the R5 debacle then I see!

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Fair play to Canon on this one, hadn't expected a semi-pro APS-C camera. The 7D has a proper successor now.

Wonder how the image will compare to a C70.

I am not expecting miracles but for the price, it might tempt a lot of filmmakers in the way the Fuji cameras do.

X-T4 just got a big rival.

Now we have R5,6,7 and 3, all that remains is the R1... But I am wondering if they might give us a cheaper EOS R7C as well.

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well this came out of nowhere !? seems like you've got the usual Canon limitations when you check the fine print:


The R7's cropped 4K/60 applies a 1.81x crop on top of the sensor's existing 1.6x crop, relative to full-frame. This will be useful for achieving a zoomed-in look but means you're using just 1/4 of the camera's sensor, so there'll be a significant noise cost in all but the best light.

The oversampled 4K 'Fine' setting can record for approximately 30 minutes. There are no thermal limits listed for the sub-sampled or cropped modes.


so it's not just a 1.8x crop its 1.8x on top of 1.6x  🙄

and the 7K oversampled 4K overheats under 30mn.

so that leaves you with: line-skipped uncropped 4K.


1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

Wonder how the image will compare to a C70.

C70 has the best DR of any Canon cam thanks to the DGO sensor. Also has Clog2. 4K120p no crop. Canon RAW Light.

Only thing R7 has over it is oversampled 4K but yeah it'll be interesting to compare.

I'm curious if C70s speed booster will be compatible too.

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30 minutes ago, Django said:

so it's not just a 1.8x crop its 1.8x on top of 1.6x

So if my man maths is correct, a 50mm = 50mm x 1.8 = 90mm x 1.6 = 144mm?

So you'd need an 8mm to shoot the equivalent of a 24mm?

Is that correct? If so, it's a hilariously bad.

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