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EOSHD changes direction, explained in blog post

Andrew Reid

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Who is up for helping me write a movie?

Part 1 - Taking inspiration from Paul Schrader and Taxi Driver


Also explains the future of EOSHD and how things will change to cover movies instead of pixel peeping.

Any suggestions, comments, welcome...

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Hi Andrew,  I’ll be the first to jump in.  I’m happy to help with the out line of the movie if you would like to send me a link to your “virtual whiteboard”.  Please let us know the terms of engagement.


I suggest you create a platform to do what you are suggesting so that others can do what you have done - ask for others to collaborate.


if you can figure out how to make it enjoyable and profitable to participate then I think others will make a go of it as well. 

Basically, create a secure pipline/model/portal/web community where people use their skills and where their interests align and have an expectation of revenue share if and when it succeeds.

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Also, this idea seems personal, so I wouldn't recommend taking too many ideas from others this early on. Only you know the story you want to tell.

The beginning and the ending are the two most important parts of any screenplay. They feed off one another. You should know your ending before you even start writing page one.

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Personally I think it would be best to take a step back, and just organizize the whole thing. If you haven't shot a movie, why do it yourself if there are plenty of people better at it who will do it for you? Same thing goes for writing, cinematography, directing,editing, promotion,etc...

It's much more fun to get people who know the thing together than drowning in a ego trip.

You just show up with the gfx 100,the speedbooster and the old hasselblad lineup.

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40 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

Lets not be too hasty.

I think this idea probably warrants a ten page thread of attrition about what codec you are going to use before you put pen to paper.

vintage lens, vintage codec ? is that your thinking ?

By the way i have a suitable gritty shed, i could find some overalls and an axe to grind, shot in glorious 4k if that helps. @Andrew Reid

there's also potential for another level of drama with the obsessive /compulsive camera fondler meets single white female.


and this


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3 questions:

Q1: Will you live in your car whilst writing the script?

Q1b: If so, what car do you drive/will you be living in?

Q2: Can we assume you will get the haircut and will post a pic as proof?

Q3: Will you use autofocus? (Just keep in mind that no serious pro uses AF).

Otherwise sounds like a great project and I’d offer my services but,

A: Too busy the rest of this year and

B: Doesn’t work well in groups of more than me.

Looking forward to the photography site also. There isn’t really anywhere  I use for that side of things right now, so an EO Shed version for stills would be welcome.

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Well I will admit the Photography side of it is a lot easier and cheaper to do than really good video. And actually somewhat more rewarding as a lot easier to view it and to edit it. Plus hard to talk someone, even your wife, to sit down and watch a video you shot compared to looking at a couple of photos.

 As to writing a movie, well unless you have some god given talent for it probably not going to happen. That is one of those things you can either do it or you can't, most can't.

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Write the story about 20-30 times, filling in smaller nuances, that help get characters, trigger points, back stories etc well developed. 

How about breaking up the scripts into small meal size bites, like parts of the story. And shoot some small portion of it, as a short film cum teaser of the film. It will help you get perspective, learn the ropes, and help investors get an idea on what to expect in terms of the final film.

Also, I recommend not doing cinematography on your own film, as it interferes greatly with direction. Find an  emerging cinematographer whose work you like, from vimeo or youtube and probably collaborate with him or her.


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Stories, man.  They just circulate and we all ingest 'em and spit them out again.  You mention the themes of "Taxi Driver," but certainly, for me, there's a lot of "Network" in what you're going for.

Regarding your potential production: as someone that's just put myself through the wringer on a short, definitely don't bother wearing too many hats.  Protect your writing by being nuanced with the performances and directing the actors.  My wife and I missed a ton of subtleties in real time that missed the proper tone on set --those overlooked moments were glaring in the edit.

This is very limited wisdom, but it's what I got.

Additionally, when you get past a few drafts I'd certainly recommend doing a proof-of-concept scene or two to help you shake things out, reset, and re-strategize before you really get into it.

Also, I appreciate your idea to change your online presence from gear review to movie review.  I'm sure you know that means your online space will decrease traffic in multitudes, (look at how anemic the "footage" section of EOSHD has always been) but I'm guessing you look at that being a blessing rather than a curse!

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On 4/3/2022 at 7:46 PM, fuzzynormal said:

(look at how anemic the "footage" section of EOSHD has always been) but I'm guessing you look at that being a blessing rather than a curse!

the reason for footage not to be seen is that it is in a section. I have been pointing that out several times for a good reason.

Footage on the main board has been widly discussed and learned from, regarding many aesthetic, dramaturgy related, lens nerdy, lighting aspects and anything you can think about. Wild, lifely, fun discussions.

So, put the footage in the main board in a way that it referrs to technical and aesthetical points of cinematography and cinema in general. Unfortunately we dont have much footage from ourselves there, nor projects, we can discuss.

The footage section has always been dried out. The footage on the main board has always been discussed lifely and with lotta enjoyment.

9 hours ago, Happy Daze said:

It's apparent that you are not fond of criticism, but in the sense of true collaboration (especially within the arts) you will need to become accustomed to it or your project is doomed from the outset.

It´s not apparent. I seems apparent to you. If it was, I think I would have chosen a different approach. Something like, it is not easy to take criticism within colloborations when it is ones own passion project. Further I think, nothing would be doomed just by lack of criticism. It is necessary on getting the project forward on a general scale rather then shifting too much time towards online communication.

I think Andrews project is challenging. It is all in his hands and the team. Directing and doing cinematography as one person has plus and costs. Doing proof of concept is always cool. Doing testing is great fun and helpful, lighting, lenses, movements, locations... Finding the right crew, the right size as many people means also higher costs and communicational workload...

Also, making the project attractive for collaborators, and the communication around it, is an important part of the project.

Enjoy and lemme know if I can contribute @Andrew Reid

cheers, Marty

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10 hours ago, Happy Daze said:

You seek collaboration but some may hesitate in case they also become thought of as "fucking unbearable".

It's apparent that you are not fond of criticism, but in the sense of true collaboration (especially within the arts) you will need to become accustomed to it or your project is doomed from the outset.

I also believe there is a difference between criticism and trolling.

I relish a good argument and in collaborations, a difference of opinion can drive the ideas forward.

On the internet, this rarely happens and you mainly get low quality input, with a nice pre-existing bias or personal grudge on top.

So when it comes to collaboration it is always best to do it in same room as the other people.

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7 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

The footage on the main board has always been discussed lifely and with lotta enjoyment.

For me it would feel out of sorts to put footage examples in part of the forums not made for it.  However, if doing so offered a better opportunity for feedback, why not? 

The problem would be, wanting feedback of technique rather than sensor choice...

Also, my footage is B&W, so color grading discussion would be out cutting down significantly on the amount of people that would engage.

That's the dilemma in general, which is what I was on about regarding forum shift.  Interest would nose dive in this website once talking about gear is secondary to the process.

People want to talk gear, not ideas.

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I have seen dozen examples of footage posts within threads leading to fuitful discussions. I myself posted couple times screenshots and videos with great communicaiton following. Points of discussion also depend on questions asked by the posters of footage. How you like it, what do you like in the lighting, let me tell you about the diy tricks, etc.

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if u wanna actually do this, you need a great script which ppl LOVE, something brilliant, and you need to determine a budget if u wanna produce it asap

what's your projected budget?

and you want to write a BOOK first? a NOVEL? sure, but this'll take a while and you may lose a lot of your [long] novel when you get to boil it down to a screenplay... 

I don't write anything without a budget. am I writing a $100 mil film or a $1 mil film? there's a big difference!

and you're going to crowdfund the budget? tell me more

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