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Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place

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14 minutes ago, John Matthews said:

Can't overheating be somewhat fixed in firmware? I believe Sony had this problem with several of their cameras. It might not be "safe", but it might be cheaper to repair the ones that break than recall the whole lot and go back to the drawing board.

I believe that Sony just changed the threshold for the shutdown due to temps ....

Electrons flowing through any path with resistance generates heat ... the more electrons per unit time ... the higher the heat generated at the

same level of resistance. All cinema cameras have fans ... big ones ... my old RED Epic could dry your hair ... from the airflow and heat. Looks like

in spite of a new sensor design the engineers (or their supervisors) chose to ignore the impact of this ... on the camera and ultimately on their

company. When I render 4K DCI video from 5.5K RAW ... Canon CRM files ... the AMD Radeon VII in my MacPro heats up my room and generates enough noise

that I usually leave until it has finished due to the three fans on the card running at max speeds.

I doubt that the S1H fan could keep up with the heat load if it were moving 8K files.

BM with their new BRAW for 12K has significantly dropped the compute load ... if it can be rendered on a MacBook Pro.

Do not see that coming from Canon ... and RAW usually is not overly compute intensive just writing to a card in camera.

I assume that the CFExpress cards contribute a bit to the overall heat load as writing from mine to the computer heats it significantly.

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I have two propositions for their new logo..¬†ūüėé ¬†

I suspect that in the entire history of cameras, there has never been as much hype, followed by pre-orders, followed by hysteria, followed by cancelled pre-orders...before a camera has actually gone o

DEALBREAKER ALERT. A 15000$ 2020 MAC PRO cannot play back in real time the R5 footage. Does not matter Premiere Pro Resolve, FCPX. Nothing works even 4K30p won’t play in a high end 2020 MacbookPro. 

Posted Images

Its also a journalism scandal.. among all those talking heads and early hands on public figures, only one guy tested it as a hybrid camera, which means combination of still and video shooting, in real world situation, and reporting any abnormal behavior of the device and answering people's questions with clear answers, politely. 

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My 8K smartphone has a passive cooling system, copper heat pipe, even a vapour chamber.

No fan, and it's water proof.

It's no thicker than the latest iPhone 11 Pro.

But yes, EOS R5 is too small for a cooling system!

Suuurrre Canon!

It is merely a line they give to reps too stupid to understand the tech.

There is far more going on here than meets the eye. I smell a conspiracy.

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I miss the days before COVID-19 when you had trade shows to talk with company representatives and issues like this would have to be fielded and spoken too.  Seems like there is less accountability now. That said, I don't think it wold have helped with R5 overheating issue, but who knows, maybe Canon's marketing department would have marketed it differently if they knew that their sales reps would have to speak directly to this issue on video for all the world to see.  If I worked for Canon,  I would be so embarrassed by this  situation.

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1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

There is far more going on here than meets the eye. I smell a conspiracy.

All I want is the perfect camera.

Oh, I agree. We need a in depth documentary about this for us camera nerds. Investigative reporting. There has to be some camera manufacture cabal somewhere deep in the bowels of a Japanese tea shop where they discuss how to make sure none of their cameras step on each other’s toes and always make sure there isn’t a complete picture (pun intended).

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2 hours ago, John Matthews said:

Sorry, I can't stand that guy. The amount of BS that spews from his channel is quite incredible.

I said this before, but the waiting time to film again is probably such a deal-breaker for so many people. Also, I don't really even see the point of getting this camera for stills. Apparently, Canon agrees due to them marketing this camera as a 8k video beast.

I don't watch him much but I think this video was pretty informative. 

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58 minutes ago, Batteries said:

So a GFX 100 with 12 Bit ProRes Raw to a Ninja V seems like the better option.

Yeah although I don't think auto focus is that great on the GFX. It does have that special sauce image.

 S1H is a much more affordable option. 

Panasonic continues to be the most reliable workhorse for video. Although there seems to be a file corruption issue I've seen mentioned a lot. 

In Blackmagic we trust¬†ūüėÜ

Right now the Pana S1 and the Nikon Z6 would be my go to for full frame video with a strong lean towards the S1. 

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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

If we want no holds barred technology, maybe we need to go back to the 60's!

Hey, I've bought a good chunk of my lenses from that era.  Good enough for cold war spy planes, good enough for me?  Also, wow, remember when America could actually do productive stuff and cared a lot about science?

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8 minutes ago, docmoore said:

have some of the most productive scientific departments and private industries in the world.

Agreed.  Unfortunately it's why I had to write "cared" in that sentence.  Anyways, no need to hijack the thread.  Let's get back to the Japanese screwing up their imaging technology.

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2 hours ago, Enottingham said:

It may be time for a wake up call that in this day and time  when you want one camera that does it all, it might be a better choice to get one camera that shoot great stills and a separate video camera..

Or buy a competitor's camera that does what it's supposed to do and what it's advertised to do.

Take the Panasonic S1H for instance. Netflix approved for reliability and image quality. Same price as the EOS R5.

The people who need to wake up are those who keep using the 2008 argument that everybody interested in video should buy a $7000 camcorder.

It is almost like the large sensor, interchangeable lens, affordable, small, discrete, creative, handheld, stabilised, hybrid stills and video revolution didn't get started for some people. I pity them.

The wake up call is nobody's but Canon's. They will wake up when they notice the scale of the amount of cancelled pre-orders and returns!

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