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  1. Can't wait to see more prores raw footage out of the gfx 100 ninja v combo!
  2. I'm very interested in seeing more ProRes Raw footage from the GFX 100 Ninja V combo. Very limited amount of GFX 100 ProRes Raw footage on the web. Of particular interest is how much more dynamic range you have in ProRes Raw over the 10 bit F-Log and how pixel binning or line skipping is handled.
  3. Maybe my eyes are just tired from working all day in front of a computer and watching camera videos when stuff renders. I may need to walk away and come back when my eyes are fresh.
  4. I've been looking at R5 and A7S III videos all day and the main thing that sticks out to me is how off the colors look. On the A7S III people look dead and on the R5 people look unnatural, they just pop out from the rest of the image. To Canon's credit, at least what they are doing with skin tones can be considered somewhat pleasant, despite it obviously not being right. Not sure why this is as the Venice, FX9, C500 Mk II, C300 Mk II all have great color so obviously Canon and Sony know what good color is, just not putting it on hybrid cameras. Blackmagic Pocket Cameras, Fujifilm XT-3/4, Panasonic S1, S1H, Newer Red's not including Komodo's, Zcams, and obvioulsy all Alexas all have great colors. Sure they all look different but nothing really pops out as being unnatural. I know that one can push images towards almost any direction in color grading but there is something off with these new offerings from Sony and Canon. At least with the R5 one could argue that there color while off looks pleasant on skintones. Maybe someone could educate me as I am not the most technical person, but why do blackmagic and fujifilm cameras look so good despite having seemingly inferior dynamic range compared to the A7S III? It's not a rhetorical question as the A7S III looks like a great camera that has a lot of what I'm looking for but I hate having to fight with colors in post. I really wish Sony would have given us FX9 or Venice like colors. I've yet to see a video from either the R5 or A7S III that has colors even remotely as nice as their elder brothers in larger pro video form factors. In contrast the images from the S1H marry really well with the professional cameras from Panasonic. It seems like the price you pay for having the great AF from R5/6 or an A7S III is colors that just look off or having to deal with it in post.
  5. The thought of bringing a leaf blower to a shoot is ridiculous. I don't think clients would react well to powering the camera off to cool it down with a leaf blower between takes. Obviously for personal or passion projects there may be a lot someone may be willing to put with but when you have a paying client they could quickly become nervous or upset.
  6. Also saw this: Chelsea Northrup mentions only having 2 minutes of video recording time available after one hour of casual stills shooting. It's around the 6:40 mark: https://youtu.be/iUe4vsO3HQ8 This sort of echoes what Gerald Undone tweeted.
  7. So a GFX 100 with 12 Bit ProRes Raw to a Ninja V seems like the better option.
  8. This clip looks a little but more promising but sadly it was uploaded in 1080p and it's hard to know what's due to youtube compression. Palle Schultz does mention in this video that the camera's video is artifact free and any artifacts one sees would bee from youtube compression not the files from the camera.
  9. The X-H1 plus grip kit that is sold as 1 box includes 2 extra batteries for a total of 3 batteries.
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