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Jared Polin doesn't get it - EOS R5 overheating

Andrew Reid

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Look I'm not going to get personal here.

I don't know the guy in real life.

At the 1:10 mark: "Let me be clear on something. There is way too much speculation going around about an issue that doesn't actually exist (yet)".


No. It's not speculation.

100% factual. Canon official test timing info.

At 1:23 he whines:

"None of the press has had a production camera. All the cameras are pre-production"

Perhaps he can explain then why Canon went to all that trouble testing the pre-production camera to calculate overheating times and releasing them publicly if the problem suddenly won't exist by the time the final firmware is ready?

Canon did all the testing on the beta firmware camera. Same hardware as Peter McKinnon was given and likely exact same firmware version.

It's two weeks from shipping, the beta firmware is basically the final one. The hardware is final. The thermal design is final.

Jared just doesn't get it.

But then the whiney voice really ratchets up a notch because one of his viewers dared pointing out a fact or two!

The viewer said "stop ignoring the overheating".

"What I am ignoring?" he responds!

"The document that is floating around purportedly from Canon?"


I get it...

Discredit the facts. Discredit the source.

Heaven forbid - Don't mention the original source EOSHD, during the time all other major sites were stone dead silent on it.

I am not finishing for credit.

But again it illustrates the sheer cheek of it. Clearly I or CVP don't deserve an ounce of his publicity or thanks for expanding his knowledge and breaking the news first to his audience?

And when you do simply add up what Polin has said, it absolutely stinks.

Gloss over the fact the timings are legitimate. Imply they aren't even final. Imply the overheating is "speculation". Imply there may be zero wrong with the final camera. Say how great a stills camera it is. Claim abject poverty and that the video you're watching puts no money in his account. Say the actual overheating timings may not even be real!

And then to top it all off...

"If it is real, Canon are really honest!"

The sheer fucking cheek of it.

His viewers commented that he's "getting his bank account lit up for these videos".

And of course he denies it.

"I'm not getting paid by Canon..."

What he forgot to add was "...this time"

This is a guy who has no problems sitting on a beach in Hawaii for the EOS R launch, hotel and flight paid for by Canon.

Of course he is getting his bank account lit from the videos. They are monetised.

And the gist of the last 5 minuets if you can get that far is... Canon are honest! I am honest too! Now watch these YT ads and click these links so I can get even richer. 160k views on the overheating controversy and of course not a single mention of his original sources for the info. Not even the CVP video let alone EOSHD.

I don't envy these creators. I don't get any satisfaction from being handed cameras for free or going on press controlled junkets. I make a good living off EOSHD and don't feel the need to have 160k views on each video. But if people wonder why I'm not championing the American YouTube Circle Jerk and chomping at the bit to join in, well... Here is exhibit B, out of 10,000.

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That Canon has put out a "media alert" now on this says it all.

All these times are based on a cold start at 23 degrees C (73f) 

Seems a wonderful stills camera with some highly desirable video specs and when it CAN record better than anything but will be useless for what many would WANT to use it for.

It seems they want you to turn it off when not using it and have it in the shade with a fan on it in even mildly warm weather.

It will not be the "star" sitting on the chair under the umbrella being fanned by some assistant but the camera.


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This is the dance product channels are forced to do less they get boycotted by company marketing departments. Jared looked real pretty twirling for Canon in that video but the stench you're smelling doesn't lie.

Pretty lazy video no doubt to be followed up by an even lazier video: "Canon confirms Overheating"...another 160K views.

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No one is getting a Canon R5 unless it's a upfront paid for review.   Restricted recording times is as transparent as you can get.   The way it's portrayed across the web speaks for itself.  

Here's the truth about the R5 / R6:

If these cameras act like little babies that heat up and turn off after 15 minutes in Florida heat then this launch will be a big fail. 

My gut feeling is haters will do reviews and go out of their way to prove over heating is a bigger issue than it is.  So it will be divided between haters and fanboys.  For the price of a few of the latest Sony cameras you can have the R5 ?  That's crazy.  And for $2,495 you get 10 bit 60p4k.

Here's R6 info:

"Moreover, oversampled UHD 4K 4:2:2 10-bit video signal at up to 60fps can be output from the HDMI port with a choice of either Picture Style, Canon Log or HDR PQ format, the output can be recorded to another device externally, or the footage can be viewed on an HDR PQ compatible TV."

My bet is Canon has a "builtin fan" R5s in the works to save face.

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1 hour ago, Wronzoff said:


Cool down Andrew, popular Youtube channels are making the show to get views, we all know that.

Youtube entertainer/photographer talking about moving images... we have to take theirs opinions with a grain of salt.


It is exactly this kind of attitude that normalizes and ultimately rewards the behaviour of these shills. By letting them get away with it. 


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21 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

I am relieved to see this...


No NOBS sponsor Tony's videos, unlike the NOBS at Canon who sponsor Peter's.

Tony knows Phoneeeey ?

Interesting frame that though as he's got that anxious look of a man who's wife has had a couple of gins and is about to make some frank statements to his friends.

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He puts the overheating down to him not getting a sample to do a side by side comparison with at his pool table.

If only Canon had given him the camera, all would be fixed and we'd have 8K recording until the $500 card fills up after 10 minutes.

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I guess the following official table from Canon doesn't exist then. Not just pre-production and not just the R5 but the R6 as well. There is no way to sugar coat it...Canon should have done whatever it took to make these cameras more reliable (larger body, separate dedicated video body like the S1H, active/passive cooling etc). But I honestly care less about the overheating issue than I do about the fact that in 2020 Canon includes dual card slots in their two new hybrid flagship cameras and their latest DSLR flagship the 1DXIII yet you cannot record backup video in any of them. Or the fact they still have a 30min recording limit when even Europe removed the tax.


Photographers skewered Canon when they only had one card slot in the EOS R (myself included) why don't videographers ever complain when Canon refuses to provide backup capability for video? The camera might as well have one card slot for videographers.


But back on topic...the worst part about the ridiculous recording times below is that they apply only in 23 c / 73 f degree ambient temps. What about 98F and 100% humidity Florida weather after sitting in a 120 degree car with 100% humidity for a few hours? This is a real scenario that I encounter all the time and it can't be helped for certain shoots. My 5DIV, GH5, and DJI drones all perform flawlessly every single time in this scenario.





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3 hours ago, tweak said:

I'm most surprised anyone watches these people. What's the demographic do you think?

I expect that his demographic would be the overlap between "professional" photographers and people who work in higher paid other jobs.

My day job is working in tall corporate buildings and you are basically always a stones-throw away from someone who owns a 5D or other flagship camera, and at least a few L-series or equivalent lenses.  Many of them have it just to shoot their families, some will shoot for the social/sports clubs they're involved in, and a few have dreams of being a professional photographer and do weddings on the side.

I suspect that these are his demographic.

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13 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

He puts the overheating down to him not getting a sample to do a side by side comparison with at his pool table.

If only Canon had given him the camera, all would be fixed and we'd have 8K recording until the $500 card fills up after 10 minutes.

To be fair, I was very appreciative of their sage advice in that video not to listen to the biased opinions of people with relationships with manufacturers and certainly not to trust early reviews from these people.

Its almost like Canon never took them on a trip to Hawaii to see the EOS-R, gave them a FREE one to giveaway as a click and subscriber booster on their channel and put out a review so speedily it was actually shot in their paid for hotel room isn't it ?


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