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  1. Frontline riot photographer...what is that ? Wedding photographer, I know... but Frontline riot photographer. "...I'm risking my life to cover this story (gunshots, rocks, fire, tear gas, etc.)" I think it's the etc. that pose a problem here. Anyone with a camera "feel the need to document" the riot. So cool, you don't have to travel to war zone like Syria or Yemen to be in the boots of a photojournalist, just go downtown, to get a shot of adrenaline. The smell of tear gas is so exciting my dear ! Do you think I should take a ND filter, because yesterday I couldn't focus well with the flash grenade. No joke, last time I saw on the news, a lady with a gimbal running with the protesters. Next is what ? slow mo with a Phantom ? 360 VR ? The same people are taking pictures of homeless, you know...to document poverty. All of that, to feed social media and get followers. Pathetic. When you introduce yourself saying: Frontline riot photographer. "...I'm risking my life to cover this story (gunshots, rocks, fire, tear gas, etc.)" it's an insult to photojournalist who died, doing their job.
  2. Still confuse of the difference between Pro mist or Black satin ? They sound really similar ?
  3. Then what the recommendation for the Sigma 18-35mm - Promist or Black satin ? and what flavor 1 - 2 - 3 - 1/8 - 1/4 ?
  4. Hi, congrats to all the participants. The reveal is really entertaining. My story: Based on recent improvement with Magic Lantern I purchased an EOS M to do some experiment a month ago, then the EOSHD challenge appeared (but with the Magic Lantern restriction ?). The EOS M was $150, still $50 left for the lens. The easy choice was a Canon FD, Minolta Rokkor, or the mighty soviet Helios or any vintage lens under $50. But I wanted to try something "different" to stay on the challenge track. A round trip to my treasure chest (my wife has a different name for that box) and I found something quite interesting, an enlarger lens : Beseler-HD 50mm 2.8 - I remember paying something around $30 max. but after checking the invoice and I actually payed $9 + $8 shipping - Then ordered an adapter in Russia - M42x1 to Canon EOS-M for $25. After 2 weeks, I received a snail mail with some nice Russian stamps and the adapter inside the letter. Added a 17-31 helicoid for focusing infinity and voila an unusual bokeh. Cheers.
  5. Sorry, it's not a modified or regular Helios. Sorry, it's not a Fujinon 1.7 c-mount. Funny, it's sounds like a TV show game, and now behind the curtain I will reveal the mystery lens... it's a... wait, I cannot say anything until Monday 5th August at 20:00 GMT+0.
  6. Indeed, a very "special" lens. I confirm you have very good eyes for unusual Bokeh and will have a surprise during the reveal. Without saying too much, I can say it's a 50 mm.
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