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  1. Because they want to keep the price low and target a large audience in need of quality webcam, remote video, streaming, live event. If you look at the specs with a GH6 replacement in mind it's confusing. But as a new product to cover Covid19 streaming demand, it could be a "smart" product. A GH5s sensor in a box to keep R&D low and that's it !!! Target is not C70 or Komodo users.
  2. Ethernet - Wifi - Bluetooth - Timecode - Genlock - SDI + form factor Sound like a camera to cover streaming event. Panasonic is making a camera to cover filming in a pandemic situation, not a GH5 replacement.
  3. The TRUTH About 8k : One of the Philip Bloom 8k cats has being promoted has Jared Polin new hairdresser.
  4. No offense at all, because I agree with you. It's just... Youtuber with 1M+ subscribers are running a business and they need to maintain their numbers of views. See the video title "The TRUTH About CANON’s EOS R5 OVERHEATING Controversy". Disinformation, controversy, marketing are money maker for those channels. You can point out their ambiguity. Doesn't matter, because they have followers. Personally, I am not interested with Polin verbal diarrhea.
  5. Sure things. But the reality is Polin channel has 1.23M subscribers. Tony and Chelsea 1.41M . McKinnon 4.86M subscribers. Did you see a Panasonic or Fujifilm review on Polin channel ? No, because if your serious about photography it's either Canon or Nikon, right ? Leica, Hasselblad, Phase One, Alpa ??? What's that .... never heard of. You want to educate people!!! Good luck with that. It's a job, and a difficult one.
  6. Cool down Andrew, popular Youtube channels are making the show to get views, we all know that. Youtube entertainer/photographer talking about moving images... we have to take theirs opinions with a grain of salt.
  7. If you consider the work of Steve McCurry, photojournalism, then the discussion will be complicate.
  8. Frontline riot photographer...what is that ? Wedding photographer, I know... but Frontline riot photographer. "...I'm risking my life to cover this story (gunshots, rocks, fire, tear gas, etc.)" I think it's the etc. that pose a problem here. Anyone with a camera "feel the need to document" the riot. So cool, you don't have to travel to war zone like Syria or Yemen to be in the boots of a photojournalist, just go downtown, to get a shot of adrenaline. The smell of tear gas is so exciting my dear ! Do you think I should take a ND filter, because yesterday I couldn't focus well with the fla
  9. Still confuse of the difference between Pro mist or Black satin ? They sound really similar ?
  10. Then what the recommendation for the Sigma 18-35mm - Promist or Black satin ? and what flavor 1 - 2 - 3 - 1/8 - 1/4 ?
  11. Hi, congrats to all the participants. The reveal is really entertaining. My story: Based on recent improvement with Magic Lantern I purchased an EOS M to do some experiment a month ago, then the EOSHD challenge appeared (but with the Magic Lantern restriction ?). The EOS M was $150, still $50 left for the lens. The easy choice was a Canon FD, Minolta Rokkor, or the mighty soviet Helios or any vintage lens under $50. But I wanted to try something "different" to stay on the challenge track. A round trip to my treasure chest (my wife has a different name for that box) and I found some
  12. Sorry, it's not a modified or regular Helios. Sorry, it's not a Fujinon 1.7 c-mount. Funny, it's sounds like a TV show game, and now behind the curtain I will reveal the mystery lens... it's a... wait, I cannot say anything until Monday 5th August at 20:00 GMT+0.
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