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Post a photo of your rig

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At the risk of taking the thread in an unexpected direction, here's my two set-ups from earlier today, pictured in their natural habitat, on a beach towel on my lap in a tour bus, with people around me wondering WTF I was doing taking a photo of two cameras with a third camera (my phone).


Sony X3000 for crazy wides, gimbal-like stabilisation when walking and handy actions shots like getting in and out of busses, trains, planes, etc for b-roll and establishing shots.  GH5 with Rode VMP+ and Konica Hexanon 40mm for a bit of reach for the main shots where I have a bit more time.

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5 hours ago, Mmmbeats said:

This is like one of those back and forward fashion things, where everyone would once be eager to show how big and complex their rig was, now everyone wants to show how simple and barebones their setup is ?.

If you're talking about my rigs, it's not fashion, it's weight and bag size!!

I have to make room in my suitcase for the coffee machine my wife insisted that we bring on the holiday! ???

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5 hours ago, TurboRat said:

Is the manfrotto connected to a cage?

Yes it is connected to the bottom of the Smallrig Cage. Only thing missing from photo is a microphone or wireless lav receiver on the shoe mount.

As a side note I really wish there was a hole for the monfrotto arm on the right side of the cage so I could swap sides if I need to.

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Pair of Fuji XT3’s for weddings.

Left unit with Fringer Pro and choice of: Sigma 18-35 f1.8, Canon 50 f1.8 or Canon 85 f1.8 with Rode Wireless Go to transmitter with fluffy/lav/shotgun. On tripod. Ceremony, speeches and dancing only, ie, static.

Right unit with Fuji 50 f2 and Zhiyun Weebill Lab on monopod with Anker battery pack. Moves with me throughout the entire day.


I also have a Sony 1" camcorder on another tripod with shotgun as a ceremony & speeches back up, plus the OSMO Action for some B roll stuff plus Mavic Air.

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1 hour ago, MrSMW said:

I also have a Sony 1" camcorder on another tripod with shotgun as a ceremony & speeches back up, plus the OSMO Action for some B roll stuff plus Mavic Air

What kind of shots do you use the OSMO Action for in a wedding setting?  I don't hear much about action cameras being used for weddings, by professional film-makers at least!

I did see one video where the couple put a gopro on a bottle of expensive spirits and had everyone take a sip straight out of the bottle. The video was interesting as it captured some video of almost everyone there, and got some funny moments.

I'm curious how you use it.... I smell creativity :)

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Entrances & exits for one thing... as one of those 'hybrid' wedding photographer/vidiots, I shoot both stills and video at the same time.

Most of the day, I can flip between camera types (XT3's for video duty and XH1 & X100F stills) but there are times when I need to both at the same time such as entrances and exits, confetti tunnels etc.

I used to stick the Action on top of the XT3 on a monopod so when they got too close for the 50mm prime, the wider angle action camera captured the last few feet of their walk.

I also use it to follow trays of canapes or plates of food in motion where anything bigger is a pain in the wotsits.

I also shoot band/dancing footage and for first dance especially, it's my wide.

I'm not that creative with it and it's more filling a hole but in a limited way. Same as the drone, - just a very small part of the day, especially as the footage of both is not in the same league as that from the XT3.

I tried the Pocket previously. Wasn't for me. Better low light but for my needs, the Action works better.

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