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Replace my Nx1 with... what? (And what's the current AF champ?)

M Carter

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On 7/6/2019 at 12:38 PM, sandro said:

what are the disadvantages of the z6 for video compared to its main competitor the a7iii? is it a monster for low light?

i would guess with the z adapater the lenses is a bit contained compared to sony?

I've used both. A7III has the S-log profile and better preamps. Z6 has a better viewfinder. Those are the main differences for me in terms of video. AF on both is excellent.

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I'm in the same boat and plan on riding the NX1 out for a bit longer and possibly grabbing another body as time goes by.

I also have a ton of Nikon glass, but pretty much all manual or AF-D Stuff, so I won't get AF on any new camera I buy. Still very interested in the Nikon Z stuff, but am able/happy to wait a bit longer for it all to shake out.

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I'm never going to sell my NX1/NX500 combo -- at this point I have gotten rid of all native lenses except the 16-50S and the 16-50 PZ  (and I have one of Luca's speedboosters as well). But the NX500 with the hack enabling silent, electronic shutter is invaluable to me as a timelapse camera. While I have moved on to an S1/GH5 pairing for most of my paid work, the dynamic range of raw photos on the NX cameras at ISO100 is still basically unbeatable in my opinion. 28 megapixels, and shadows can be boosted to 100 in LR with zero downsides, it's amazing. 

Video-wise, while these cameras, some 5 years later, are finally, finally starting to get a little long in the tooth dynamic-range wise (and missing higher 4k framerates,) If you keep them locked down, in 4k 24p, the image is still so sharp and beautiful, and in reasonably low-DR scenes still does -- and always will -- achieve stellar results. 

For me, IBIS is a must-have now, and a real game-changer for my type of work. While the new Nikon cams are interesting, no 4k60p is very annoying, not enough of an upgrade from the NX cameras. The XT-3 is very cool, but has poor battery life and no IBIS. I have really been liking the S1 though. Its autofocus is not as bad as they say, especially with the recent update. Stills are technically lower resolution but hold detail far better at high ISOs than the NX1, which turns to mush after ISO 800 really. Of course, the S1 is also quite large and heavy. No perfect camera! Although the NX1, for its time, was pretty damn close. 

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I've kind of gone the other way through the past few years and have pretty much every NX Mount lens in the line up except for the 18-55, 20-55, and 85mm/1.4. Also just picked up an older NX20 Body for $130 shipped. Not great for video, but for stills it's pretty nice.

I've also been super pleased with the performance of the NX cameras and plan on keeping/using them until the wheels fall off.

I'm interested in one of the newer mirrorless, but mainly for FF stills capability. 

The nx1 is still awesome and with the h.265 files working natively in Premiere and FCPX it's better than it's ever been.

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On 7/6/2019 at 9:11 AM, webrunner5 said:

The Raw thing maybe another Legal thing they can't get around. Seems Red must have patented everything with the name Raw or Compressed in it knowing them?

I don't think you would be able to get away with something as vague as that. Usually these sorts of things involve an algorithm or process.

A lot of issued patents are not actually valid, but the problem is that in order to invalidate it you need to go to court, and that is expensive. For smaller companies it is not worth the hassle, and they will usually avoid using the technology even though they know that the patent would likely be ruled invalid if it was contested.

As far as I can tell, Red's patents require a compression ratio of at least 6:1. If your ratio is less than that then they can pound dirt. 

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17 hours ago, heart0less said:


What I'm waiting for is: 3.7M-dot EVF, IBIS, NP-FZ-battery, a7-like controls.

Just something to challenge / surpass X-T3.

Agreed. Make it a little taller so we can get a proper size LCD on the rear, better controls and the Zed battery. A better EVF is a must too. That goofy 16:9 has been around for a decade, its time to move on. Though I think Sony will continue to milk that old a6000 form factor for another 4 or 5 years.


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I'm back again and definitely ready to buy a new camera now. Almost 2 years have passed so I'm starting with different cameras to choose from.
First of all I'd would like to say I don't make money with cameras or plan to, this is a just a hobby.


Based on this https://www.eoshd.com/news/a-review-of-the-year-2020-by-andrew-reid/

I'm debating between the Panasonic S5 e Fuji X-T4. I'm a sucker for low light video which the NX1 definitely was a failure at and I always dreamed of a Sony but Jesus is the A7S III is way too expensive for me 😞

I have a few manual Nikon F lenses so IBIS is a must have.

+ full frame so better low light performance, is it comparable with the Sonys?
- more expensive body and more expensive lenses, overall more expensive to "maintain"?

+ cheaper body and cheaper lenses
- APS-C with low light performance compared to the NX1, no upgrade in this sense?

Is there anything to add?

Anyway what happened to the "cheap" full frame Nikons?

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Hi bought a cheap used Z6 as a NX1 replacement - and sold it again. I got it in absolutely perfect condition for half of the price of a new A7III. I'd say, this is cheap. Keep in mind that the majority of Z6 buyers were decades-long Nikon buyers who made their first step into mirrorless. People who handle their cameras with care. And a lot of them are selling because they step up to a Z6II oder Z7II. + The build quality is excellent.
I sold because of two reasons:

1. The body is unbalanced, the weight is concentrated on the opposite side of the grip. It's uncomfortable to hold for a longer period and it feels heavy and quite bulky on the long run.
2. It's not perfect with manual lenses:  

  • You can't toggle focus peaking with one press of a button, you'll need at least three. So, after a while, you just leave it on or off all the time.
  • The over/under-exposure indicator does not work with manual lenses. You have to resort to the histogram
  • The electronic horizon covers the whole center of the screen, in a way that you can't really tell what you are filming

Video/lowlight quality is certainly very good. You can design and upload your own - even flat - picture profiles, and quite a lot experts say that you can grade it very well despite the 8bit in camera. 
So it is definitely a lot better as half as good as the A7III. For me, it was just not a great shooting experience. It's another story if you sit on a lot of Nikon glass, for me it was not convincing enough to buy more into the system.


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On 2/24/2021 at 4:03 AM, sandro said:

I have a few manual Nikon F lenses so IBIS is a must have.

I'll offer a very contrarian suggestion.  Consider a refurbished EM10III.  4k with IBIS.  Good battery life.  It's only around $300.  So maybe just supplement it with your current camera and go that route? 

I downgraded to the EM10III when I sold off my GH5.  Lost a lot of higher-end features in the GH5 when I did that...but then found out I don't really need or want those features. Also shoot with manual Nikon primes, usually on a speed booster.

Strange thing to say, but when one is trying to fill filming niches with this hybrid gear, sometimes simple and cheap is a decent bet.  Your needs probably vary, but putting this out there as consideration for everyone.

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however I can't find a reliable source to see how much better is the S5 at high iso compared to the X-T4. I see people say that x-t4 can't do more than 3200 until there's an unusable noise, what about the S5? Does it perform like the A7III? Like this video?

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