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  1. homestar_kevin


    The 110 lenses are great. I have the 18, 24, 50, and 70 and they're all worth getting if you can. The 70mm is a little pricey compared to the rest, but still can be had for less than the cost of the RJ adapter. I bought the RJ adapter and it's nice, but mine is currently broken. If you look at the picture of the rear of the adapter, you'll see 2 silver screws. Those screws are the only thing holding the front/mount part of the adapter onto the base and those two screws fell out on mine. I have not been able to replace them as of yet, but I had a aperture less 110 adapter and have just been using that.
  2. I'd be interested to see the location of the voters as well, is this show available/broadcast outside of the US?
  3. It's crazy but awesome how much stuff can affect the image on this camera. I always thought the OLED Color only tied to the LCD screen as well. Thanks for putting the work in on this one, I'll have to check it out. I don't have a fuji, but being able to match Eterna is pretty awesome
  4. homestar_kevin


    The best lens! Enjoy
  5. I have been using the Gini Monitor Arm for a few years, and it's OK. Not great, but not expensive either. I usually use it with a smallHD dp4 or dp6 monitors with Sony NPF batteries on them. The arm is fine for the dp4, but gets a little unwieldy with the dp6. I got mine with a bunch of other rig components, but it costs about $40 on it's own. I like it, I wish it were beefier and longer, but not long like I've seen other magic arms. If you guys find some good ones, please post here. I'm definitely interested in picking up another one going forward.
  6. Yeah, black panther hate got pretty ugly pretty fast. Really no need for that. In other news, the oscars backtracked and will now air the awards live.
  7. I still have and love my original pocket. It's taken so long to kit it out with all the accessories and find out what set ups work best for me, but man is it awesome when you do. I have and use the Hoya IR Cut filter and that has been absolutely awesome. It seemed to be the consensus pick on BMCuser and it's been great to me. The first thing to do with the camera is figuring out a battery solution. I have the smallrig Sony NP-f Battery adapter that has been great for me because I use so many of those batteries, but figuring out which battery solution works best for you is an important place to start when dealing with the pocket camera
  8. I think Black Panther is fine, I don't love it, but I didn't hate it as much as you seem to. I said it deserves the nomination, not the win. I'd take Blade 1 or 2 over BP or pretty much any super hero movie any day, but if you can't see the historical difference between Meteor Man and Black Panther you're really not looking hard enough. Why not throw in Blankman?
  9. Black Panther Deserves the nominations it got IMO. It was a huge movie in a bad year for movies. I think the bigger issue for this oscars for me is the snubs like Eighth Grade and Sorry to Bother You not getting nominated and If Beale Street Could Talk not getting nominated for enough. But at the same time, at least The Favourite got a best picture Nom.
  10. oh man, people are surprised BM is having a slow roll out? 🤣🤣 This is their move. The cameras are great, but man is it going to take you awhile to get one
  11. Yeah, I'm aware, I'm not sure that changes Kye's reservations or situation about buying from them in AUS. I'm also not sure if you get their 180 day warranty when purchasing through ebay. Either way, KEH is good people and I spend too damn much there.
  12. Keh is awesome and I spend too much money there. I have never received a dud or bad project, and would much rather buy from there than ebay. But yeah, if you're not in the US I could see how you might have reservations. Either way, that version of the lens is readily available for mid $200s
  13. Nah, I mean the 2.8. The two ring zoom version usually sells for around $500, but there's an earlier push/pull version that sells for around half that if you're patient and find one. Just checked, there are several on KEH.com right now for right around $250. I've seen them sell for cheaper on ebay and locally.
  14. Good Score on the primes. Can't beat free. BTM_Pix had a great recomendation with the Nikon Series E 70-210mm f/4 I have that lens and love it. Really great for the price. At the top top end of your posted budget, I would look for an AF-D Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 Push Pull. The original push pull versions can be found really cheap now for how good the optics are.
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