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  1. I've done these ride along style shoots a few times with gopros and here's my experience. We've used 3 or 4 gopro hero 5's I think and monitor them via gopro's phone app while driving behind in a follow car. You can still get connection if you're not in the vehicle, but it's as spotty as you'd think it'd be. It worked, but you do have lag and dropouts. That said, the cameras kept rolling and recording, so The app is more to just make sure you're still rolling. Plan and lock off your shots before you truly start shooting. We kept an audio field recorder in the talent car with mics on talent and lav mics clipped to the cars sun visors. We took a line out from the audio recorder and put it into a sennheiser G3 wireless transmitter. We plugged the g3 receiver into an aux line in in the follow car so we could hear and monitor the conversation in the talent car. We also had a camera shooting out of the window in the follow car to highlight what the talent was talking about in the surrounding neighborhood.
  2. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, just saw your post. That is a C/Y mount Zeiss 50mm 1.4 with a C mount adapter. If you push the little silver button/lever on the back of the lens down or back (towards the rear of the lens), you should be able to unmount the lens from the C mount adapter. After it's loose from the adapter you can get other adapters to mount it onto your Samsung NX, Canon EOS, or pretty much any other camera you'd buy in the future.
  3. Does your current job use adobe CC suite for photo processing/editing? If so, I'd recommend learning premiere. Honestly though, as a beginning editor, just learn any of the major programs and start doing some work. At a certain point you'll get some basics and learn how to make the editor do what you want it to do. At that point, you can transfer your knowledge to other editing programs as needed. Hot key shortcuts and processes can be different between the different programs, but learning how to edit on any of them will give you a huge leg up if you want/need to learn another program in the future.
  4. Ah nice! Had seen some rumors the past few days that it might be removed. I can definitely see the appeal of this for anyone that has older nikon lenses or has a current d750. I'm not interested in it at the launch price, but give it a few months.
  5. I can't seem to find this answer anywhere, does this have a focus motor for AF and AF-D lenses, or did they take that out?
  6. Yeah, I was somewhat tempted to buy a z6 and z50 and just go with that combo for awhile. I only have 2 DX nikon lenses (nikon 18-200, tokina 11-16) but it'd be fun to be in the Z ecosystem and adapt all my other random mount lenses to Z. Did you buy your Z6 as body only or with the 24-70? Honestly it sounds dumb, but I probably would've bought a Z6 around new years if it wasn't for having the buy XQD cards to run it on.
  7. Great stuff. Glad to hear/see the z6 keys well when recording internally. I'm pretty close to buying one, think I probably will sometime this year. Congrats on the new camera and great job!
  8. Yup, just snagged a tascam dr10l. It's white, but it was $130, so I can deal.
  9. I've just seen the adorama reviews for the 300, which pretty much seem good. It's really really bright, It seems way brighter than the ilumi 120 and the a friends aputure 120dii, but I've only done very preliminary tests/tire kicking with the lights. Can't speak to how it compares with a true 300d, but I can say it seems like one of the best options at the price and I'm happy with the purchase so far and look forward to using it and figuring out more about it Definitely recommended
  10. I've been really getting into CLAR brand lights from adorama. CLAR seems to be a house brand they're using to sell various Chinese lighting products. They have the Ilumi Max 120 and 300, which I've gotten one of each. The 120 is bicolor and my 300 is 5600k Daylight balanced. The 300 has a pretty big power brick/ballast with fans and stuff, but the output is incredible. The 120 seems great too. I haven't put these through long term tests, more just unboxing and initial impressions, but they're absolutely awesome. For the price of an aperture 300d mkII, I've gotten the 120, the 300, a 31" china ball bowens modifier, a 38" parabolic bowens softbox, and a fresnel lens attachment. The softboxes both seem awesome and are both easy set up models. The fresnel lens I'm not sure of. It's not a glass fresnel lens up front, but the Lenticular Lens that is there is nice and the unit is pretty good, especially for the price. The fresnel is an area I may buy the aperture brand modifier, but I'm very very happy with everything else I've bought from them.
  11. Oh man, Congrats! I remember buying the nx1 around the same time as you and I've been heavily considering the z6 as I have a lot of Nikon glass. I think I may try and pick up a second nx1 and ride that out for another year or so before snagging a FF mirrorless. Thanks for the report and I'm glad the z6 is looking good. Definitely let me know when you put the nx1 up for sale, I may snag it from you.
  12. New FD, nFD is the generally accepted name for the revised versions of all the FD lenses. They came out after the Breech Lock SSC series stuff and are a bit more compact, black and plastic. New FD is what I've always heard them called though *Shrug*
  13. Bought it. Looks pretty sweet and for the price of a sandwich, I'd say it's worth having around. Thanks for letting us know!
  14. homestar_kevin

    G7 in 2019

    There's a simple button pressing Mod you can do to the g7 to make it record continuously as long as the battery/sd card will allow in any frame rate/quality. It breaks the clips apart at the 4 gig limit, but will continuously record on it's own. I use it to record concerts and theater productions because you can leave it there plugged in
  15. homestar_kevin

    G7 in 2019

    I'm not saying the g85 isn't the better camera g85 being a better value ≠ g7 being a bad value. They can BOTH be good values no?
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