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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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2 minutes ago, Myownfriend said:

No reactions yet?! The Balloons footage looks incredible!

i think it really shows off the dynamic range well.  It has a very nice look to it as well.  I would love to have some ambient audio there considering the camera has such high quality built-in microphones.

This footage definitely looks better than anything I've seen from the Terra 4K.

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14 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

Im not sure if I have seen the UMP. But I have seen the UM4.6K for very reasonable pricing. Also tempting, but I have a soft spot for the BMCC/BMPC4K size and simplicity.

UMP however has better quality control, swappable mounts, and built in NDs. Those are some really big features for me. 

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Colorgraded the Models-footage from vimeo done by @John Brawley in ACES colorspace (Rec709 Idt) just using curves and log tools.
Got rid of the harshness using blur and nodes qualifying brighter skintones with even more filtering. Used curves to compress highlights. Even added NR and grain. Looks way smoother now - download the ProRes 4K file to see for yourselves. 

Wonder what you guys think
Looks good to me at least lol

BTW, I think the Balloon clip looks very much shows the Blackmagic signature look.
Reminds me a lot of my old BMCC 2.5k, just with more detail and way less aliasing and moire. Stunning!

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I don't dislike the overall look you went for (I actually personally like a bit cooler skintones) but I do think everything starts to look a bit waxy and weird. Might have to do with grading 8 bit footage. Overall I think Brawleys footage would be a much better neutral starting point.

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17 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

Ive found an Ursa Major (does anyone even remember it ;) ), asking price is bellow a Fuji X-H1 :)
A lot of camera for the money, both in size and performance.

Yup, but those bargain priced ones are probably stuck with the PL Mount, & of course have that 4K sensor which is BMD's worst. 


If only it was the 4.6K sensor and EF then I'd suck it up and put up with the weight and bulk for that low low low price 

16 hours ago, DBounce said:

Interesting that on the website thy show the camera surrounded by many lenses. But almost all of the lenses are Olympus, with only a couple Panasonic, Veydras and the odd SLR Magic and Voit thrown in for good measure. I wonder if this is an indication that they feel Panasonic users would largely not be interested in this camera? Interestingly, at NAB almost all of the cameras that were not mounted with giant cine zoom were fitted with Panasonic lenses. 



I bet the real reason is they don't want to give too much limelight to one of their main competitors: Panasonic 


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18 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

I bet the real reason is they don't want to give too much limelight to one of their main competitors: Panasonic 

The lenses are the ones we had available when the photography was done. As @jonpais says, we try to be as agnostic as we can practically be and we often recommend Panasonic lenses and others to people at trade shows etc when they ask.

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Finally got to watch the "Nature" one in 4K via Vimeo & it all looks stunning! WTF does YT do to make some stuff look so God Damn Awful!?

10 hours ago, Savannah Miller said:

Doesn't look like any gimbal was used.  I'm guessing almost all of it is just a monopod and the opening shot looks like an imperfectly balanced glidecam/steadicam merlin shot.

The Balloon one looks great, apart from the opening Gimbal shots - handheld or imperfectly balanced? Think it might be handheld, as the first shot looking down from the balloon looks like it is - but tough conditions filming in a balloon, so no complaints. The rest looks great, especially the CU of the girl in the balloon.

Just can't wait for all the complaints about battery life now.....

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