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  1. As if I'm the one that started this fire? I can admit that I can get emotional, but a troll I am not. And now he's giving out my email address? What was the point, so that your "followers" can harass me via email or something? Btw, that's a reference to a movie, a well known one, that inspired a lot of people to get into film-making. Is that something that someone who works on films should be ashamed off? Also Andrew, that "mumbling" that that Chinese Youtuber is doing isn't mumbling but actually another language believe it over not. And considering you can't understand his language and don't know who it is, you're assuming a lot to put him down.
  2. As if I hadn't already said that I came here to participate in the forum. Not like I joined just to insult you. You aren't the draw of the forum, at least not for me, and I'm sure for most members of this forum. I didn't join this place to get closer to prestigious Andrew Reid. I joined so that I can participate in discussions with the likes of people like Captain Hook and John Brawley. Seriously, from a guy who has an ego of his own, you really need to get yours under control.
  3. Again, not his customers and in some case, not even Blackmagic's customers.
  4. Why should you get any? I never got anything from your articles. You're not a star here. Stop acting like you deserve praise. You don't want to put up with people disagreeing with you then don't start a forum. At least now I know that you apparently did this all to try to create a following for yourself. And I know that, should you ever talk about a Blackmagic product again, I'll know that you're speaking from the perspective of someone whose bitter that they wouldn't stroke your ego. I just want to point out that JB and I got into a disagreement recently and, for all I know, he was probably including me in that post that you quoted in your blog and I didn't go on a "That no good John Brawley. Thinking he's so special. *huff puff*" rant. The guy gets @'d by idiots and non-idiots alike all day.
  5. Andrew probably will in due time. I'm not one of his followers so he probably doesn't want me on this forum. That's something he actual does have the right to, but I'll still consider him a child for doing it ? The fact is that all the people who've visited his site over the years have been supporting him by doing so. I could just as easily read his post to suggest that he feels we're all lucky to read his opinions. I've personally never found the few posts that I read of his to be all that enlightening but I wasn't gonna fault him for that... until he wrote his recent blog post.
  6. You're the one who made your posts and forums available for free. If you thought you had the pull to charge for them then you probably would have. Quit your bitching ?
  7. I don't post on BMC user because of I'm a "follower" of the person who made the site, I post because of the community. Same reason I posted on DV info for many years or on Facebook groups or on hear. If someone acts childish and entitled then why wouldn't I call them out on it on their own site. Owning a site isn't a special thing nor is a shield to any criticisms.
  8. They aren't low, those are the standard bit rates of ProRes at those resolutions and frame rates. The bit rates are all listed in megabytes per second not megabits. I think they didn't specify because I guess ProRes is usually at least 10-bit and probably because no Blackmagic camera has ever recorded in 8-bit so they may have wrongfully assumed that everyone knew already.
  9. The video taken at the Seoul Zoo wasn't uploaded by BMD but was confirmed legitimate by BMD and the person who filmed it took a picture of the Pocket 4K setup that they used.
  10. Except that's completely wrong. You can shoot all resolutions in RAW or ProRes. When they say it always shoots "full sensor" they mean that it's a 1:1 pixel mapping with no super sampling so 3840x2160 and 1920x1080 would be considered "windowed".
  11. I found myself doing that a bit awhile back too and I kind of called myself out on it. When I stopped shying away from green tints and cooler tones, I started notice how much color contrast and I was robbing that picture of. Of course, that's just when it comes to color correction not when going to for a look. I think part of the issue is just that they're using an FPGA. An actually custom chip would be more suited to that.
  12. They're actually properly white balanced. You just tend to prefer things to be very warm looking judging from your grades. For example, the sun is rising in the balloon shot and everything else in the shot is in shadow so it would actually be very blue because it's being lit by the sky itself. In the forest shot, you made all the trees very yellow which makes things feel sunnier, but the trees are obviously green. A lot of BMD shooters seem to do that though, but it's a preference, it's not accurate.
  13. Pretty sure that was just what the white balance was set to.
  14. Yea, I don't understand that one. I'm seeing some grades where all the detail in her hair is just crushed out.
  15. As someone who has no experience with BMD's newer cameras, I didn't know that was an option. I kind of love that ? Saves a little (very little) space when shooting certain things. I think you might have crushed it in your grade. I still see it in my grade.
  16. Can't help it. I tend to like a less punchy grade ?
  17. This is something that frequently frustrates me even outside of the videography/photography world. People get so set in their ways that they may even choose to use something objectively worse just because they're used to it. It's always good to see that there are people willing to sit down with something and not reject it just because it's different. This is actually surprising to hear. From what I can tell, the Pocket 4K is a little larger than two Micro's side by side, but I guess after rigging up the Micro it very quickly loses it's size advantage. Actually this reminds me, there's a guy who's a BMD evangelist whose name escapes me at the moment but he's an older gentleman, who was interviewed about the Pocket 4K and said that the final version will be a little lighter (which we knew was the case with the whole carbon fiber thing) but also slightly smaller. Do you know if there's any truth to the final version being slightly smaller or did he misspeak?
  18. @webrunner5 If it can't be done with the CST plugin in Resolve then maybe I'll try to make one for you for free ?
  19. You mean magnetic tape compared to CD audio? Scientifically, you can't hear the difference. No it's not. The film making business is about careful planning and polish as is the case with making food. Film and food consumption are about gut reactions... the second more literally than the first.
  20. Beautifully put! This kind of sounds like when audiophiles claim that magnetic tape sounds better than CDs and that they can hear the difference.
  21. This is true. One time I was filming something with my original Pocket using an RGB LED strip. I set the color to a purple color (swinging a little closer to magenta), yet when I looked back at the footage, the Pocket rendered it as a deep blue.
  22. Maybe wait until this camera comes out and they're actually juxtaposed. You may even be able to use the CST plugin to make Pocket 4K look like original Pocket footage and then you just grade from there. BMD isn''t going to release anything that shoots less than 4K now and Fairchild doesn't make any 4K S16 or 4/3 sensors.
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