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  1. There are now 4 more films that have been uploaded to the Official Blackmagic Design Gallery for the Pocket 4K. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/au/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/gallery
  2. While it's such a bane of modern day life, this shows how using weak/simple/convenient passwords can quickly undo a stellar reputation in record time. Possibly a reminder to us all about how we go about accessing our online lives.
  3. Hey Mattias, do you still have your Nikon D750? I'd love to see a comparison between the D750 and the 5D III. Nikon Flat versus 5D III RAW. Does that massive leap in bitrate grant you a huge advantage in the final image?
  4. With a SmallHD monitor with Sidefinder mounted to the side of a BMMCC, you could end up with a form factor similar to a Director's Viewfinder perhaps?
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