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RED RAVEN. Only available in Apple Store.

Dave Maze

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42 minutes ago, AaronChicago said:

Haven't kept up with REDs offerings lately, but why isn't the Raven available at RED's site?

Apparently because they were selling like hotcakes:




Only word that really comes to mind is Clusterfuck. We will ship almost 5x as many Raven's this month as we did last month but the orders keep coming in unfortunately faster than we can push them down... it feels like a never ending battle. To most businesses that would sound like a dream come true, but it really screws up the entire system... and there is not enough profit in Raven to just add a whole new building and staff to facilitate making those at the speed we need to. Just to give you some transparency... we had a few massive Raven orders last month that alone would push things out well into next Christmas , and that is if we stopped making everything else. 

So we are arresting new orders of Ravens till we catch up with existing orders. 

Sorry Raven peeps... the wait has been and will continue to be painful. 

I made a big mistake with Raven... it is just too good for the price and we can't make them fast enough and I have a feeling we never will. I need to take my lashings over that one so feel free to continue to send me hate mail over that one. 

Brent suggests opening up the upgrade option from Raven to Scarlet-W again for those that just can't wait.. which we will do starting today... but really... if you are pissed off and sick of waiting please just cancel your order. Nobody will hold it against you, and if you can't wait I would prefer you to do so. I lose sleep over thinking of all you Raven guys and girls continuing to wait.


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Little more to it, go to the Raven page and click 'Shop now', you're taken to the Apple Store listing. First I thought it was for Apple to plug and bundle their own Final Cut Pro X software, but again, seems like there's a little more to it. Maybe it was Apple who knew how to quickly create more production capacity for high demand products and lend 'em a hand, in return letting them be the front for sales.

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Red basically realized they were selling the Raven way too cheap. 
Pretty sure the profit margin on this new package deal went way up.

Old "Basic I/O Package" Red Raven price was:

RED RAVEN BRAIN w/ Media Bay / Canon EF Mount
DSMC² Base I/O V-Lock Expander
1 x RED MINI-MAG - 120GB
DSMC² Universal Handle
1-Year Standard Warranty
$9,950 / $1,000 Deposit


Now they throw in a FCPX code, two IDX batteries, a Sigma lens and a hardcase all "valued" at around $2000

and sell the new package for $14,999.95.

Smart move if you ask me. :) 



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