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  1. Lol..why does this thread even exist? Want 4k 60fps..there are other comers out there that do this just fine.
  2. You could also look for a 2nd hand GTX960 card. I have one and can 4K NX1 footage real time in Premiere, also able to add adjustment layers/lumetri and still have smooth playback.
  3. What cards did you try and did you have CUDA selected under: File ->Project Settings->Video Rendering and Playback. Mine was originally set to OpenCL and wasn't performing as well.
  4. Got a GTX960 and NX1 files playback just fine in full res. even with a lumetri adjustment layer on top. Maybe because the GTX960 has a H.265 decoder chip onboard. But works very well on my (budget) system.
  5. But the Sony's are full frame sensors. Odd comparison..no?
  6. Can't go wrong with a (used) Lumix G7. I bought a new one in the Netherlands for 400e last month.
  7. After seeing the positive experiences of other bitrate hack users, I decided to give it another go. Unfortunately I am still getting dropped frames in 120fps mode. I'm using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s U3 card. Bitrate at 160: Original bitrate 80: Who is getting a solid 120fps (119,88) with higher bitrates and what cards are you using?
  8. I tried the hack once. It resulted in framedrops in 120fps mode and also some corrupted frames in several clips. The footage also made Premiere run much slower compared to normal NX1 clips. Cannot say I noticed much benefit of the higher bitrate. Overall, not a fan. Just stick to original (unhacked) bitrate.
  9. If you need to stay mobile, yes. If you would like to keep using Premiere and don't mind switching to Windows desktop, a $1000 well specced pc would be a much cheaper alternative to a new Macbook pro. That is at least what I did and kept my old macbook for data management on location and light short 1 minute edits on the go.
  10. Just to be sure in Premiere.. Check your setting under File ->Project Settings->Video Rendering and Playback. You want to select the CUDA option, if available. This makes a drastic difference on my desktop pc. Should work on a 2013 15 mac pro with Geforce graphics card as well.
  11. Shot with low contrast and sharpness in the Portrait picture profile. Then added a lut from Deluts at 65% Hope that helps!
  12. Gave it a try over the weekend. Works surprisingly well. 4K 24fps shutter 1/50 NX1 50-200 OIS III AF:
  13. Intel and Blackmagic have been working together to improve Iris Graphics performance (Intel i5/i7 proccessor). Good chance that you will be just fine using your onboard graphics and without the need to upgrade to an Nvidia card. In the free version on my pc I don't really see any performance difference when switching from OpenCL to Cuda in Resolve.
  14. Colours look gorgeous. And full frame is <3 How is the rolling shutter in 4K?
  15. Weird to offer full HEVC support in the MacOS version but leave it out of the free Windows version. Maybe it's the way Apple have implemented HEVC decoding into High Sierra...or maybe Apple are more demanding of software developers to implement the latest available resources. Which they probably will be doing now that the latest iPhones use HEVC for 4k60fps.
  16. I have the same issue on Windows 10 with i7/GTX960 setup. Only audio is being imported. Davinci metadata sees the files as audio only...doesn't display any resolution or fps info. Strangely enough NX1 HEVC files import fine on my old 13 macbook pro. (and struggle to playback at around 8fps)
  17. Red basically realized they were selling the Raven way too cheap. Pretty sure the profit margin on this new package deal went way up. Old "Basic I/O Package" Red Raven price was: RED RAVEN BRAIN w/ Media Bay / Canon EF Mount DSMC² Base I/O V-Lock Expander AC POWER ADAPTOR (DSMC) 1 x RED MINI-MAG - 120GB WEAPON RED TOUCH 4.7" LCD DSMC² Universal Handle 1-Year Standard Warranty $9,950 / $1,000 Deposit Now they throw in a FCPX code, two IDX batteries, a Sigma lens and a hardcase all "valued" at around $2000 and sell the new package for $14,999.95. Smart move if you ask me.
  18. Apparently because they were selling like hotcakes: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?152780-Holiday-Update-IPP2-Preview-Build
  19. "With HEVC, Apple is enabling high-quality video streaming on networks where only HD streaming was previously possible, while hardware acceleration on the new iMac and MacBook Pro deliver incredibly fast and power-efficient HEVC encoding and editing." Remains to be seen if it will be available on select older spec machines. I'm sure future hackintosh builds will be able to make full use of it. On my old 13inch macbook it did not seam to be using the full potential of the hardware. (CPU around 40%, cooling fans spinning slow)
  20. Finally it's coming to a mac near you: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2017/06/macos-high-sierra-delivers-advanced-technologies-for-storage-video-and-graphics/ I had a play with a developer version of High Sierra on an entry level 2013 '13 Macbook pro and it...sort of works. Quicktime accepts and plays the NX1 files but the computer struggles with 4k or 60fps HD files. Still..good enough for a preview. But you will need a beefier setup for smooth playback. Looking forward to see it implemented in FCPX this fall.
  21. Could be a loose wire. I recently had an NTG-2 mic with a broken signal wire. If you have access to a soldering iron and are a bit handy yourself then it's an easy fix. The microphone itself is a fairly simple device to take apart. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repairing+Rode+NTG2+disconnected-loose+wiring/45546
  22. I think that video is correct. The 1DC was also less sharp when directly compared to a GH4 or NX1 back in the day. Of course we can argue endlessly about which image is better, the (over) sharp GH4/NX1 image or the softer image of the 1DC.
  23. To be 100% correct on this one, it has aliasing in 120fps and if you go over ISO200, the image becomes soft (due to built in noise reduction). Shooting shallow DOF and with sufficient light gives you an image that is hard to beat for the price thought.
  24. If you download the short clip they uploaded you will see that it's a 4K 60 fps H.264 file with bitrates around 90-120mbps. But I'm not nitpicking about the bitrate that much...it's an action camera in the end..image quality looks nice for what it is. The large elephant in the room with this camera is that weird cyan vignetting all over the image. I can't see how anyone who likes to grade their footage would ever consider buying a camera with such a major flaw. Let's hope it's just a pre-production error...but I'm not holding my breath on this one yet.
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