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  1. Tascam DR60, DR680, Metric Halo ULN 2, Metric Halo 2822
  2. You are dreamer...Photons SONY A 7II vs NX 500 SAMSUNG Ups!
  3. No I use APS-C and Kigamo Scanback 145 Mio PIxel on 4/5 Inch Camera- not intersted in FF to heayv lenses
  4. Android 7 w LG G5 Smartphone is ok now. Mode always in Automatic, for Studio Flash (Flash no Trigger) go to Manual Mode. Somtimes lost connection... But SAMSUNG TABLET S2 wont install the Samsung Accessory Pack ( even with APK)
  5. Just have a nice Talk in messenger with Luca he can make this for us using EF-S lenses he is a HERO keeping NX alive!
  6. I t would be good if Luca gives some us Infos: 1. AF IS and EF Full control with the new Speed Booster and EXIF Data? 2. A version without the Speedbooster lens element ?
  7. Did anybody know the Rolling Shutter A6500 in 4K? Is it the same as A6300? Have 4 NX Cams one A6500 ( mostly for Pictures) w. my Canon Lenses where the NX has no control over aperture IS AF EXIF. SONY with a Super Menuestructure , long Battery Life, great LCD Colors & dimming = IRONY ON. But I like the 5 Axis Stabi the Focus check button often AF is missing with my Focusdiox Pro Adapter
  8. NX 500 Video Time limit removing. Can't get rid of the hack or have longer clips. Loop forever... Video of the hack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4kkun9d9chc1mw/NX500.mp4?dl=0
  9. So wunderfull hope it works on Android 7. On 4.4 and Ppad its also new!
  10. TNX was not aware of the tiny arrow upward
  11. I dont see any Options in Picture Wizzard *Gamma Normal" for Saturation Sharpness or Contrast
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