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  1. Yep, exactly - a pronounced distortion at the corners with little effect on the center. I did some handheld video on a job yesterday with the 50mm 1.8 and I didn’t see any wobble. So the IBIS is useful, but limited. What was the issue on Fuji’s? The xt2 never had ibis, correct? So was it an effect that was visible without any mechanical stabilization? there might be software that Nikon is running with ibis that we don’t know about. So just because we’ve got Distortion correction disabled, doesn’t mean there’s no computing happening we don’t know about. It may be purely mechanical, or it may be something that Nikon can change in the firmware
  2. I agree that the weird IBIS artifacts almost disappear at 50mm, but it’s not distortion correction that’s causing this. I tested a couple of manual focus wide angle lenses with corrections turned off, and saw the same wobbles.
  3. I tested the Z6 with IBIS on and using an older 20mm D lens, with distortion correction turned off. Had the same wobble effect, so this is definitely not a lens correction profile that's causing this. It seems the z-axis movement of the IBIS (pitch/yaw?) causes a weird "shimmy" effect in video, especially when combined with wide angle lenses (35mm and below at full frame). When using 50mm and above, the effect is minimal, and when it appears, is barely noticeable.
  4. I have, it’s absolutely not an eVR artifact. This happens with only ibis on, especially at wide angle. Handhold a video for a couple minutes, at 24-35mm, just holding the camera still without using any other bracing. Play it back and you’ll see it - it’s like ibis decides, without any obvious reason, to shimmy diagonally and then resettle. It’s not compensating for anything, it just inexplicably wiggles.
  5. The one thing that they point out in this review that I haven’t seen in any other review is that weird IBIS “shimmy.” I’m noticing it on my Z6 as well, and can’t figure out if there’s a solution. It seems to be more prominent at wide angles, and when it happens, it’s totally jarring.
  6. how does the D5 4K compare to the D850? I know that the D5 is super 35 only, but apart from that... quality, image, etc. should be about on par?
  7. How does the rolling shutter compare to A7sII? 1DX II? And given that the 1DX II has no LOG natively, how does the quality of the flat profile and overall look of the 4K footage compare to the regular profiles from the 1DX II?
  8. I don't think that using an external recorder gets you 10 bit with the C200
  9. That's a great idea! Is there an arm that you would recommend ?
  10. I'm documenting the work of biologists in NYC who study coyotes that live in and around the city. So video is shooting clips of folks at work in a lab, or in the field when they are tracking animals, recording short interviews, etc.
  11. I'm using standard USM lenses. That's the trouble with full frame on canon - there are only two STM lenses that are compatible with full frame, and neither is a focal length I need. Video for me is secondary to stills on a shoot, so I was hoping to keep my setup very simple. So, an on camera microphone and done. But you're right, maybe off-camera mic, or a very directional microphone to an external recorder is a necessary solution. any other ideas?
  12. Hi guys, It seems like dual pixel AF is unanimously praised, and I also love it for stills work, which is most of what I do. For video, how do you guys take advantage of dual pixel AF when a camera mounted mic picks up so much lens noise during focusing? Im using a 5D IV with a rode videomic pro, and for video I've been using manual focus simply because of the AF noise. Do you guys have any workarounds?
  13. ivanku


    I'm pretty new to video, am mainly a photographer and have been lurking on EOSHD for a while. Lately I've been trying Andrew's LOG and LUTs on the 5D IV in 1080p
  14. ivanku


    Just download the utility for a 1DX II, it'll work fine with your new 5D
  15. Hi guys, I want to ask those of you who use Canon SLRs that use an MJPEG codec, what's your workflow processing big files, specifically in Premiere? I'm pretty new to video, my main work is all stills. But, i'm starting to shoot video on an ongoing project as a way of adding to the documentary that i'm doing. I'm still new to video workflow in general, but MJPEG files have left me especially stuck. Do you transcode them before importing into your editing software? if so, what app do you use? and what codec do you prefer to transcode into? also, what are ways to reduce lag when editing 4K files? Create proxies? Sorry for a beginner question, but any of you willing to give me a bit of help - I'd appreciate it
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