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  1. Looks like it'll be able to do 4K on both the rear and front facing camera. Seems like a huge upgrade. Thoughts? I wonder what Sony has in store for the upcoming RX100VI? Maybe it'll feature 4K/60 as well? https://www.macrumors.com/2017/08/03/iphone-8-4k-60fps-video-front-back-camera/
  2. Apparently they'll be available to demo in select Apple stores?
  3. How long do you think it'll be before we see unlimited 240fps recording at 1080p with full pixel readout? RX100VI? a7sIII?
  4. I want to test out an a9 at my local Best Buy, but I'm afraid they might yell at me for putting my own card into the camera for testing. Did you have any issues with that at the Sony store Andrew?
  5. My used NX500 is on the latest, last firmware. Anyway to tell if it's been hacked/flashed?
  6. How does it compare to the NX1 just in terms of detail?
  7. This is exciting news! Can't wait to see what Sony does with their next generation of cameras. Already saving up for a7sIII
  8. Anyone have experience with both of these cameras? Both are on sale right now at B&H and was wondering which one has better IQ. I'd assume neither of these cameras do a full pixel readout, right? Any alternatives in this ($400) price range?
  9. According to this tweet from someone who has already seen the movie, it looks like the upcoming Blair Witch movie or at least parts of it might have been shot on the a7/a7s.
  10. Will the original a7s receive a price drop?
  11. For those that own or have used the camera, does it feel like it could potentially cannibalize the sales of the A7s? Obviously, the A7s is better in terms of low light performance, but that's probably about it, right?
  12. I hope an update does happen soon. That way, hopefully, the A7s receives a price drop.
  13. Looks like the price just went up to $444.
  14. I'm thinking about buying one as well from there. Hope everything works out.
  15. To me, It looks like the FS100 is a bit better looking than the a7 in your comparison video. Would you say that is true? Does the a7 hold up against the FS100?
  16. ​To be honest with you, I'm looking for shallow depth of field and some nice detail. I've used the a7s for a shoot and fell in love with that camera. I have been trying to find something comparable that is somewhat within my budget (1,000 or so), but I'm not having much luck.
  17. Thanks for the response. All of that seems a little out of my range at this point in terms of budget. I think it would be just cheaper for me to buy the FF a7 or an NX500 with a prime lens for it.
  18. ​Is there a cheap adapter out there that would allow me to put a Canon EF 50mm 1.8 on a G7?
  19. You can't go wrong with the a7s. I used it for a shoot, and I was absolutely blown away by it.
  20. As a video camera, I've heard nothing but BAD things about it. Video is murky, codec is garbage, low-light is abysmal, etc. But I'm on a budget, and I want a camera that can give me nice bokeh right out of the box. Is it worth the investment knowing its faults? Or should I just get something with a smaller sensor like the NX500 or a G7 and be done with it?
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