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  1. After spending 4000plus dollars we get ''FREE'' 10bit out of the box for unreliable AF mode and proven history. WOw. Canon is not parameter here, we forgot it a long time ago. We are now fuji generation.
  2. Unless they offer C4k 60fps in full-frame with strong codec internally [we can still excuse autofocussing ability]!!!? which they won't do it with even paid firmware because they have to protect EVA1. So basically these new cameras are new fancy toys in town not worth looking at them for the next 3 to 4 years. Having 60fps on the external recorder is not worth shifting from Awesome Z6 or A7iii. But it is worth shifting if S1 does it internally full-frame C4K 60fps. Till then its fancy toy another branch of Leica.
  3. Sony got 2 middle fingers on same day one for pocket camera on for their own fs52.??
  4. I dont have grudge on anybody. So chill. Camera companies sounds having 10bit is the mighty technological wonder for below 10k. Thats where my concern is. Dint you see gh5 video focussing tests? Yes i need a new firmware adressing that. Childishhhhhhh!
  5. Stupid, while you argue about a pice of equipment i use them to do something. I give a fuck about panasonic or canon. To me they have 70% margin over their withholding/deciding when to realese technologies, while we argue about their peanuts. Can you imagine what kind of paramount technology used for below video, can you also guess budget would be? I will soon post a video done entirley on Varicam LT and 35. If i need high quality[with budget], only choice is Alexa. rest donnow what they are doing, except Red.
  6. Isnt too old anaolgy to sell camera for this generation. [Here's the thing: A builder needs drills and saws and hammers. A painter needs a canvas and paint brushes and paints and paint tools. A cameraman (usually) needs a camera. If it's a hobby for you, you use what you can afford. The expensive cameras on the market are not aimed at hobbyists for the exact reason that hobbyists cannot afford $10k for a camera body.] Since internet and blogs like this made easy to understand who ripping your money more esily than other. An ameture becomes a pro in a day[may be somebody shuld write thread about pro]. To me Eva1 is a looser. lets see what they have next. I am sure magiclanthern will enable middle codec everybody disappointed, very soon.
  7. Actuallu they need to fire Entire team who is behind ' auto focus performance in video' saying Focus tracking in video has been improved[ Version 2.0] other than that its perfect as it was.
  8. I need on board RAW[some form of] and Autofocus and great low light sensitivity. Eva cant offer anything what i need. So please dont get angry over a pice of plastic box. Its ok EVA can have Great 8bit codec for slowmotion and no viewfinder, crop slowmotion, Can justify all that money. good for you, good for panasonic. Its my personal opinion also i have done several projects on Varicam 35,Pure And LT.
  9. My hope is the next camera i own should last at least 5 years. Yes Pansonic EVA1 is disppointing, specially 420 8bit for 60fps. Meanwhile i cant rent gh5 for 50 dollers.
  10. its been more than 2 years that I am using Rx10mk2. time to upgrade. After newsshooter review On EVA1-Lack of viewfinder-4:2:0 in 60fps-No dual fixel focus, Not great in low light. Its not really an upgrade, panasonic is too late for market or trend. Right now my choice is C200 for its internal 12bit and 10bit RAW light upto 60fps, Viewfinder, Great autofocus with native lenses. Lets see what comes ahead..
  11. Guys please post videos shot with D850. Gh5 is Dslr video king rest are all kids catchng up.
  12. 4 things i hope they can add in firmware, then i leave sony for good. *4k peaking *4k slowmotion *4k highbitrate *Face [Focus] tracking
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