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Introducing Rectilux FF Single Focus Adapters (Rectilux 5FF, Rectilux 7FF & Rectilux 9FF Announced)


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Yeah, now that I have moved into production mode with most of my quotes in, I am looking at an introductory special price on the 5FF and 7FF, 25 people would attract a significant discount as well as the built in weight saving.


I will be announcing something shortly as well as unveiling the first look at Rectilux 9FF Ultrawide Scope lens

180 = 1+ 8+ 0 = 9

Rectilux 9FF Ultrawide 180 deg FOV


Then followed by the new blue version of the Rectilux 3FF

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I don't have a ton of money to spend on new gear yet, but would love to see these products get distributed out soon with reviews and inputs from other users! The specs look amazing on paper, but how will it fare performance wise? Very excited to see what's in store for Anamorphic users in the near future.

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Performance is a non issue. You can safely assume I have the skills to deliver, I am a qualified engineer and have also worked for three glass majors, check my FB profile. There is much to see on Rectilux 3FF and they were assembled by my own hands to get to know all the issues in making them work to high standards. The other models in the range are based on the same computer simulations and glass and precision engineering. Coupled with a 14 day money back to comply with consumer distance selling regulations, there is nothing to worry about.
The commercial Rectilux versions are each sculptered from a solid lump of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium which means very high accuracy can be achieved, especially centricity and the production custom glass has already been seen to be excellent if you look at my Flickr page in my footer.
Rectilux 9FF is now unveiled. :)
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Some more news from Rectilux.


Earlier I posted some footage from experiments in superwide anamorphic. The Rectilux 9FF now has a face and it is the first incarnation of the various embodiments I have been experimenting with. It is a 2x zoom anamorphic lens, field of view 180-90 degrees. Some product views on my website.









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That's wide.  what imaging area are you projecting onto for the 180deg's?  I assume if it's a zoom the aperture will be small and thus we'll not see any anamorphic defocus artefacts?  I'm amazed you've managed to squeeze all of the required elements into such a short assembly.  I'm guessing for s35mm you'll need at least 4-6 elements to do the afocal fish eye front, 2 for the focus diopters and then the anamorphic + zoom in that little space.  Unless it's bigger than it looks?  

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More news from Rectilux...
Rectilux 3FF will be available in two versions, 
the wide version Rectilux 3FF-W is guaranteed to fit  Kowa 2X (BH, 8Z, 16H) types, Chretien Hypergonar 16 STOP (All 6 variants) type, ISCO ULTRA-STAR 2X (RED, GOLD, STUDIO) types, VIDOSCOPE Super 16mm 2X.
The standard 3FF is guaranteed to fit Möller 32/2X CinemaScope Anamorphot, Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-S 2X types, Sankor 16-C 2X types
Specification is at the website:
VR product view is at
and for the lazy mousers a vimeo here:
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More news from Rectilux...
Rectilux 3FF will be available in two versions, the 3FF-S version (S for stealth) is the smallest and lightest of all Rectilux, designed specifically for Run n Gun operation and discreet shooting. 
Rectilux 3FF-S AnaFocus attachment features Floating Zone Focus as standard and supports 72mm filters. Coupled with fast, responsive smooth and slick single focus, you will never miss a shot.
The pocket size Rectilux 3FF-S is the perfect entry level model for the world of CinemaScope shooting on a budget.
Rectilux 3FF-S is guaranteed to fit 
1     Möller 32/2X CinemaScope Anamorphot** type
2     Kowa Prominar Anamorphic 16-S 2X type
3     Sankor 16-C 2X type
4     Prima 16-CS 2X type
5     ISCO S8 2X (with infinity modification) 
more will follow
Specification is at the website: 
VR product view is at
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IMO this thread, and no offense John, but its a whole bunch of CGI and nothing more. There are no prices listed, and when I talked to John 1 on 1 a month or two back he did not give me any information, just like these posts of new products without anything really being revealed.


Yeah you have tests, but so do the FM module, and the FM Module has a price under 1000k dollars, something which John was hesitant to say about his products when I asked.

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Personally i'm disappointed with the quality of testing. You don't charge $3000+ for a product and then shoot pillars and DVD cases. I don't think it's too much to ask to get some real-world tests up. With people. Just not the right way to show off the quality of your product. And all of these new items have no tests at all. You post up "product demos" that are just CG fly-bys of what the products will look like. You may be a great engineer, but you definitely need some help with the marketing aspect. 


Trying to be genuinely helpful too, please don't take it as an attack. 

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is it hard to understand why?

have you had a meaningful convo with the guy that makes the FM?

he seems to pick & choose who he speaks with to,

not getting involved in a thread promoting his lens seems crazy to me

I'm still waiting to see a few more tests from both providers, though the size of the other is off-putting

would like to see a moller with 50mm olympus 1.8

to keep overall weight & size down or some other small 35mm lens with better quality than the olympus,

but based on what I've seen I have no doubts the smaller blue unit will be more usefull and easier to carry in your pocket,

something that some people may consider paying a premium for, but not too much more.

reduced costs on materials of the body may mean more money spent on the glass?

but for me, I'm not so sure if I really want the anamorphic look all the time,

I dont mind the flares but that can be done in post, the oval bokeh looks wrong to me sometimes

500 + the cost of an anamorphic could buy me a few other lenses without the hassle of anamorphics,

I certainly cant afford multiple adapters to cover different focal lengths, and additional lenses.

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I assume this Baby Blue will be less than 500e and cheaper to ship than the other module and fits the Moller which I think will be the anamorphic i'll try for, if I can find one.



I think you can bet your house that the 3FF-S will come around the figure you mentioned.  The models supported can be found here:
However, it may well turn out that folks will have committed their funds elsewhere before my handsome OEM prices become public. :P:P:P
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hope to see some finished product soon John - looks like you have been very busy!!


if the finished lenses look like the VR then you are onto a winner!


there is a whole bunch of ppl about to order the FM module so get something finished soon

I like to Buy British !


Thx Andy,
as mentioned earlier in this thread, I have been doing this for some time now. Over two years ago I posted a candidate lens scheme at Personal View long before I joined this forum ;)
It was just a case of dusting off my CAD designs which had been on my hard drive and also it was necessary to provide the precision engineers (PE) with these files.
The finished product will be exactly as shown in the VRs because they are the solid 3D models that have been passed to the PEs. The only thing I cannot guarantee is the exact shade of colour :)
Basically the solid 3D CAD models are fed to a CNC machine such as the one in the video below. The machine sculpts each Rectilux from a solid block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium similar to the process you can see below, after which they are sent off for anodization.
This is the way things are done in the 21st Century and Rectilux has been designed specifically to make use of such methods.
Despite these new flashy creations I believe that nothing compares to the potent raw creativity of the original Rectilux, built with my own hands.
BTW your patriotism is commendable  :P
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