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  1. I'm selling a copy of the smallest Anamorphic lens in the world, the Baby Hypergonar 1.75x. It's been said there were only about 50 of these ever made. Designed by the OG, Henri Chretien, and made in 1957. It is in great condition. Comes with a little black carry case. Really lovely copy, no scatches, fungus, haze. Body is in great shape. There are a few small coating blemishes on the front, but they are so hard to see I couldn't even capture them in the pictures, and they don't show up in performance. Can be used by just focusing your taking lens or in combination with a single foc
  2. My first footage shot with my Baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens. Cut to the music of Dances with Wolves. Enjoy
  3. Guys, i cleaned the glass of my Baby Hypergonar and after that suddenly became misty in the inside. Specially when exposed to the sun light. Will it evaporate??? its been like this for 3 hours. Heres a pic.
  4. Hi my dear anamorphic friends ! here is a "Scarface's like" wedding :) and my brother's wedding :) all this was shot in GH4 4K and 1080p 96fps happy end of the summer ! :)
  5. Hi guys ! Yes I have just received the GH4 this morning :) 1st test : why not put my 60’s baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens in the 4K cinema mode ? :) Fast filming, run and gun documentary style, focusing improvisation Doing 4K is for me like in 2006 when I went from SD to HDV. A huge orgasm ! Viva GH4 ! :) Baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens on Qioptiq LINOS Mevis-C C-mount lens 35mm f1.6 (most of the shot were taken at f2) No diopter, no CC, variable Cokin ND filter EOSHD guide cineV preset settings 4KC mode 1080P streaming version on Vimeo, 4K version available for down
  6. Hello everybody, here is my new anamorphic set ! :) baby Berthiot Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens Qioptiq Linos MeVis-C 35mm f1.6 C-mount lens I've order a special machined step up flat ring, then unscrew from the C-mount lens the ring that maintains the glass, then replace by the flat ring. I've screwed the original Berthiot small clamp, then screw and aligned the anamorphic. This combination of these two lenses seem to be very promising. Sharpness and no vignetting :) Here is the set and two pictures taken with it on my OMD (video is coming soon). Thanks for your attention.
  7. Hello ! Here are some stills taken with OM-D E-M5 + Qioptiq MeVis-C C-mount 35mm f1.6 (most of them taken at full aperture f1.6) + baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X anamorphic lens (+ Tokina 0.5 diopter sometimes) More samples here : http://www.eoshd.com/comments/gallery/album/108-qioptiq-baby-hypergonar-stills/ and here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/43243778@N04/ Here at f1.6 at 1,3 meter with diopter : crop : here at 5 meters, no diopter, at full aperture f1.6 : crop : Thanks for watching, any com
  8. Hi my anamorphic friends ! Here are some new stuff taken with my favorite light and sharp anamorphic combo. Tell me what you think ! Thanks for watching !   https://vimeo.com/78594325     This movie has been shoot a week-end mid october in Bordeaux, and first week-end of november in the countryside.  I'm glad to have now I think the perfect anamorphic set combination for my baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens. I bought few weeks ago a used Qioptiq C-mount lens, usually used in industry. This lens is very sharp, even at it's fastest aperture (f1.6) and this wide apertur
  9. https://vimeo.com/77265744     This movie has been shoot during thursday 18th of october 2013, from the morning to the end of the afternoon, bringing my daughter at school, then filming with my students at university, then taking my daughter from her school.  I'm glad to have now I think the perfect anamorphic set combination for my baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens. I bought few weeks ago a used Qioptiq C-mount lens, usually used in industry. This lens is very sharp, even at it's fastest aperture (f1.6) and this wide aperture is still usable with the anamorphic on it ! Some o
  10. https://vimeo.com/69963790     HERE IS SOME ROUGH EDIT of my project Womanhattan. Some of the shot are in anamorphic (baby hypergonar 1.75X on Contax G Zeiss 45MM f2/GH3/GH2/SLR 25mm TO.95, SLR Magic 12mm T1.6) There is five days left before the end of the crowdfunding. Since monday you will have five extracts. This is the third : day three july the 10th, 2013- taken in NYC april 2013   CROWDFUNDING FOR WOMANHATTAN, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ! English : ulule.com/womanhattan/ français : fr.ulule.com/womanhattan/ Womanhattan Facebook page : facebook.com/pages/Womanhattan/30809
  11. Hello everyone, here is a quick and non scientific comparison between the Iscorama 1.33X very rare version (taht I have just for this past week end) and my baby hypergonar 1.75X.     <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/61788864" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/61788864" Iscorama 36 non MC 1.33X version Pentax Takumar 55mm f2 Pentax mount   VS    baby Berthiot Hypergonar   1.75X version   Contax Zeiss Planar 45mm f2 Contax G m
  12. You maybe know I have sold my baby Hypergonar in a combo with Voigtlander 40mm...    Now I have a new anamorphic set I have to introduce to you :    Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2 (some people say the best 35mm lens ever made) + my new baby Hypergonar (sorry guys, I swear I don't have an "baby Hypergonar tree") + Tokina 0.5 diopter   I've shot some clip today and the result are really promising ! Movie soon, stay tune :)   and the cherry on the cake... A friend of mine loan me a 80mm f2.8 Hartbley Super Rotator Tilt Shift lens... I try quickly the baby
  13. ###SOLD### to a member of EOSHD community ;)         UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'm about to put again for sale my baby Berthiot Hypergonar on Ebay tomorrow, but before I'm proposing it here, so you can have at this price, without bid on it :   700€ for the baby Berthiot Hypergonard, the one I'm using for all the movies you can see below   1100€ for the all anamorphic set I'm talking about below   Please PM, don't mis this opportunity !!!!!!!   Tomorrow it will be too late !   Shipping cost with insurance : 20€  
  14. Hi.  I thought folks might be interested in a quick test I did with my new 1d-c and a 8mm baby hypergonar in NYC's Times Square.  See: https://vimeo.com/57974707  
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