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  1. Hello! I would like to share my work done with GH5 + FM Lens (Kowa inside) and russian taking lenses. Musicvideo is still under work but here is promo clip for upcoming video. Will post it here soon when it's complete.
  2. Hey guys!   Trying to build a small stable of lenses for personal use (I plan to rent lenses as needed, but need backups just in case that falls through) and I'm a little enamored with the pricepoints/qualities of some of the old manual Russian lenses (typically m42 mounts), especially considering their costs.  I have acquired the following: Helios 44M Jupiter 9 (on the way) Granit-11 zoom - heavy, bulky, and it kinda sucks.. but I could have a bad copy.. focus ring feels like there's a bad bearing or something.  I think I could kill someone with it, though, so I keep it by the door.   I've been looking for some test footage on the GH2 using the Zenitar 16mm and the Mir 20mm in either the 2.5 and 3.5 versions, as I'm trying to find a decent wide.  For rentals,. I was planning on using SLR magic 12.5 and 17mm, or maybe the Nokton 17mm and going with the 25mm in either for "normal" shots.  Also, any thoughts on Jupiter 11/11a/37a vs Tair 11a would be welcome, and even the Mir 1 b/v versions.     Thanks in advance!   (I use a Kiron 28mm F2 lens as my go to right now, and it's fine, just want to build up my kit a little).
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