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  1. Just a minor point: All the m4/3 voigtlanders now have an aperture switch to go from step to stepless. I would be highly surprised if the new 10mm also did not come with this feature.
  2. Huh, this slipped me by. Apparently Voigtlander is releasing a 10.5mm f/0.95 lens for m4/3 soon. I bet it's going to be pricey, but nice. http://www.thephoblographer.com/2014/09/22/voigtlander-introduces-wide-fast-nokton-10-5mm-f0-95-mft-lens/#.VElSkfnF-8w
  3. I feel like i just watched a Terry Gilliam film.
  4. If you're US based, you can rent some Optar Illuminas in PL mount from lensrentals.com. They have half the set, IIRC. Made for s16, T1.3 and the 8mm doesn't vignette like the Zeiss... Had I a BMPCC, I'd certainly be renting these. Edit: Just checked their site, they have the 8mm, 9.5mm and 12mm...
  5. Wow, it's so rare I check this forum anymore, sorry for the delay. You're going to have rolling shutter issues with.. I can't think of any camera in this price range (used) that won't have it, so you have to either just accept it or go to some great pains to minimize the impact. Adobe has a rolling shutter "filter" (plugin?) that will help minimize it in post with the cost of a cropped image.
  6. Shot two music videos a couple weeks ago on my GH2 + Nokton 25mm. Still love the image I'm getting out of this combo. A "better" camera won't make me a better filmmaker; continuing to make films will. One day I'll outgrow it, but until then I can just keep saving my money for that time.
  7. More expensive, but the Voigtlander 42.5mm f/0.95 is also available if you have the cash to spend.
  8. Outdoors, I don't go anywhere without my Genus Variable ND. Indoors, I generally remove it if its convenient to do so.
  9. Erm, just a heads up: While I know people do edit on Macbook Airs, I'd seriously consider a Macbook Pro with an nVidia GPU if you spend plenty of time in FCPX. For one-offs with simple editing, etc, the MBA will be okay, but why make life difficult? :)
  10. Just wanted to chime in: still using my GH2. Was itching to upgrade, but I like what I'm getting out of the GH2 + Driftwood Quantum X and I know I'm only touching the surface of what it can do. Inspired by the Kendy Ty material, I've decided to just shoot everything using one lens (25mm Voigtlander) as a challenge to myself and I think it's working great. I did find a situation where I wish I had a wider lens last week on a shoot, but I made it work via a little contortionism. :) I'd love a BMPCC and I'd certainly use one if given one, but my money right now would be better spent on a
  11. Not necessarily as I seriously doubt Google has contacted each and every band out there, but rather the publishers that represent them. For example, my band goes through various distributors, including but not limited to CD Baby. Since CD Baby acts as our publisher, they only have to work with CD Baby since we agreed to let CD Baby handle that aspect of those particular releases. CD Baby has something like 3-4 million tracks in their catalog with the same agreements. Tunecore has a similar number and agreement, and The Orchard has probably even more. Between those 3 catalogs, that's well
  12. I figured they'd work, I was unclear with my question, sorry. How do they look, what with the reduced crop factor and the extra stop.. Are they worth playing with? :)
  13. That's shit, though. Part of the reason I got into filmmaking is so I can make videos for my band without having to worry about some flakey videographer/filmmaker (and I'm shooting one tonight and another in the morning). I want to make music, not promote. I want to perform, not worry about distribution. I want to get in the van and ride to bumfuck Indiana so I can play in front of 8 people for no money, because it's what I enjoy doing, not play phone tag with the venue or two dudes putting on the show with a couple local bands that no one locally cares about. Same thing with films, ri
  14. Just curious if anyone has used the the m42->m43 speedbooster clones and tried out, say, the Tair 11A or Mir 20 f/2.5?
  15. I wonder if that was Eugenia Loli, from osnews. IIRC she was big into the camcorder (HV/HD 20 something?) back in the day, as well as talking about alternative operating systems (mine was BeOS).
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